Hemali and Aditya’s wedding looks like loads of fun with the personalities of both the bride and groom shining through. All the events during the wedding reflect their quirky and fun personalities – right from the decor to the outfits.

The decor was elegant and simple through the events and in line with the overall colour theme. The bright pop of purple on the sangeet stood out for me as the only change in the colour tone – but this was done in a tasteful way.

Photographs courtesy ShutterMagik

Details I Loved

The peach coloured Sherwani worn by Aditya is so on trend and looks lovely. Hemali’s lehenga matched the peach shade with touches of blue. The very modern colour tones were pulled off beautifully by the couple.


The hashtag trend initially started for celebrity couples, has moved mainstream with so many posts on social media across platforms. Having a common hashtag makes it so much easier to search for everything related to the wedding. Putting up the hashtag on the stage was a very interesting idea!

How cool is Aditya opening an umbrella to rain flowers on his Hemali. So cute!


The groom, Aditya, joining with the dancing was the highlight of this baraat for me. Why should the groom not have fun and enjoy his big day?

The ladies posing in the sunglasses have their sarees draped in a style popular with the Marathi community in Maharashtra. Just in case you were wondering!

The wedding ceremony was an intimate affair and done in the traditional Maharashtrian way. The couple look so cute together!


Special shout out to the decor for the wedding events. I think they struck the right balance between elegance and style. The use of the coloured fabrics very smartly gives the decor a sophisticated feel without the use of too many flowers.

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