Accessorising your bridal dress properly is one of the main goals for every bride. On the other hand, who wants cliché, tried and tested accessories? Thinking out of the box is possible when you are looking for unique wedding accessories to go with your Indian bridal dress. Found online or in stores around you, the following five accessories are definitely among the more unique ones you can find and should get for your bridal dress.

Hath Panjas

If you are looking for the perfect ring and bracelet duo to go with your wedding dress then pick a hath panja. A hath panja is a unique Indian bridal accessories which can make your hand look graceful, elegant and beautiful at the same time. The hath panja features a bracelet and ring duo which are linked together with a string of beads, or jewels. In simpler hath panjas, the string can often be a simple chain link which has embellishments that complement the ring and the bracelet.

Bridal Nath

Indian wedding nose rings, known as bridal nath, are extremely unique and delicate. Traditionally, a big hoop is attached to the nose while a thin be-jeweled string attaches the nose ring to the headpiece or the earring making it look completely like a part of the headgear. While many brides opt out when it comes to the bridal nath because it looks really challenging when you have to wear it, it is a delicate piece to include in your jewelry. Furthermore, there are also simpler nose pins that you can choose which are equally ornamental but simpler to wear.

Hair Chotli

It’s often hard to find the perfect accessories for long hair but the hair chotli is the perfect Indian wedding accessory for you. All you need to do is to tie your hair in a braid and attach the hair chotli to your braid. With the help of some flower strings and the hair chotli, you can have beautiful braid that makes you look like dressed and ready from head to toe.


Another hair accessory that you can wear with bindis or mang tikkas, the jhoomar is one of the most traditional ways that Indian brides adorn their hair. Depending on the kind of look you are going for, you can either keep the jhoomar minimal and to one side or add them to the whole hair style. The jhoomar is also meant to be worn towards the side and can be found in intricate designs or in a simple design like one that has a few bead strings.


While it doesn’t seem like much of an accessory, henna is one of the most traditional ways to decorate your hands and feet. Many Indian brides look incomplete without henna on their hands. A wide range of bridal patterns can be made easily with the help of henna and you can easily look for designs to copy online.

Many places also offer henna services for the bride so you don’t have to worry about making the pattern on your own. Just make a booking and get your hands and feet beautified with henna.

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