So we all know that planning an Asian wedding takes a lot of time and effort. We know this because we have been told by people, have been to plenty of Indian weddings and have seen them depicted in many a Bollywood film. However, you can never really know how much planning is required until you embark on the journey yourself.

One key aspect of an Asian wedding that needs to be got right is the choice of venue. Asian wedding venues are always in high demand and are likely to get booked up far in advance. Therefore it is imperative that you choose your venue early, perhaps before choosing anything else.

There are a plethora of types of wedding venues to choose from, such as a hall, a temporary structure in an outdoor setting, a hotel or a restaurant.

If you happen to live in San Francisco or are planning on having a destination wedding, then you might want to consider Scott’s.

Scott’s is located in colourful Oakland Harbor at Jack London Waterfront and in the heart of beautiful downtown Walnut Creek. Scott’s can be turned into a fabulous Asian wedding venue, with its beautiful view, airy space, and pretty garden.

Not convinced? Take a look at a couple of snaps from their previous weddings:

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Scott’s Restaurant:

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