I had a look at the gorgeous pictures from Poonam and Balwinder’s wedding and two words stuck with me: vibrant and elegant. Photographs are courtesy Sunny Mathur – http://www.photographick.com

I love that Poonam wore a beautiful vibrant blue coloured dress with loads of gorgeous embroidery including Phulkari. I love the riot of colour and the nod to the traditional embroidery technique from Punjab.

Poonam and Balwinder’s wedding outfits were more traditional in colour and tone. The gold necklace complemented the embroidery and the red coloured lehenga very nicely. And Balwinder’s use of red in his outfit surely got him loads of brownie points 🙂

Special call out to the bridesmaids who wore punjabi style suits in beautiful purple and orange. I love the colours!

The reception screamed of elegance and style. The table setting featured a minimal and extremely chic setup. I love the crystal and floral on the table, which I think complemented the decor very nicely.

Poonam’s outfit is one to love – especially the colour themes. The choice was chic and I think it suited her extremely well.

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