Are you in the midst of planning your Indian wedding and finding that it is far too expensive? The numerous wedding ceremonies that one has to plan for means that there are unfortunately a ton of things to pay for, from food and decoration, to your wedding outfits and makeup. Obviously you want to have the wedding of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you need to fork out a fortune. Your wedding can definitely be planned on a budget just as long as you’re able to use some forward planning and are prepared to bargain hunt.


Here are my 10 tips to help you plan your Indian wedding on a budget.

1. Work out your budget

This one is without a doubt the most important. Know exactly how much you have available to spend on your wedding so that you don’t have any nasty surprises at the end.

2. Spread your budget

Once you have identified your overall budget it is important to work out what you need to pay for e.g. Venue, food, wedding invitations etc and do some research so that you know roughly how much each of these things cost. This way you can make sure you use your money accordingly and don’t massively overspend on one thing which would mean you have to forgo or skimp on something else.

3. Know your priorities

If you are able to order things by their importance then you can tick off the most important things first. This should make everything more manageable and less stressful.

4. Hit the sales

Wedding outfits can be expensive, so one trick is to start looking for your dream outfit way ahead of time. This will give you plenty of time to visit plenty of sales to find a bargain or to browse last year’s catalogues so that you don’t necessarily get the newest bridal outfit on offer, but so you can still be sure it will be super trendy. Alternatively, if you’re able to get all your outfits for each ceremony or your bridesmaid dresses from the same shop you should be able to pick up a great discount!

5. Shop around

When it comes to finding the perfect venue, food or decorations don’t just go for the first one you see. Take your time and make sure you explore plenty of options. When you go on holiday you would always use a comparison website to get the best flights, right? Well, so buying things for your wedding should be no different. Do a lot of research online, talk to vendors and get as many quotes as you can. Try making a handy comparison chart for yourself so you can keep track of everything. And remember, each vendor wants your business, so I’m sure they’ll be willing to accommodate you if you’re honest from the get-go.

6. Go veggie

Wedding food can be very costly and if you have a big guest list it becomes even more so. It is all very well to think about cutting the guest list, but this is not always possible or at least very difficult to do without upsetting a few people. Therefore one option is to go veggie for your wedding since vegetarian dishes are much cheaper than meat dishes

7. Go easy on the alcohol

If you want to have alcohol at your wedding but are worried at the cost of having to pay the bar you can always limit the drink options available to guests. For example, you could stick to wine and beer and do away with spirits or you could just supply cocktails. Either way, your guests are bound to be happy and will barely notice.

8. Have an off-season wedding

One sure way to lower your costs is to have your wedding slightly off-season. This means that they’ll be less demand for your venue so you won’t have to pay as much as you would in say June.

9. Use substitutes

If there is something you have your eye on but know it is too expensive, you can either try and find a similar but cheaper alternative or you can try and do some DIY and make it yourself.

10. Contingency plan

Things can often go wrong when planning a wedding, so make sure you have some extra funds in case something major happens just before your big day. Remember, if you aren’t able to provide a load of fancy things at your wedding, don’t worry your guests won’t bat an eyelid. After all, it is all about you anyway, not the venue or decorations. However, if something does go wrong as your big day approaches, don’t be afraid to ask others to chip in.

Up to a point, planning a wedding can be expensive, but it is definitely completely viable to host your dream wedding while saving some money here and there. If you know your limits, book things in advance and strategise well, you can definitely plan your Indian wedding on a budget!

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