I’m sure you have heard this 1000 times and are probably sick to death of hearing it, but your wedding will go by in a flash, so make the most of it. The speed at which your wedding seems to fly by, means that it is imperative that you are able document it. This way, when it is all over, you are able to dip back into it and relive all the wonderful moments whenever you fancy.

A lovely way of doing this, is through your very own wedding film. A film will allow you to watch back some of the most poignant moments of your wedding, and will help you keep all those precious memories alive.

Below some of my favourite Indian wedding videos from Aria Film.

In my opinion what makes these videos so amazing are their professionalism. These do not feel like home videos, but instead use gorgeous cinematography and pick out poignant moments from the weddings to create beautiful 5 – 10 minute montages of the couple’s Indian wedding events. The overlay of the speeches playing in the background as the brides and grooms get ready for their weddings is truly heartwarming.

See more videos and find out about Aria Film’s services: http://evpvideography.net/

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