Your Indian wedding is a momentous occasion. Therefore it is likely that you will want to capture if not every minute, at least all the major moments in it. The most popular way of documenting a wedding of course, tends to be through photography. Photography is a great way of capturing small details, a lingering look and the emotion and atmosphere present at a wedding. Photography can be both candid and formal, which enables you to get all the main people photographs taken care of, as well as those which give you a sense of the atmosphere of the occasion.

Another wonderful way of capturing your wedding is through commissioning a wedding film. A wedding film is a wonderful way of capturing the highlights of your special day and will hone in on the main moments. While photos are wonderful to look through and always bring back special memories, nothing quite beats re-living your wedding through film.

Ambrosial Films specialise in filming Asian weddings and are able to cover your wedding day and all your pre-wedding events. What is wonderful about the below video of… is it shows them together pre-wedding, during their wedding events and after their wedding. The film captures beautiful intimate moments, as well as the jovial wedding events shared with family and friends. Paired with some energetic background music, the video is enthralling, and at under 4 minutes long is a wonderful keepsake from a huge event, which often goes by in a flash. By having a film to re-watch from time to time, you and your loved ones are able to properly take in everything that happened and re-live all the beautiful memories of your special day.

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