How many stories have you heard from friends, family or even strangers about their unfortunate experience of travelling to India or Pakistan to find their wedding dress? I have heard too many!

Wearing a beautiful and extravagant wedding outfit is the requirement for all Asian brides, but who said you have to travel across the world to find it?

Many Indians in the UK believe that buying your wedding dress from India is the cheapest/best option, but this is often not the case.


There are hundreds of shops in India offering many beautiful choices, but which shops are offering the best quality, designers and prices? You need to be careful.

Firstly, prices in India are not as cheap as you might think. India is known for its bargaining habits which is why many shops start prices high, meaning that unless you have good bargaining skills you will struggle to get reasonable prices! What’s worse is that some shops don’t even have price labels for their garments – if you seem clueless, desperate or unaware, they will surely take you for a ride.

So unless you are aware of the best local shops and their prices, you will need to rely on local friends or family to accompany you – and that’s if you are lucky enough to have any!

Then there are travel expenses – getting an air fare cheaper than £400 to India is nearly impossible. And let’s not forget about hotel expenses which keep increasing the longer you stay – finding your dream outfit should not be rushed! Find Dream Wedding Dress in UK So before you know it, with just the cost of travel and stay, it could easily match the cost of a gorgeous wedding dress!

There are various reasons why travelling from UK to India is not (usually) worth it. In the next post I will continue, as well as provide you with a list of popular bridal fashion retailers in the UK.

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