While it is lovely to have photos of your Indian wedding, your Indian wedding events and of all your friends and family in attendance, you do of course want good quality photos of you and your significant other.

Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand

Indian wedding photographers do always make time for this, by slotting in a few through your celebrations, it can be tricky to really get the two of you on your own long enough to get those all important shots. In addition, you of course do not want to miss out on any of the action because you’ve been outside having a photoshoot, while your friends and family are inside laughing and dancing the night away.

Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand

To get around this problem, many couples decide to have pre or post wedding photoshoots so that you have the flexibility to go round to different locations to find the best settings and range of poses that look both natural and cinematic.

Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand

The best thing about a private Indian wedding photoshoot away from the wedding festivities is that plenty of time can be taken to experiment, find the best angles and get a variety of shots that you can then sit down and pick through to get your favourite. This practice also means that a weight is lifted because on your wedding day you are not so worried about getting the perfect shot of you and your significant other, but can instead enjoy yourself and the Indian wedding photographer can focus on getting those candid shots which depict the atmosphere of your wedding.
Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand

Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand

Another great thing about a pre and post Indian wedding photoshoot is that it gives you a great excuse to get dressed up in all your finery and so allows you to recycle your wonderful outfits.

All of the above photos have been taken by the extremely talented Sachi Anand Photography. To see more great work from them check out their website: http://www.sachianandphotography.com/

The happy couple in these photos are Shivani and Niral. Shivani’s fabulous hair, makeup and draping were done by bridal stylist Sonia C. You can find my post about Sonia’s henna tattoos here: https://bigfatasianwedding.com/2016/09/7319/

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