The traditional henna designs have become more decorative and intricate over time, with henna artists getting more and more creative.

Henna designs used to be fairly simplistic and would just be made up of floral design and fine lines. This however is no longer the case, with a variety of patterns and shades available, there is now a much wider choice when it comes to picking your henna design. While this can throw up some problems it is mostly a good thing that has made the mehendi ceremony much more fun.


Recently, henna has not only started to become stylistically more elaborate, but has also become more colourful and at times more glittery. While the odd dash of colour and glitter can really make your henna design pop and be a real standout feature of your bridal look, it can make it more difficult to pair with your wedding outfit.


Additionally, some brides will prefer a modern but more subtle look, rather than something overly busy or creative. What Live Love Henna does really well is create a breadth of designs that range from beautifully simple to breathtakingly intricate.


Live Love Henna makes sure every detail of your bridal henna is created with perfection adding the touch of tradition that all Indian brides of course want, yet providing a modern and innovative look. Every design is bespoke, so while you can flick through their design catalogue and go with one of those, you can also have your own totally unique design, that no one else has had before.


Whether you are trying to decide between something traditional or modern, or intricate or simplistic, or a combination, the best way to decide is too look. So check out both and

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