The wedding day is no doubt one of the most special days for Indian brides. Indian weddings are known to be full of richness and grandeur. Other than this undeniable vibrancy and glamour, Indian weddings are deeply rooted in tradition, integrating rich rituals that have been present for years and years. Along with significant wedding rituals, lots of other facets are important to consider as well such as the preparation up till the wedding, choosing the perfect Indian bridal attire, the marriage vows and then the eventually the much dreaded goodbyes. Along with a journey that culminates into a climax, Indian brides are flooded with a kaleidoscope of emotions. Indeed, this journey that Indian brides experience is a bittersweet one, but paves the path for a new beginning; one of abundant love, happiness and sharing a precious bond of a lifetime with the love of her life. Below, I take you on the vibrant journey of various Indian brides through the creative lens of photographer Sanjay Gohil, who captures beautiful wedding moments and creates memories that last a lifetime. These images certainly capture some of the priceless moments experienced by an Indian bride through her bridal journey.

All images courtesy of: Sanjay Gohil photography

Bride getting ready - Indian Wedding
A beautiful Indian bride getting ready for her special day behind a veil of red

There is something I absolutely love about this photograph. The deep red colour and veil in front of the lens creates an undeniable aura of elegance. The Indian bride looks absolutely beautiful in a simple, yet striking red bridal lehenga with gold embroidery, complemented by statement Indian jewellery and a stack of bangles. A quick tip for Indian brides choosing their Indian attire is that if the blouse of your bridal ensemble is rather simple in a solid block colour, opt for a stunning statement necklace set. Another beautiful detail is the delicate head piece the bride is seen wearing. Accessories such as these will enhance the look of Indian brides, making her feel like an ethnic princess.

Wedding Festivities - Indian Wedding
Lots of colours and laughter as the wedding festivities begin!

This photo beautifully captures the richness, vibrancy and laughter of wedding festivities!

White and maroon - Indian Wedding
A gorgeous white and maroon colour-coordinated bride and groom taking their marriage vows

No longer are traditional red bridal ensembles the only options available for a wedding. Modern Indian brides are experimenting with different colours such as burgundy, pink, cream, gold and white. I love the rich maroon and white colour combination worn by the Indian bride and the groom. An Indian wedding is done around a sacred fire, where the bride and groom walk around the fire seven times, in a clockwise manner. The bride first leads the Pheres and afterwards, the groom leads them. This signifies the equality of the bride and groom and their promise to stand beside each other always. This process is called the Saat Phere, symbolising the seven goals of married life. These elements include prosperity, religious and moral duties, spiritual salvation, liberation, prosperity and spiritual salvation.

Elders Blessings - Indian Wedding
An Indian bride receiving blessings from her elders

Receiving blessings from the elders is of utmost importance for an Indian bride. These are the blessings the Indian bride will carry through the rest of her life and provide her with strength and positivity to embark on this new journey.

Wedding Emotions - Indian Wedding
There is nothing that touches the heart more than the emotions felt at a wedding

The Kanyadaan or giving away of an Indian bride is a part of the wedding rituals. The Kanyadaan is performed by the bride’s father, where he gives his daughter up to the groom. He also requests the groom to accept her as an equal partner. This is definitely a very emotional and touching moment for the bride and her family, as the bride has to bid farewell to her parents and join her husband’s house.

Time to say goodbye - Indian Wedding
It’s time to say goodbye…!

Amidst the heartfelt goodbyes and tears, with a heavy heart, it is time for the Indian bride to bid goodbye to her family and begin a new journey with the love of her life.

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