No celebration is complete without having a slice of delicious indian wedding cake. Be it a birthday party or anniversary, a wedding ceremony or any other festive occasion, cake is an indispensable part of every event. We all love cakes and pastries, after all it’s the best way to taste the sweetness of happy moments.

Gone are the days when simple cakes used to mark the ceremony, now specialty cakes have taken its place. Fancy cakes with a myriad of flavors and designs are trending these days and are more occasion-oriented. Tier cakes, photo cakes and other edible decoration cakes are the innovative cakes which are liked by everyone.

Bride and Groom Toppers | Treat Yourself To Deliciousness With Palak’s Cakes

About Palak’s Cakes

Palak’s cakes specialise in baking specialty cakes for weddings. The motto is to create occasion-friendly and tasty custom cakes as per the specific requirements of the clients.  With varied options to choose from, the company offers a wide range of trendy wedding cakes with different flavors, frosting and fondant options. Along with Indian wedding cakes, Palak’s Cakes also specialises in cupcakes, cookies and other desserts.

Four-tier Cake | Treat Yourself To Deliciousness With Palak’s Cakes

Cake Flavors

You name it, they deliver! From basic vanilla and chocolate, the list includes exotic flavors like assorted fruit, red velvet, Pina Colada, spice cake, and pineapple, to name a few . You can also get filling flavors of your choice like coconut cream, German chocolate, almond buttercream, vanilla custard, cream cheese, mocha buttercream, lemon curd, cookie cream, chocolate ganache, caramel, hazelnut mousse, etc. Last but certainly not the least, you can complete your custom cake by choosing icing of your choice from their big list of options like butter cream tropical, mousse, cream cheese or fondant.

Treat Yourself To Deliciousness With Palak’s Cakes

How Palak’s Cakes started

The story dates back to 2007 when the owner Palak, had her 1st daughter. Gradually they realised that their daughter was allergic to eggs. So to make sure she would get her due share of cakes, pastries and other goodies like children of her age, she started experimenting with eggless cake recipes. Eventually she realised her passion for baking and became a household name for wedding cakes.

Their forte lies in creating masterpieces as every cake is special and unique in terms of taste and aesthetics. Every cake is prepared with pure love and dedication to deliver nothing but the best.  Indian wedding cake designs are artistic, fancy, theme-oriented and equal importance is given to the flavor and taste. With gorgeous-looking and extremely yummy two or three tier wedding cakes, they make sure that the dessert course stylishly finishes off the wedding feast.

Five-tier Cake | Treat Yourself To Deliciousness With Palak’s Cakes

Other Specialty Variants

Apart from eggless cakes, they also make dairy free, nut free and even gluten free cakes so that people with allergies and intolerance can enjoy their cakes too. For this reason they are among the best in the business as they cater to the needs of huge variety of people.

So, if you have a special occasion coming up and are looking for the cake to order, you know where to head to, to get your dream cake and indulge in deliciousness!

Image source: Palak’s Cakes

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