Autumn/winter blues often hit everyone’s wardrobe at some point and colour slowly goes out goes out the window, quickly replaced with practical coats and chunky jumpers. This can only mean one thing, time to bring out our favourite fuss free accessory; the scarf! These colourful and quirky styles by Khyati Sahni are perfect for this time of year and can be worn in a myriad of ways.

Khyati Sahani - Trendy Zebra Printed Scarf Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 13.56.42

Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor has a desirable selection of scarves and mostly prefers to wear them casually on a day to day basis.

Gayatri Oberoi - scarf
Most actresses prefer to adopt the scarf when traveling, like Gayatri Oberoi who has a preference for adopting them in a more feminine and quirky way, which is a perfect way to style Khyata Sahni’s unique collection.

Gayatri Oberoi - scarf

Scarves are beautiful and a timeless piece of accessory. They are the most versatile of all items of clothes, and can add colour and style to any outfit. Colourful scarves make a big fashion statement and in my opinion can complete a whole outfit, without having to wearing an overload of accessories.

The trick to being trendy and also feminine and sophisticated is to wear your colourful scarves in imaginative ways. Be creative with your scarf and have fun trying out the many different ways to wear a Khyati Sahni scarf. There are many versatile ways to wear your scarf, you can wear it around your neck loosely knotted like Gayatri Oberoi, wear it as a headband with the ends loosely hanging over your front shoulder, tie one around the handle of your handbag, or wear a long scarf wrapped around your head in the style of a snood.

Add a burst of colour to your simple tee or make your simple cami-top look classy by simply incorporating a Khyati Sahni piece. Also to add a splash of colour to your conservative or plain boring suit, add one of the more stand-out colourful scarves that will most definitely transform your outfit.

Khyati Sahani - Stylish Hand Embroidered Scarf Khyati Sahani - Floral Appliqued Scarf Khyati Sahani -  Striking Pink Sequined Scarf

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