In part 1 I started explaining why it doesn’t make sense to travel across the world to buy your wedding dress. I will now continue…

I have heard enough stories of people flying back to India because their customised outfit fitted horribly or was completely the wrong style. Getting the perfect fit is vital and if you have already spent a lot you will do anything to make sure it is faultless, even if it means flying back and forth.

What’s worse is if you can’t take time off work to fix the problem because you used up all your leave days the first time around! This leads me onto my next point…

Is it worth taking time off work to search for something you might not even find? Don’t forget you also need time off during wedding week (or month for some!)

So unless you plan to visit for a long period of time (to travel or see family) I don’t think it’s worth it, especially because you could end up finding nothing – you would have wasted precious time and most importantly money!

But where to find your fairy tale wedding dress in UK?! There are numerous Indian fashion retailers offering beautiful bridalwear (and accessories) in the UK- it all depends on your taste and budget!

Indian Wedding Dress and JewelleryPopular choices with brides in the UK are:

a. Strand of Silk – Offers latest fashion and bridalwear collections from some of the best Indian designers (personal favourite – beautiful choices for all tastes and budgets!)

b. RDC London – Asian fashion and bridal wear boutique in East London

c. Onitaa – Specialises in Indian and Pakistani Designer Clothing

d. Aashni + Co – Offers exclusive couture bridal dresses

e. Phulkari London – Offers collections of Asian fashion designers from India and Pakistan

These retailers sell stunning wedding outfits with various styles, colours and special services.

Watch out for the next post which will give you more details on what each of these bridal stores have to offer!

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