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WeKoPa Resort Can Give You A Fairytale Asian Wedding

Do you want nothing more than to have a tranquil and beautiful wedding that is worthy of any Bollywood movie? Do you want to be surrounded by breathtaking scenery in an exotic location? If you answered yes to all these questions, I think I may have found just the Asian wedding venue for you.


WeKoPa Resort is a luxury venue located in Arizona’s incredible Sonoran Desert. It is within easy reach of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, so you’re covered if you have a lot of guests flying in.


The wondrous landscape includes Arizona’s majestic Four Peaks Moutain and breathtaking Red Mountains so you can get some seriously amazing wedding snaps.

WeKoPa Resort contains multiple indoor and outdoor venues perfect for ceremonies, receptions and parties of varying size. You can have your wedding ceremony in the shadow of the Red Mountains or surrounded by the lush greenery of the WeKoPa golf course.


For when your wedding ceremony is over and you just want to relax and strut even more moves than you did at your Sangeet – all while shovelling down delicious dishes – you can move onto their Wassaja Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 1,000 guests!


Another amazing thing about WeKoPa is the fact that they can take care of the food, music and guest rooms. So if you’ve started having nightmares about all the Asian wedding prep you have to do, you can rest easy knowing that they are a specialist one-stop service!

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Robles Video – Capturing Beautiful Moments

I have always been a big fan of Indian wedding videos. I think we are lucky to be living in a time when we have so many different mediums of documentation available to us and that being able to have something that can compliment and expand on what Indian wedding photos gives you is so great and often underrated.

People’s hesitance to go down the Indian wedding video route in addition to hiring a photographer is understandable. Indian weddings are big, go one for much longer than other weddings and so can ultimately be pretty expensive. Therefore when it comes time to seeing what can be cut to save money, Indian wedding videos are thought to be unnecessary when you have photographs of the events.

I myself couldn’t disagree more. I think the wonderful thing about Indian wedding videos is that they immerse you back into the events and they let you relive those special moments in a way that photos can’t. It is easy and perfectly normal to forget many things about your wedding – many of the events blur into one because they happen in such a short space of time and it is all so overwhelming and hard to take in. Therefore it is so nice to have something to site back and digest in the quiet and comfort of your home weeks later. A video of your wedding events can conjure up the atmosphere and can also allow you to hear those hilarious (and probably embarrassing) speeches in their entirety or remind yourself of the music you chose.

Indian wedding videos however are not just necessarily a straightforward start to finish documentation of your Indian wedding events – if you high a professional videographer, they can also be a stunning short film, with all the highlights for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Not to mention the fact that you can have incredible cinematic videos that show the true splendour of your wedding or beautifully romantic ones that include a poem or favourite song!

If you what a stunning memory that you can treasure for years to come that is cinematic and focuses on the most beautiful moments then take a look at the work of Robles Video Productions below!

Jennifer & Ambar

Rinal & Anish

Ayesha & Rajdeep

If you are as in-love with those videos as us, you can find out more information about Robles Video Productions:

Choosing Your Asian Wedding Decor Theme

One part of planning a big fat Asian wedding, which is always super fun, is being able to choose your wedding theme. This is really where you and your groom’s (or bride’s) personality can shine and you can set your wedding a part from the hundreds of others also taking place that year, in the very same venue.

Something that can influence your theme is the wedding venue you choose. For example if you settle on a venue by the beach you may decide that you want your theme to be something summery or if you choose an indoor venue you may want to transform it with plethora of colour or go for something cosy and fantastical, like a woodlands theme.


Alternatively, it could be the shape, size or colour scheme or the venue that proves to be the ultimate director of your Asian wedding theme. At other times, your wedding venue may instead act as a blank canvas for you to fill as you wish.

One such venue is Hilton Inn at the Penn where they have recently revamped their Woodland Ballroom. The spacious, airy feel of the room, together with the name may make you inclined to go for a romantic Woodland theme, but on the other hand the fairy plain and standard layout and look of the big ballroom makes it the perfect place to put your own unique stamp on for your big fat Asian wedding.


While the Woodlands Ballroom does feature some quirky light fittings, we bet they could be easily used as a centrepiece in whatever Asian wedding decor theme you choose.

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Bollywood Bridal by Hollywood Makeup Studio

One of the big problems with choosing a makeup artist for your wedding nowadays is that accessibility to a professional camera, Photoshop or other photo editors which offer a plethora of filters is much more commonplace. While this may not sound like a bad thing when you think that you of course what to have your own set of glossy professional wedding photos, you can quickly realise when browsing through the thousands of wedding photos on Instagram and Pinterest, that you start to question the validity of what you are seeing.


