Indian wedding traditions have changed immensely over the past few years from traditional weddings to jetsetting to exotic luxury destination weddings. Not only has the horizon of Indian wedding destinations expanded, but so have all the elements around it such as Indian wedding attire, wedding decor and intricate details such as wedding cakes.

Now who doesn’t like wedding cakes! Especially when they are six tiers or so high, set on a bed of roses with stunning lighting. Indeed, Indian wedding traditions are changing and are being taken to the next level by adopting bits and pieces of the Western elements of weddings. Romantic, royal and splendid are some of the words which float to mind when describing Indian wedding cakes.

Indians do not merely look at an Indian wedding cake as a scrumptious delight, but with the evolution of Indian wedding traditions, it is also considered a significant part of the stunning wedding decorations. Further, Indian wedding cakes are also seen as the spectacular highlight of a wedding, with all eyes set on the couple during the cake cutting ceremony.

Below is a stunning shot from a royal Qatari wedding by Jacob and Pauline photography. More than capturing a moment, Jacob and Pauline’s passion is to capture beautiful memories forever.

Jacob and Pauline Photography-3 (1)

Below are more breathtaking images of Indian wedding cakes that take Indian wedding traditions to the next level:

Red and white wedding cake
Red and white wedding cake with intricate detailing
Purple and gold brocade cake
Purple and gold brocade wedding cake
Stunning orange and pink stage set up
Stunning orange and pink stage set up

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