Ananyn & Joseph’s Punjabi Wedding

A chic and stylish multi-cultural wedding with bride Ananyn and groom Joseph. I love the relaxed and very personal style of the wedding

The Baraat

I am so used to seeing pictures of the baraat with the groom on a horse, that it felt like I was missing some pictures! Then I realised that the groom took a very different route (and animal friendly I might add) to not use a horse but instead walk in his baraat.

The added advantage of walking the baraat is of course that he can very easily join in the fun and festivities – not something a lot of grooms might be able to boast.

I absolutely love the vibe this gave. It feels so much more personal and intimate this way. I do think more grooms need to consider this as an alternative to riding a horse.

Pictures courtesy Candid Wedding Stories

Gurudwara Wedding

Sikh weddings in gurudwara’s always convey a sense of calm and quiet to me. Family and friends sitting calmly and listening to the ceremony has to be one of the most precious moments during such a wedding

Special shout out to the bride for selecting such a gorgeous coloured lehenga. A yellow lehenga is not the most common colour I have to admit, but she pulled it off beautifully. And how cute is the mustard coloured pocket square that the groom used 🙂

Alisha and Savio’s Cincinnati Wedding

 A beautiful wedding from across the pond. I especially love the selection of outfits by the bride Alisha. The colours and the detailing on the outfits was spot on I thought. the couple look absolutely amazing together.  

Pre-wedding Shoot

I have been going through a phase recently, and am absolutely loving outdoor photoshoots. I think they are so much more natural and fun if done right!

At first when I saw the pictures, I thought it was one of the bridges around London. How silly of me 🙁 The bridge does have similarities to the ones in London and I think it forms a stunning backdrop for photos. It makes the photos look so much grander and gives such nice perspective. Thats the geek in me talking 

The last photos is perhaps my favourite because it has the bride, henna, pizza and a cookie – captures absolutely the essence of what the bride goes through during the long long long mehendi session.

In and Around the City and Sangeet Evening

I love the green that Alisha wore for the sangeet. The pallu is draped in a gujarati style and the detailing on the outfit looks very nicely balanced. There is just the right amount of detailing to make the outfit appropriate for the event, and it does not overwhelm.

Especially cool is her shaking a leg on the dance floor, and absolutely owning it – you go girl!

Wedding Day

For the wedding day, Alisha opted for a traditional Red coloured outfit, a colour that suited her very nicely. Savio opted for an ivory coloured sherwani. And how cool are the chooda’s with the couple’s names? I have not seen this before, and I absolutely love it!

I love the decor’s pink tone – a very delicate colour that looks so elegant. 

After Party

I loved the blue colour and the mirror work on Alisha’s outfit – I want it now!! Savio looks absolutely dapped in his classic style tux.

Vendors and Contacts

Photography/ cinematography: Priyanca Rao Photography

Planners: Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants

Venue: Hyatt Regency Cincinnati

Decor: Weddings InStyle

DJ: Opening Minds Entertainment

Lighting: Clear Lighting

Caterer: Taj Mahal Inc. 

Cake – The BonBonerie


Dancers – AATMA Performing Arts

Dance Floor Wrap – Elephant Head Graphics

Hair and Makeup for Bride and Mother of Bride – KC Makeup by Karuna Chani

My take on Sabyasachi’s 2019 Summer Collection

Sabyasachi is one of my favourite Indian designers. His use of colours, patterns and fabrics is second to none and his collections instantly inspire me to dream.

However, there is something that slightly bothers me about recent media comments by the designer and some messaging that I think is not the best. In September last year, the designer made comments which I thought were quite “interesting”

Though I am a minimalist at heart, my outward physical …. Right now, I’ve become tired of gaunt faces and stick-thin models. I’m obsessed by boobs!

Sabyasachi Mukherjee In an interview with Architectural Digest India

If he can design such amazing clothes, let him be obsessed with boobs. Far be it from me to judge someone on their obsession with any part of the female anatomy, but I thought his choice of words could have been better. All the same, one moves on. And then this happened recently,

The brand posted the above image on their Instagram page for International Womens Day. A lot of folks, rightly so I believe, questioned the use of this specific image and the message “celebrate confidence”.

