It is easy to get carried away and over-do bridal make up. It is oh so easy to do that. But I love it when brides and their make-up artists keep things under check and control their emotions !

I loathe, like really loathe, the heavy layered make-up that most Asian and Indian brides normally end up with on their most important day. It is sometimes horrifying and really beautiful girls end up looking just ‘Meh’ (remember that word from 2016).

The trick to getting the look right is to balance the shape of your face and really highlight your best features without overwhelming your entire look. This is easier said than done, but a good makeup artist is your ally in this quest. Find one who can do this for you and you needn’t worry any more. About the make-up of course. Still need to make sure that the napkins match the candles.

I came across the work of Erica Bogart and loved the simple looks that she creates. She was kind enough to let me feature some of her work here. A little about Erica from her own website :

“Erica Bogart is the quintessential working makeup artist. Since starting her career with MAC cosmetics in 2002, Erica has split her time between sets; print and film, weddings and high-end freelance projects.Outside of Atlanta she has worked internationally as a contract makeup artist for private clients and established agencies alike. Recognized for her range of style from clean to edgy with all ethnicities, her unique creations translate effortlessly on-screen, in-print and onto the red carpet.”

You are sure to fall in love with her style, especially the simplicity of the look. It looks special but is not at all over-whelming. I asked her to give some Indian bridal make-up tips and these are her top tips,

Makeup should last all day through the crying, hugging, kissing eating and dancing A few tips and tricks for any bride are….

  1. Exfoliate and maintain a proper skincare routine leading up to your big day!
  2. Use a peach color corrector under eyes before concealer to brighten and cover dark circles
  3. Play up one feature, either go smokey on the eyes or play up your lips, never go too intense on both
  4. Be careful with cream blushes they can make you appear shiny, if you have acne or texture to your skin do not use frosted or shimmering face products it emphasizes the skin imperfections

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