In other words, can you trust what you’re seeing? Has flawless bride in this photo been tampered with in post? This issue is beginning to get more traction especially since some makeup artists are now to tackle the issue head-on by publishing tips for how to spot whether a wedding vendor has overly edited their photos to give a misleading image. Some tweaks here and there are fine, but is they go beyond that so you get a distorted image, it is not.


One makeup artist and hairstylist that you can have utter confidence in is Hollywood Makeup Studio, because their portfolio is full of before and after photos. By being able to see a side by side before and after image, you are able to grasp an idea of what to expect. You are to decipher which bits of the final look are down to the brides skin tone, natural beauty or the work of the makeup artist.


Hollywood Makeup Studio’s elite team has over 12 years of experience and make it their mission to make their clients feel happy and confident so they can be the best versions of themselves on their special day. They offer a personalised service at a reasonable price and are based in Los Angeles, making them perfect for a destination wedding too.


If you’ve always dreamed of looking like a Bollywood beauty on your wedding day, Hollywood Makeup Studio are surely the choice for you.

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Have Your Dream Wedding With One Atlantic Events

Many of us dream about our fairytale weddings long before we find mister right and agree to tie the knot. But imagining what we want our wedding to be like and then actually having to plan our real life Indian weddings are two very different things. For one thing there are lots of things to consider that never even enter our imaginings as little girls. For example, logistics and finances become a huge dictator of what your Indian wedding will look like.

Plan Your Dream Wedding With One Atlantic Events

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to plan for is your wedding venue. This is because you have the challenge of finding a venue that can accommodate your catering needs, have the right amount and kind of space to fit all your guests, for it to be beautiful and fit in your budget. This is of course before you consider that your Indian wedding venue hunt needs to start a long-time before your actual wedding because weddings get booked up so early. So you also need to have some idea of guest numbers.


You can sometimes have to visit dozens of wedding venues before you find one that fits your requirements and fulfils your vision of your dream wedding.


One wedding venue that we think is just gorgeous and would be totally magical for an Indian wedding is One Atlantic Events. Based in Atlantic City, you can have that beautiful by the water wedding that everyone dreams of when they think of a picture perfect wedding. The expert planners at One Atlantic Events will work closely with you to help turn your dream wedding into a reality. They will ensure that every detail is tailored to your vision to give you a truly spectacular day to remember.

Plan Your Dream Wedding With One Atlantic Events

In addition, One Atlantic can cater for whatever wedding you want whether it is one seeped in Indian traditions, an intimate wedding with a few close family and friends or a typical big fat Indian wedding, they will make sure your childhood vision is adhered to.

Plan Your Dream Wedding With One Atlantic Events

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Get Wedding Ready With Asian Divas

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced bridal makeup artist, Sanam Mahtani of Asian Divas definitely fits the bill. She is a bridal makeup specialist who is licensed in cosmetology and has been trained by famous Bollywood makeup artists. She has also gained valuable experience with MAC, Bobbi Brown, YSL, Armani, Chanel and last but certainly not least Inglot.

Get Wedding Ready With Asian Divas

For those who choose the services of Asian Divas they don’t just get the benefit of a professional makeup artist, but of an all round stylist. Sanam Mahtani is experienced in makeup artistry including but not limited to airbrush makeup, the application of false eyelashes, hair extensions, threading and nail art. Sure can also ensure that your saree is draped as best as it possibly can be and that your hair is on point.

Get Wedding Ready With Asian Divas

If you are unsure they can cater to your skin tone you can rest assured. Asian Divas are used to working with a variety of skin tones and conditions. No matter whether you have blemishes, scars, redness and white, dark or olive skin they use professional makeup brands and techniques to make sure you look radiant. You also do not need to be concerned about have an over the top of fake makeup look because Asian Divas are skilled at matching your skin tone to the right foundation – so you will not come out look orange or cakey!


Asian Divas also caters for sweet sixteen’s, engagements, baby showers, parties, proms, special events and photo shoots at a location of your choosing.

Get Wedding Ready With Asian Divas

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Twitter: @sanamasiandivas

Nik Thakar’s Photo-Journalistic Asian Wedding Photography

What makes Nik Thakar Photography stand out is their slick photo-journalistic style, which ensures that the raw emotions on display at a wedding are artfully captured. For it isn’t possible to truly capture the spirit of a wedding without capturing candid shots that take people unaware.

