I have always been a big fan of Indian wedding videos. I think we are lucky to be living in a time when we have so many different mediums of documentation available to us and that being able to have something that can compliment and expand on what Indian wedding photos gives you is so great and often underrated.

People’s hesitance to go down the Indian wedding video route in addition to hiring a photographer is understandable. Indian weddings are big, go one for much longer than other weddings and so can ultimately be pretty expensive. Therefore when it comes time to seeing what can be cut to save money, Indian wedding videos are thought to be unnecessary when you have photographs of the events.

I myself couldn’t disagree more. I think the wonderful thing about Indian wedding videos is that they immerse you back into the events and they let you relive those special moments in a way that photos can’t. It is easy and perfectly normal to forget many things about your wedding – many of the events blur into one because they happen in such a short space of time and it is all so overwhelming and hard to take in. Therefore it is so nice to have something to site back and digest in the quiet and comfort of your home weeks later. A video of your wedding events can conjure up the atmosphere and can also allow you to hear those hilarious (and probably embarrassing) speeches in their entirety or remind yourself of the music you chose.

Indian wedding videos however are not just necessarily a straightforward start to finish documentation of your Indian wedding events – if you high a professional videographer, they can also be a stunning short film, with all the highlights for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Not to mention the fact that you can have incredible cinematic videos that show the true splendour of your wedding or beautifully romantic ones that include a poem or favourite song!

If you what a stunning memory that you can treasure for years to come that is cinematic and focuses on the most beautiful moments then take a look at the work of Robles Video Productions below!

Jennifer & Ambar

Rinal & Anish

Ayesha & Rajdeep

If you are as in-love with those videos as us, you can find out more information about Robles Video Productions: http://roblesvideo.com/

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