An Indian wedding is one of the grandest occasions for a bride, as well as one of the most precious and special moments in her life. The ultimate wish for every bride is for her wedding outfit to capture her spirit, beauty and elegance. As such, it is significant for a bride to choose her Indian wedding outfits with the utmost attention. A wedding saree is one of the most beautiful garments a bride can wear on her wedding day and I am sure all you ladies out there will agree with me on this! How many times have you admired the slender figures of Bollywood beauties draped in wedding sarees on the big screen? Yes, I admit, even I couldn’t help feeling slight pangs of jealousy over the fact that how well these Bollywood actresses could carry off beautiful wedding sarees. However, by choosing wedding sarees appropriate to the different Indian wedding ceremonies paired with beautiful styling, even you can look like a glamorous diva!

Traditionally, Indian culture has seen red silk wedding sarees to be the common choice for brides. It is amazing to see how much Indian wedding sarees have evolved in terms of the range of colours, cuts, styles and fabrics available for brides to choose from! Indeed, the modern day bride has a dictionary of Indian wedding outfits and styling options available to her. The process of choosing an Indian wedding outfit is certainly not an easy one and can teeter towards nervous breakdowns (I kid!). Not to scare you, but nonetheless, choosing the perfect bridal outfit can be an overwhelming task for a bride.

This is where I come in…call me an Indian wedding outfit fairy or what not, but I would certainly like to share with all my readers how the process of choosing appropriate wedding sarees can seem simpler by understanding the different Indian wedding ceremonies. Yes ceremonies, with a big, fat C! Indian weddings have so many different types of ceremonies and sometimes it can seem like they go on for days! It can often be an overwhelming task for a bride to choose which Indian wedding outfit to wear according to the different wedding ceremonies.

Here I provide you with different options for choosing appropriate styles for Indian wedding sarees for your Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception ceremonies. It is significant for a bride to choose her Indian wedding sarees with the utmost attention to detail. From the shape and fit of the wedding saree, to the embellishment detailing, to the colour, your chosen Indian wedding saree should ensure that all gazes are fixed on you. It is, after all, a truly special day where the bride should look and feel flawless!


The Haldi ceremony is a very significant ritual that occurs a few days prior to the big day. There is one thing for certain, whether you like it or not, you are going to be covered in brilliant orange and yellow tints of colour. Haldi, otherwise known as a turmeric paste is applied to some areas of the bride’s body. This yellow hue is thought to be very significant and auspicious in Indian culture, signifying a prosperous life for the new couple.

Haldi ceremony
Haldi or turmeric paste ready to go for the Haldi ceremony!

The best wedding sarees option for your Haldi ceremony should definitely contain some traditional elements, such as a fancy saree border, paired with traditional Indian jewellery. You can opt for a saree in a lighter hue and something that is simple and comfortable, as watch out ladies, you are going to be the guinea pig of the day, whether you like it or not! As you can probably imagine, things may likely get messy, so I would recommend Indian wedding sarees that are cotton based and that you are able to wash easily. For those brides who would rather blend into the vibrant surroundings of this auspicious occasion, opt for a saree in rich shades of yellow, orange, red and gold.

Indian wedding sarees
A simple, pastel Indian wedding saree for a Haldi ceremony.


The Mehendi ceremony is the application of mehendi, a beautiful and elaborate form of art, to the hands and feet of brides. This ceremony is among the pre-wedding rituals occurring a few days before the big wedding day, filled with fun, laugher and happiness. It is a chance for the bride to be fully immersed in this beautification process and spend time with loves ones in a cheerful environment, until the wedding nerves start kicking in! This ceremony is a reflection of the richness and beauty of Indian culture and the bride’s mehendi attire should reflect this festivity. Your mehendi venue should definitely be bright and colourful. I am thinking along the lines of gorgeous drapery, marigolds, and grand seating…you know, the works!

Mehendi venue
A beautiful mehendi venue with drapery and grand seating.

Accordingly, your wedding saree should be bright and stand out, in line with the gorgeous mehendi venue surroundings! Beautiful orange, pink, purple and gold hues never fail for possible wedding saree options. These bright pops of colour in Indian wedding sarees will also enhance your beautiful, intricate mehendi design. Further, hints of embroidery and embellishment in the outfit along with gorgeous jewellery will add the icing on the cake!

Indian wedding saree
A vibrant Indian wedding saree for a Mehendi ceremony.

I hope you have gotten a better idea on suitable Indian wedding sarees to wear at your Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies. Remember, in any Indian wedding saree you choose to wear, the key is to feel beautiful, both inside and out in your wedding saree.

Speaking of mehendi ceremonies, be sure to check out a creative bridal mehendi video tutorial on Strand of Silk!

Stay tuned for Part II, where I will be covering which bridal sarees will make you shine on your Sangeet, Wedding and Reception!

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