When it comes to traditional mehndi designs for hands there is a plethora of choice for an Asian bride. One design that is generally included is the baraat design, which represents the procession the groom takes with his family to the wedding ceremony. Another symbolic image which is often included is Doli, which symbolises the final part of the wedding ceremony, where the bride leaves her family to join her husband’s. Mehndi designs for hands tend to be strikingly intricate and are often laborious to apply, taking anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours.

Other common mehndi designs that a bride might consider are peacocks, conch shells, images of the couple and flowers. Alternatively, some brides prefer to move away from these more traditional emblems and may instead choose a striking pattern.

I for one, absolutely love mehndi designs and think it is hard to go wrong when choosing what type to have. That being said, getting your mehndi done is such a nice part of your pre-wedding events, it is worth putting in the time and effort going for trials or scouring the internet, to really find the right one for you.

Below are some designs I came across recently by Pritis Beauty that I absolutely love!

IMG_3367 IMG_3375 IMG_3628

See more of Priti’s Mehndi designs: http://pritisbeauty.com/index.php

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