It is often the tiny details that can get ignored, especially amongst the craziness of a big fat Indian wedding. This in my mind is the great thing about unique Indian wedding photography and why finding the right photographer to document your special day is of utmost importance. These tiny details are beautiful. They may be a loving look, a laugh or the way the light is glistening on the bride’s jewellery. Moments easily missed or forgotten, when really they are the very things that should be treasured.

Finding someone who has an eye for these details and cares about capturing the raw emotions present on your wedding day is key, because being able to sit down days, weeks, months or years later and look back on these moments is wonderful and allows you to relieve the day in all its glory all over again.

To help you choose the right Asian wedding photographer to capture your special day (or days), I have chosen to feature Ketanuva Photography, who is great at capturing those, blink and you miss them moment.

The below photographs are from Sadaf and Waqas wedding, which took place on the 19/03/2016 at Maneely’s Banquet Hall, South Windsor, CT.

Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 5 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 13 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 16 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 20 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 22 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 29 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 33 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 37 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 41 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 42 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 47 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 57 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 67

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