Every bride wants to look her very best on her wedding day. However, with the plethora of Indian bridal looks available to choose from, selecting what works best for you becomes very difficult. This is where makeup professionals come in. A good makeup artist can ensure that a bride looks effortlessly beautiful and positively radiant.

Timsi Malhotra from TM’s Makeup Artistry is one such person who has made it her life’s work to ensure that all brides walk in to their special day with confidence and more beautiful than ever. Having worked for the last 9 years as a Makeup & Hair Design Specialist in three different countries, Timsi has a huge amount of experience in the field of bridal makeup. She has multiple professional qualifications and enjoys nothing more that enhancing the looks and features of her clients.

Over the years, she has worked with several beautiful brides, helping to enhance their best features. Below are some of the wonderful South Asian bridal looks she has created.
Indian Bridal Looks by TM's Makeup Artistry

This authentic summer bridal look with bold red lips and rose blush is embellished with glitter & gold. Contoured face and false long lashes enhance the features of the bride and complete the look.

Indian Bridal Looks by TM's Makeup Artistry

This bold bridal look comes with semi smokey eyes and cherry red lips. A high arched brow and well defined nose add perfection to the look.

Indian Bridal Looks by TM's Makeup Artistry

This close-up view shows an intensely made up eye with glitter and gold and green shades. This look might work perfectly for henna night depending on the personal taste of the bride!

Indian Bridal Looks by TM's Makeup Artistry

Another beautiful look with enhanced eyes, the high bouffant adds a great creative dimension to the look.

Indian Bridal Looks by TM's Makeup Artistry

This royal bridal look with soft smoked eyes and bright pink lips looks splendid. Paired with a  classy twist on an updo, this elegant look is perfect for the stylish bride.

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