Indian brides face a wide range of emotions whilst planning for their big day, which culminate into a medley of emotions. Some of the feelings Indian brides undergo are of confusion, nervousness, excitement, chaos and sadness. Indeed, getting married is a gigantic step for any bride and too many emotions to handle simultaneously! One minute you may think of escaping the stress and jet setting to an exotic location, while the other second you may want to lock yourself in your room!

As such, behind all the glitz, glamour and vibrancy of Indian weddings, there is that underlying emotional feeling that surfaces during the vidaii or the ‘bride’s goodbye’, which is the key element that distinguishes Indian weddings from Western ones. Whilst everything seems merry in Western weddings and in movies with the ‘Happily Ever After’ tag, the vidaii is one of those precious moments where Indian brides bid farewell to her family members.

Despite the medley of emotions Indian brides face prior to their wedding day, it defines who they are and prepares them for their journey ahead in life.

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Wedding Emotions - Indian Wedding
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