A first for me – a Cambodian wedding. Yay!

I did not know this, but in a Cambodian wedding, the bride gets to change her outfits a couple of times for each of her mini ceremonies that are held in chronological order. The ceremonies are all inspired by mythical stories (read more about cambodian weddings here and here if you’re interested).

One of the very interesting ceremonies is the hair cutting ceremony, which is meant to symbolise cleansing oneself of the past. So cool and so much symbolism!

I love the “baraat” type of procession which is very similar to an Indian wedding, sans the dancing it appears.

Cambodian dresses are colourful and beautiful with lot of details. I love the gorgeous golden dresses – so beautiful and elegant!
Uee and Heng had a Cambodian ceremony in the morning and then in the evening they had a western ceremony and reception at the historic Water Works in Philadelphia
Photography Lightyear Studio

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