All the talk about Big Fat Indian Weddings are great and grand weddings make for amazing photo opportunities. Amongst all the grandeur and the masses of guests, when I see an intimate wedding, my face lights up with joy.

Varsha and Erik’s wedding was a breath of fresh air because it was so intimate and beautifully executed. Right from the vibe at the wedding to the location, everything screamed (or whispered) a close knit family who joined in celebrations in gusto.

Photographs courtesy ShutterMagik

The Venue

I loved the water feature and the rustic + old school feel of the venue. The use of stone and wood reminds me of old temples that were built centuries ago and carry positive energy and vibrations.

The wedding mandap could not have been located at a better spot – right in the middle and overlooking water. Such a beautiful and serene spot to get married!

Loving the use of fresh flowers all over the venue. A simple and elegant look that is timeless and makes for absolutely stunning pictures.

The Wedding

A beautifully simple ceremony with the couple looking absolutely lovely in their complementary coloured outfits. Loving the candid pictures and the fun ceremony. You often see couples sitting through the ceremony looking either bored or lovey-dovey. In this case, they seem to be actually having loads of fun.  

Details I Loved

I especially loved the flowers and the jewellery in the hair. Does anyone know what it’s called? The traditional style jhumka earrings in gold matched the overall jewellery worn by Varsha very nicely.

After Party

Following on from the intimate and elegant theme, the after party was no different. The bride and groom wearing elegant evening attire against a backdrop of lights and flowers made for a picture perfect setting.

Overall, I loved the simplicity of the wedding and wish more folks would take inspiration from this small wedding theme on board.

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