Nik Thakar’s Photo-Journalistic Asian Wedding Photography

It is of course a must to have those all important portrait shots and it is also lovely to be able to have some staged photos setup against a beautiful backdrop. However if this is all your wedding album consists of it would represent a fairly superficial look at your wedding.

Luckily, Nik Thakar is adept at capturing both kinds of photos and their specialty is to capture amazing moments and beautiful couple portraits.

Nik Thakar’s Photo-Journalistic Asian Wedding Photography

Thakar is a professional Indian wedding photographer who specialises in Asian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and English wedding photography. With a wealth of professional photography experience behind him, Nik is able to illustrate every couples unique wedding story, by seeking to capture those natural moments as they unfold and clicking shutter as tear begin to fall, embraces are shared and people are unaware they are being photographed. This results in a rich tapestry of composition and emotion.

Nik Thakar’s Photo-Journalistic Asian Wedding Photography

Nik understand that your wedding day is an incredibly special time in your life and that capturing the little moments such as the bride getting ready for the day is just as interesting as the wedding ceremony itself because each image can be a key into knowing how each person is feeling throughout the day.

Nik Thakar’s Photo-Journalistic Asian Wedding Photography

Nik will tailor his photography to his guests and document the fun and humour present during the pre-wedding ceremonies as well as the wedding ceremony.

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How to select the right bridal hair and makeup artist for you

With so many different hair and makeup vendors, most of who have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them to choose from, how do you possibly begin to choose, let alone successfully narrow down the best one for you?

Below are some handy tips!

1. Decide which wedding events you would like to have professional hair and makeup done.

You may decide that you will only have your hair and makeup done at certain events to help keep the cost down or that if your events are quite close together you will keep the same look. Whatever you decide to do, it is a good idea to figure it out before you start talking to or meeting with different beauty vendors. It could be that there are some who are specialised in creating unique looks for each of the different wedding ceremonies, in which case it could help you narrow down the pack more quickly and easily.

How to select the right bridal hair and makeup artist for you

2. Filter according to budget

This may seem like a really obvious one, but it can be easy to forget when you are being bombarded by beautiful, flawless images. It you have a strict budget that you need to adhere to, you should discount those who aren’t able to meet your budget from the outset because this will save you lots of time and potentially a look of uming and aring.

3. Never underestimate the value of referrals

A great way of checking whether a particular vendor is worth considering can be based on whether they come well recommended. Being able to get an honest opinion straight from a former-client can be extremely useful. In addition, if you see an image of a bride whose look you absolutely adore, find out which makeup artist and hairstylist was responsible.

How to select the right bridal hair and makeup artist for you

4. Use Pinterest and Instagram to select and keep track of your favourites

Remember to search for hashtags to find different bridal photos. This is actually a great way of finding all vendors and not just hair and makeup ones. Lots of vendors now use specific as well as more general hashtags to make them easier to find. Ms Painted Lady for instance uses dallasmakeupartist and dallamua so that she can be found by local brides. If you are using Pinterest, remember to make your own boards to keep track of your pins, which can also come from Instagram. Having them all in well-labelled boards will make the different looks much easier to sort through at the end.

Do be aware though, especially when using Instagram that photos can often be heavily edited, so try searching for the nofilter and noedit hashtags. In addition, always ask them to send you a copy of the original so you can get a closer look.

5. Always check for consistency

Make sure you look through as many of the vendors looks as you can because you don’t want to find they are only good at doing one specific look when you are in fact looking for multiple looks for your various wedding events.

How to select the right bridal hair and makeup artist for you

6. Seek out the type of vendor who will listen to what you want

You may find that you really don’t know what kind of look you want or would suit you best, so you therefore need some direction and advice. Nonetheless, what you don’t want is someone who will create the look they want and brush over your opinions. You need someone who will tread a good balance between suggesting ideas and listening to your desires and trying to create a look that encompasses these.

7. Check for professionalism

If you contact a vendor and they give you a quote over Facebook or text, alarm bells should be ringing. You need someone who shows the utmost professionalism every step of the way, because if they don’t, they could well be the nightmare story of the makeup artist who turned up an hour late or sent a stand-in at last minute. Look out for makeup artists and hair stylists who provide detailed information about what you can expect from the process.

How to select the right bridal hair and makeup artist for you

Ms Painted Lady provides a quote on first point of contact, goes through the booking policy and shares information about the makeup trial. For the second stage of the process they set up a phone consultation to discuss details and make sure you are on the same page so to speak.

I hope these tips help you choose the write hair and makeup artist, who will effortlessly take you from a bride-to-be to a bride and finally, to a wife.