Indian wedding cakes are a rather recent phenomenon to strike the desi wedding scene. As more and more couples choose to infuse some western elements into their wedding festivities, wedding cakes are becoming something of a norm at big Indian weddings. Thankfully skilled bakers in every part of the world have risen to the challenge of crafting Indian wedding cake designs that are a seamless blend of western tastes with Indian aesthetics.

Creative Elephant Cakes | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

The trend that started out with basic tiered wedding cakes being cut at engagement ceremonies, sangeet functions or pre-wedding brunches has paved the way for trendy wedding cakes that are dripping with stunning imagery and mouth-watering lusciousness. While basic still works for some couples, the ones who need every moment of their wedding to have social media trending power really understand the importance of an extravagant Indian wedding cake.

If you thought you would just pop into your friendly neighborhood bakery and pick out something off the display then think again because cake designs are now an integral part of the décor and ambience of the entire wedding.  And for those stuck for inspiration here are some jaw dropping new trends in Indian wedding cakes that are sure to have your friends go a little bit hashtag crazy.

1. Chandelier Wedding Cakes

For absolute Indian wedding cake design god status look no further than these upside down cakes that are something of an edible art installation. These cakes have been all the rage ever since Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory fame cut one at her real life wedding. The layers are made with the support of a wrought iron stand with a rod going through all of them to ensure the cake remains structurally sound.

White Chandelier Cake | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

The stand itself can be decorated with flowers, crystals or any other elements from the venue decoration. And for those who love a bit of culinary skill, the pieces need to be cut by holding your plate below the closest layer and carefully cutting a slice.

Blue & White Chandelier Cake | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

2. Elephant Wedding Cakes

Nothing is more synonymous with a lavish Indian wedding than the magnificent elephant. If your groom doesn’t want to or is not able to ride in on one at your baraat then go for some miniature grandeur in the form of an elephant Indian wedding cake. These trendy wedding cakes can range from cute and cuddly to artistic and elegant depending on your personal style. Not to mention they certainly add a bit of ethnic flair to the Indian wedding cake design.

Indian Elephant Cakes | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

3. Bold & Beautiful Wedding Cakes

It isn’t an Indian wedding if it isn’t big, bright and beautiful and the Indian wedding cake is no exception. Get crazy with bold colourful frosting and intricately detailed icing for an Indian wedding cake design that is utterly ethnic. You can even match the icing details with the embroidery on your outfits or henna for something that’s unique to just you two.

Colourful Cakes | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

4. Quirky Cake Toppers

Thanks to the trend of Indian wedding cakes becoming mainstream cake toppers are no longer primarily for western couples. There is no dearth of simple, cute and funny cake toppers depicting Indian couples in their wedding finery. Even if you choose to get a simple Indian wedding cake, a quirky cake topper is sure to make everyone gush and go awwww. Save the cake topper in your refrigerator after the wedding for a sweet (literally!) memento from the day.

Cake Toppers | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

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