Your bridal henna can last anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks depending on the care you take. This means that your henna design good last for your wedding, honeymoon and beyond, so it is important that you find the perfect design for you, that you can effortlessly coordinate with your clothes.


One company that can either help you choose or help you create the perfect henna design for you is Henna Harmony.

Henna Harmony is headed up by Deepti for has been practising her henna designs for 25 years. Deepti has developed her henna making skills through non-stop practice, and can product creative henna design for any occasion. Henna Harmony uses natural, high quality products, which are safety guaranteed.


The gorgeous and highly intricate patterns make Henna Harmony a wonderful choice for your bridal, as the above and below photos suggest.

hennaharmony2 hennaharmony3

Henna Harmony can cater to your needs by creating either highly traditional or modern artistic designs for those of you who are slightly unconventional and tired of the same old bridal henna designs.hennaharmony4

See more Henna designs:

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