While we may not overtly realise, technology has been gradually changing the wedding industry for decades. Whether this has been due to innovations in fashion, transport or photography, Asian weddings are now bigger and better than ever.

Now there is another piece of technology, which is making waves in the Asian wedding industry, all thanks to virtual reality. Virtual reality is essentially a type of film that when watched through a viewer creates a 360 view of an image, film or video game which immerses you in the environment, making you feel like you are there.

Virtual reality is still in the fairly early stages of innovation and people are still experimenting with it and pushing boundaries. One such example of this is Huqa Live, a wedding photography and video company which is now offering their clients the chance to have their wedding dance filmed with virtual reality technology.

How does it work?

A camera is set up in the middle of the dancefloor and the bride and groom and wedding guests dance around or near the camera. The footage is then edited down and the team rig a number of virtual reality cameras around the dancefloor area, which all swivel round to simulate human movement.

The end result

Once the finished product is ready, the couple are actually able to relive that part of their wedding through the help of a headset, a virtual reality compatible device such as an Android phone or Samsung Galaxy and a good pair of headphones.

This will transport you back onto the dancefloor as you are able to walk round your room and see yourself surrounded by all you wedding guest, with your DJ set playing in the background.

Until now, couples have relived their wedding through videos and photo albums and while these are both wonderful capsules from what is a very special time in your life, with the help of virtual reality you are able to feel fully transported back to that night and immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

As virtual reality develops further and becomes more widely used and accessible, I am sure the possibilities of what can be done with it will keep expanding and eventually who knows, you may be able to relieve the entirety of your sangeet! Until then, this is an incredibly special memento from your wedding day – after all the dancing is the most fun part, so doesn’t want to be able to do that again and again?!

While I am unable to share a 360 Dancefloor video with you, take a look at the below videos to get a sense of the cinematic journey you can expect from Huqa Films.

In order to tell the story of RaeRay in beautiful and cinematic way, Huqa Live included a poetic element and remixed the orchestra from the barat section to create a lively vibe.

To tell the Grand Story of Mohammad & Mashal they also mixed in music and peom to create a romantic and lively tone, but also added in colour depth to result in a more rich and cinematic feel.

V.R compatible device and a “Google Cardboard” to experience it. For those of you who have a V.R compatible device and a “Google Cardboard” you can view a sample of their 360 Dance floor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Piq1caRO9-U / https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1109213595836185&id=727313620692853

Watch this space for more fantastic Videos from Huqa Live and find out more information about them: http://www.huqalive.com/videos.html

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