Today, I am going to share some magnificent Asian wedding photos with you. The Sikh wedding of Arit & PJ was captured in all its beauty by V/A Photography.

Arit and PJ are wonderfully coordinated in shades of pink, purple and red. As you can see from the below photos, the colour coordination really does work well, as it thoroughly unites the bride and groom and makes them look just perfect together in all these photos.

V/A Photography captures the joy of the occasion and draws the focus in on some gorgeous details such as PJ’s maang tikka and mehendi design. I also really love the photograph of a photo being taken on a phone – it is a great candid moment, that creates a really interesting aesthetic.

img_6967 dsc_9309 dsc_9704 dsc_9911 img_6358 img_7122 img_7133 img_7036 img_7059

I have always had the opinion that it is nice to be able to take your own candid photos at either your own or somebody else’s wedding. Having your own photographs that you chose to take at particular moments is incredibly personal. However, I think this photos really demonstrate why having a professional photographer at a wedding is such a great idea. Besides the fact that it takes the pressure of capturing your wedding away from you and your guests – the angles that a professional photographer is able to spot and experiment with, means that the selection of photos you are left with at the end are really varied and spectacular.

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