The wedding season can be chaotic, with a hundred things on the to-do list and shopping galore. Indian weddings are known for their fanfare and vibrant colours, but what else are they notorious for? Strand of Silk has compiled a list of the top Asian wedding stereotypes. These stereotypes are observed and snickered at. They are not always openly spoken about, but everyone knows a stereotype when they see one! They add to the icing on the cake, the nuts on your ladoos and the sprinkles to the cupcakes. Every big fat Asian wedding has these stereotypes, all of which add to the vibrancy and festivities of a wedding.

Indian Wedding Sterotypes - Wedding Preparation

Most often than not, brides are demure, feminine, polite and understanding even amidst all the wedding planning and stress! They try to keep their cool even under the most frustrating scenarios, because she knows as soon as she loses it, so will everyone else in the family, triggering a train of conflict. Nonetheless, there are also those brides who are completely the opposite. Think of words such as vain, inconsiderate and putting on a VIP or diva-like behavior, leading to the terrible tantrum stages. Indeed, this is the bride who relishes being the center of attention, taking on the persona of a Bridezilla, and a queen of contradictions.

Indian Wedding Stereotypes - Bridezilla

However, brides are not the only ones that undergo mood swings during an Indian wedding! Indeed, let me introduce to you the classic Groom in Denial stereotype. Think of those lads forever acting like they are still bachelors and believe it or not are in absolute denial that they are about to tie the knot. Not only this, but their lives are about to change…for worse probably, in their minds! These grooms in denial though are definitely less out spoken than our dear bridezillas. They take in the wedding festivities one glance at a time, with no one quite able to read into their thoughts.

Indian Wedding Sterotypes - Groom in Denial

Now, the next stereotype is one of my absolute favourites and puts an all too familiar smile to my face, known as the Know it All Aunties. Be it from A to Z, they will know the answers to everything or at least claim to. They are the dictionaries of advice and remarks, whether you ask for it or not; “How big have you grown!”, “You need to eat more,” and “It’s your turn to get married now”, with a pinch on the cheeks. Indeed, I am painting a picture of an all too familiar horrific (yet humorous) setting. These Aunties will have an opinion about everything from the fashion to food, the décor to the relatives, and the ceremonies to the couple.

Indian Wedding Stereotypes - Know it all Aunties

Not only are there stereotypes linked with these common characters you find at a wedding, but stereotypes also lie within the other intricate details of a Big Fat Asian Wedding such as the attire. Indian weddings are incomplete with bling, riots of colours and over-the-top outfits. More and more brides and their families are opting for designer pieces that exude elegance and a classic minimalism. That’s not to say that sequins, shine and embellishment are not welcome. They are still present in Indian weddings, but in moderation. Moreover, brides are opting for hues other than the classic red and gold combination. As breathtaking and exquisite this combination is, the Indian bridalwear horizon is expanding and putting aside stereotypes that a bride must only be seen in red. In fact, modern brides can be seen wearing shades of pink, orange, green and blue to name a few hues, similar to these stunning bridal lehengas by Anita Dongre.

Gorgeous Anita Dongre Lehengas available at Strand of Silk
This post is provided by Strand of Silk, an online retailer of contemporary Indian fashion and bridal wear.

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