Why should women who are “plus sized” or darker in colour (in India, women have traditionally preferred lighter coloured skin) be encouraged to have more confidence?

I do think that a brand with such repute and standing must be more careful around the messages they convey to their followers. Body positive messages are so important in the current environment where women are constantly being body shamed. This really needs to stop. I wish the brand thought as much about their messaging as they do about their clothes and collections.

Apologies for a bit of a rant, but I needed to get this off my chest. I think it’s important to call out folks for when their behaviour falls short of what would be expected of them – and I think the brand fell short of my expectations on these 2 instances.

Sabyasachi’s Summer 2019 Collection

The collection is absolutely gorgeous. I like the colours used, and I think they are really unusual colours for brides. The detailing and embroidery is stunning as you would expect from Sabyasachi.

I have grouped the collection pictures into colour themes because I think a lot of folks make their selection by thinking about the colours first. As such, these Blue/Green shades are some of my absolute favourites.

Unique and different to make a statement, yet they look absolutely majestic and elegant. 

Next up are the yellows, reds and oranges. While these colours are traditional for most Indian weddings, the specific tones selected here are very different. My favourite are the pinks – very elegant.

The selection of pictures, especially the poses seem to be very suggestive to me. I get edgy but perhaps less focus on the “boobs” and more on the style would have gone down better for me. I guess the designer’s obsession clearly shows in some of these pictures.

These colour tones are super elegant and timeless in my opinion. Barring the cut of the blouse, I can see my mother wearing these styles and then me stealing it from her closet.

The vibe from the collection is edgy, modern yet grounded in old school Sabyasachi. Most pieces I would pick out in a heartbeat. You have a favourite, please tell me in the comments!

Jared and Harpreet’s Classic American Wedding

Jared Triplett and Harpreet Singh-Gill got married in September last year in Wisconsin, USA. Of the numerous weddings that I have featured on my blog, this one has to be one of the most unique ones.

The rural setting for most of the events (the wedding events started on all days at their family farm!) make this an absolutely charming wedding.

The henna night was followed by fireworks in the evening and loads of celebrations. I love the style of the henna, a beautiful mix of contemporary and modern patterns on the hands and beautiful traditional style patterns on the feet.

Don’t you also absolutely love the colours and the simple setting for the mehendi. A refreshing change from some weddings which glorify and make the mehendi into a massive and grand affair. Back to simpler times with smaller gatherings, I am loving it. 🙂

The religious ceremony was held as per the Sikh faith. The outfits were absolutely stunning and the couple seemed to have selected colours that complement each other nicely.

Colour co-ordination between couples is an interesting topic in itself, and the outfits do not always need to be the same colour or have elements in the same colour. Tonal matching like Jared and Harpreet have done is a beautiful way to think about couple outfits.

Indian ceremony: Sikh Religious Society of Wisconsin in Brookfield, WI

The reception looked absolutely lovely with a beautiful decor and theme. I especially love the outdoor pictures of the couple – beautifully executed and the end result is stunning.

Reception: Hilton in downtown Milwaukee

Photographs courtesy Brian Slawson Photography

Mehendi / Henna courtesy Mehndi by Maliha

Nimisha and Darshan’s exotic Meghalaya wedding shoot

Outdoor shoots can produce absolutely stunning results if they are done right. Meghalaya (a state in India), provided the backdrop for the pre-wedding photos of Nimisha and Darshan. The locations included Krang Shuri waterfalls, Shnongpdeng and the Double Root Bridge.

The background certainly has a “wow” factor and has put the state on my radar.

Weddings are always a colourful affair in India and one comes to expect the usual colours and styles being used by the couple and the guests. Nimisha selected a peach coloured lehenga and me thinks this is right on trend. No to to mention that it suited her very nicely and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

Darshan’s colour choice for his sherwani was a tone of pearl / white, which I think worked very nicely with his bride’s Peach. While white is become more acceptable and common for Indian wedding celebrations, I like the fact that the groom took the lead on this one.

