Bridal shopping is always fun (frustrating I hear you say? Not online – read this great article) and one of the best parts about the experience is shopping for your Indian bridal jewellery

In the past gold used to be a favourite for bridal jewellery but this is no longer the case. Brides have been experimenting with colour, stones and styles. If you thought that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to clothing, you’ll be jumping with joy at the prospect of selecting from a huge range of jewellery. Some of the more common styles are elaborated upon. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my selection!

Gold Jewellery
Perhaps the most traditional form of jewellery that transcends time and cultures. All Indian communities buy gold jewellery – in differing amounts. It is considered auspicious and everlasting. You can select very traditional sets like these (from,

Gold Necklace Gold Necklace

Or opt to add a touch of gold in the form of earrings like these,

Indian Accessories Designers - Roopa Vohra - Indian Designer Jewellery - Designer Earrings - RV-SS14-RVSE-568 ZM000 - Stunning Semi-Precious Rubies and Pearls Jhumkas - 1 Indian Accessories Designers - Roopa Vohra - Indian Designer Jewellery - Designer Earrings - RV-SS14-RVSE-588 ZZJ00 - Gorgeous Gold Plated Jhumkas - 1 Indian Accessories Designers - Roopa Vohra - Indian Designer Jewellery - Designer Earrings - RV-SS14-RVSE-577 ZZ000 - Pretty Embossed Gold Plated Jhumkas - 1

Try to avoid overloading gold on the wedding day, you don’t want it to outshine your look! Certainly buy extra pieces as the wedding is the time to splurge and spoil yourself
Indian Diamond Jewellery
Diamonds are a girls best friends – and we want as many friends attending our wedding as possible !

Important things to remember while selecting diamond jewellery are the diamonds (see a guide to selecting the right diamonds here) and then of course the metal used to set the stones.

Blue Nile is an online retailer of jewellery and I think they have rather good customer service. I’ve bought smaller products from them in the past only though.

For the wedding day, some brides like to stack up the diamonds while others are more subdued and toned down. The choice is yours really and diamonds being fairly neutral do not necessarily detract from your overall look. In this instance, I have to admit that more is better rather than less is more !

indian_fashion_designers_-_diagold_-_contemporary_indian_designer_fine_jewellery_-_necklaces_-_aw13_-_n1_-_gorgeous_diamond_necklace_-_1_1 indian_fashion_designers_-_diagold_-_contemporary_indian_fine_jewellery_-_necklaces_-_aw13_-_s2_-_dazzling_diamond_and_emerald_necklace_set_-_1_1Diamond Necklace from Blue Nile

Coloured Stones
The range of coloured stones jewellery available is vast to suit all tastes and budgets. Quality of stones can vary though and this affects the resale value of the piece – so this is important to keep in mind.

Coloured stones can be rather tricky to combine for me, because they are less versatile than gold or diamonds – but combined in the right way, they can create a stunning look. (See my post on IIJW for some inspirational catwalk looks for Indian Jewellery).

Traditional colours like green and red are very good investments as these can be easily re-used for even your evening looks. I like the selection from – they have a very good range of products to suit my current budget !

Indian jewellery at Indian jewellery at Indian jewellery at

Polki / Jadau / Un-cut Diamonds
This type of jewellery looks very stunning and can easily add a vintage touch to your overall look. I especially like the larger stones and if they are set in a necklace, even better.

For example, this piece from the IIJW was absolutely stunning!

Indian bridal Jewellery at the IIJW
Bridal jewellery shopping is exciting – an as with all aspect of your bridal shopping, enjoy the experience! Indian bridal jewellery is beautiful, times less and obviously a necessity if you’re the bride !

Click on the link if you want to see more Indian wedding jewellery, for bride and guests!

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