Outdoor wedding and engagement photoshoots are increasingly on my mind since the weather in London gets cold, dark and grey. So be prepared for a series of posts around this theme. Traditional Indian clothes look very interesting in natural light because of the vibrant colours and the beautiful embroidery on the clothes.
These pictures are from Sachi Anand (my previous post from her is here) for an engagement party in Baltimore. The to be bride Sonia and her groom to be Nevil both wore beautiful clothes – so vibrant and they even colour-coordinated their outfits (so cute!). The Hair and Make-up are from Makeup by Mala.

indian-wedding-sonia-and-nevil-sachi-anand-img-233 indian-wedding-sonia-and-nevil-sachi-anand-img-203 indian-wedding-sonia-and-nevil-sachi-anand-img-179 indian-wedding-sonia-and-nevil-sachi-anand-img-161 indian-wedding-sonia-and-nevil-sachi-anand-img-152 indian-wedding-sonia-and-nevil-sachi-anand-img-134 Indian Wedding of Sonia and Nevil

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