Lovely pictures of the wedding courtesy Into Candid Photography 

Wedding Venue: Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai

Rachna and Gopal’s Dubai Wedding

Rachna and Gopal’s outdoor Dubai wedding makes me want to take the next flight to the city and get away from all the cold and greyness of London 🙂

Outdoor weddings are always a tricky affair because there can be so much that could go wrong. But in Dubai, where temperatures and weather are far more predictable, it is perhaps the best thing to do.

The couple are both from Chicago, so a lot of the planning was done online. They certainly did a good job if the pictures are any indication. The locations look picturesque and just the right backdrop for a wedding shoot.

If you had not previously considered Dubai as a destination for a wedding, these pictures will make you re-think your decision!

Photographs – Candid Wedding Stories

Wedding venue:  The Address Montgomerie, Emirates Hills, Dubai

Special shout out for the bride Rachna’s dress – I just absolutely LOVE the colour and the detailing on her lehenga. One does not see a lot of velvet fabric lehengas in recent times, so this nod to the traditional was so refreshing to see. Rachna also got the accessories and jewellery spot on I would say – heavy enough, and not too overwhelming at the same time.

Rachna wore a very stylish outfit for the reception. Slightly un-conventional in that it was a Lehenga and a Jacket combination. But she pulled it off beautifully!

Abhimanyu & Ananya’s Beautiful Bengali Wedding

Abhimanyu and Ananya hail from a design background and planned for most of the wedding themselves. The results are absolutely stunning as you will see in the pictures.

The celebrations took place at Rajbari Bawali which is rooted in Bengali heritage. All the events took place at the same venue and were attended by close family and friends.

As individuals, both Abhimanyu and Ananya had strong views on the design and they even had clashes about the decor with Abhimanyu walking out of Ananya’s place! Thankfully, they resolved the design issues and created a style that worked for them as a couple.

Bengali Dinner

With 60 family members in attendance, the celebrations started with a Bengali themed dinner in the Rajbari’s courtyard. The dress code was traditional bengali and the details were planned by the meticulous couple themselves. Gorgeous touches included each family member printed on the beautifully wrapped menu atop the spotless silverware.

The Bengali dinner was followed by family members dedicating performances amidst a flaming bon-fire and heart-warming music.


The Engagement was donned in vibrant hues of the open lawn. The ceremony was met with a variety of emotions as Abhimanyu and Ananya officially announced there togetherness in the presence of their near and dear ones.

In the middle of the celebrations, Abhimanyu greeted Ananya with a surprise flash mob. 30 people gathered to the tunes of popular Bollywood music to celebrate their official union. No particular theme for Engagement. They wanted to use local relevant materials hence it was a mix of handcrafted shola and jute.

Party time

The DJ took control at Rajbari and the energy flowed through the celebration. Drinks and the colourful dance floor just added fuel to the celebration fire!

Photography : Framed
Engagement Lunch Couple Outfits

Abhimanyu – Manish Malhotra
Ananya – Raw Mango

Dinner Couple Outfits

Abhimanyu’s Kurta – Rohit Bahl 
Ananya’s Saree – Anand Kabra
Both wore Jamewar shawls belonging to their family lineage.

Executed by Fahd Ali and Santosh Singh

Make up (Ananya) – Vatsala Bhagat

Poonam and Balwinder’s Gorgeous Punjabi Wedding

I had a look at the gorgeous pictures from Poonam and Balwinder’s wedding and two words stuck with me: vibrant and elegant. Photographs are courtesy Sunny Mathur –

I love that Poonam wore a beautiful vibrant blue coloured dress with loads of gorgeous embroidery including Phulkari. I love the riot of colour and the nod to the traditional embroidery technique from Punjab.

Poonam and Balwinder’s wedding outfits were more traditional in colour and tone. The gold necklace complemented the embroidery and the red coloured lehenga very nicely. And Balwinder’s use of red in his outfit surely got him loads of brownie points 🙂

Special call out to the bridesmaids who wore punjabi style suits in beautiful purple and orange. I love the colours!

The reception screamed of elegance and style. The table setting featured a minimal and extremely chic setup. I love the crystal and floral on the table, which I think complemented the decor very nicely.

Poonam’s outfit is one to love – especially the colour themes. The choice was chic and I think it suited her extremely well.