Style by Smita offers beauty and Styling services for occasions including Weddings, Engagements , bridal showers, baby showers, Anniversaries , birthday parties and Henna party ETC. Today, I am going to look at her Henna Designs.

As you all know by now, I love henna tattoos and designs and the mehendi ceremony is one of my favourite parts of a big fat Asian wedding because it is one of the most glamorous and fun-filled events.

What in my opinion sets Style by Smita apart from all the other henna vendors are the intricate details and clever positioning. With a Style by Smita henna design, as the bride puts her hands or feet together, the design merges to form one.

Style by Smita's Henna Designs

Style by Smita’s henna designs are beautifully artistic and would make a great addition to your bridal look.

Style by Smita's Henna Designs

As with my other henna themed posts, I hope this one gives you plenty of inspiration. To try and make the decision of what type of design to have a little easier I am going to tell you about some of my favourite styles.Style by Smita's Henna Designs

  1. The Split Mandala – A split mandala is usually the central focus of a henna design. With half of the circular pattern on one hand, and the other half on the second hand, the design is beautifully symmetrical.
  2. The Peacock Design – A peacock design with elaborated feathers can be easily incorporated with other motifs and floral patterns. Moreover, the grace of the peacock’s long neck and beautiful feathers is surely unbeatable.
  3. The Floral Design – Flowers are considered to be a neutral motif to wear as they are bound to match with any bridal attire. Furthermore, they always look delicate, elegant and wonderfully feminine!

Style by Smita's Henna Designs

Style by Smita's Henna Designs

For more information about Style by Smita and what type of henna designs you can get see: Facebook / Website / Instagram

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