With so many different hair and makeup vendors, most of who have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them to choose from, how do you possibly begin to choose, let alone successfully narrow down the best one for you?

Below are some handy tips!

1. Decide which wedding events you would like to have professional hair and makeup done.

You may decide that you will only have your hair and makeup done at certain events to help keep the cost down or that if your events are quite close together you will keep the same look. Whatever you decide to do, it is a good idea to figure it out before you start talking to or meeting with different beauty vendors. It could be that there are some who are specialised in creating unique looks for each of the different wedding ceremonies, in which case it could help you narrow down the pack more quickly and easily.

How to select the right bridal hair and makeup artist for you

2. Filter according to budget

This may seem like a really obvious one, but it can be easy to forget when you are being bombarded by beautiful, flawless images. It you have a strict budget that you need to adhere to, you should discount those who aren’t able to meet your budget from the outset because this will save you lots of time and potentially a look of uming and aring.

3. Never underestimate the value of referrals

A great way of checking whether a particular vendor is worth considering can be based on whether they come well recommended. Being able to get an honest opinion straight from a former-client can be extremely useful. In addition, if you see an image of a bride whose look you absolutely adore, find out which makeup artist and hairstylist was responsible.

How to select the right bridal hair and makeup artist for you

4. Use Pinterest and Instagram to select and keep track of your favourites

Remember to search for hashtags to find different bridal photos. This is actually a great way of finding all vendors and not just hair and makeup ones. Lots of vendors now use specific as well as more general hashtags to make them easier to find. Ms Painted Lady for instance uses dallasmakeupartist and dallamua so that she can be found by local brides. If you are using Pinterest, remember to make your own boards to keep track of your pins, which can also come from Instagram. Having them all in well-labelled boards will make the different looks much easier to sort through at the end.

Do be aware though, especially when using Instagram that photos can often be heavily edited, so try searching for the nofilter and noedit hashtags. In addition, always ask them to send you a copy of the original so you can get a closer look.

5. Always check for consistency

Make sure you look through as many of the vendors looks as you can because you don’t want to find they are only good at doing one specific look when you are in fact looking for multiple looks for your various wedding events.

How to select the right bridal hair and makeup artist for you

6. Seek out the type of vendor who will listen to what you want

You may find that you really don’t know what kind of look you want or would suit you best, so you therefore need some direction and advice. Nonetheless, what you don’t want is someone who will create the look they want and brush over your opinions. You need someone who will tread a good balance between suggesting ideas and listening to your desires and trying to create a look that encompasses these.

7. Check for professionalism

If you contact a vendor and they give you a quote over Facebook or text, alarm bells should be ringing. You need someone who shows the utmost professionalism every step of the way, because if they don’t, they could well be the nightmare story of the makeup artist who turned up an hour late or sent a stand-in at last minute. Look out for makeup artists and hair stylists who provide detailed information about what you can expect from the process.

How to select the right bridal hair and makeup artist for you

Ms Painted Lady provides a quote on first point of contact, goes through the booking policy and shares information about the makeup trial. For the second stage of the process they set up a phone consultation to discuss details and make sure you are on the same page so to speak.

I hope these tips help you choose the write hair and makeup artist, who will effortlessly take you from a bride-to-be to a bride and finally, to a wife.

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