The wedding day is one of the most special days in a woman’s life. Indian weddings consist of a colourful medley of Indian wedding ceremonies, resulting in memories that last a lifetime. Brides share some of their special moments with us and these beautiful pictures have been sent to us under the pseudonym of Nancy. These beautiful photos depict the different stages of the wedding and we hope you enjoy this colourful journey!

I have picked out my favourites and put them here!

Indian Wedding Photos | Mehendi

Indian Wedding Photos | Beautiful Decoration

Indian Wedding Photos | Love the hanging detailing

Indian Wedding Photos | Traditional Puja Thali

Indian Wedding Photos | Beautiful Jewellery

Indian Wedding Photos | This is from the Pandal - see the hanging figures?

Indian Wedding Photos | So Elegant

Indian Wedding Photos | Stage for the musical evening

Indian Wedding Photos | Love the Jewellery

Indian Wedding Photos | Traditional Puja Ceremony


I hope these photos have given you an insight into the various ceremonies of Indian weddings, and inspired you to plan your own wedding. Think outside the box whilst planning your wedding and make sure your photos are infused with plenty of creativity and vibrancy! Whether it is intricate mehendi or Indian wedding decorations, your Indian photos should aptly capture the spirit and energy of the wedding.

If you would like us to write about your wedding or someone else that you may know, please do let us know and we will be happy to publish your images!

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