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Covering Asian Weddings by Studio Nine Photography

Covering Asian Weddings by Studio Nine Photography

One of the most important events in a person’s life, a wedding lays the foundation of the family building process. Owing to its importance, weddings are generally grand and extravagant affairs. Asian weddings in particular are very traditional with lots of rituals and customs that go along with it.

Covering Asian Weddings by Studio Nine Photography

Being the symbol of commitment to one’s partner, wedding days are certainly special and are cherished for a lifetime. To make these memories extra special and unforgettable, wedding photography is a must have for the occasion. Wedding photographs makes for a beautiful reminder of the wonderful day in a couple’s life. It is therefore important to choose one’s wedding photographer wisely and with great thought.
Covering Asian Weddings by Studio Nine Photography

Covering Asian Weddings by Studio Nine Photography

Studio Nine is one company that has great experience in the coverage of a wedding ceremony, particularly Asian weddings. A master at capturing wedding ceremonies, Studio Nine has worked with the best wedding planners around the world to capture the best wedding photos.

Covering Asian Weddings by Studio Nine Photography

Studio Nine Photography and Cinematography has talented artists such as Zach Blum and Ryan Young and the company is flourishing in the field of wedding photography. For Zach, there is no greater thrill than capturing one of the most special days of a person’s life and making it everlasting. Aside from being an accomplished photographer, Zach also moonlights as the studio’s production manger. As for Ryan who has been with Studio Nine for the last two years, he is not only an experienced travel photographer but also brings his unique talent of emotional imagery to the table.

Covering Asian Weddings by Studio Nine Photography

It can be rightfully said that Studio Nine is a master at photography of Asian weddings and are a big hit with Asian brides and grooms!

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Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand

While it is lovely to have photos of your Indian wedding, your Indian wedding events and of all your friends and family in attendance, you do of course want good quality photos of you and your significant other.

Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand

Indian wedding photographers do always make time for this, by slotting in a few through your celebrations, it can be tricky to really get the two of you on your own long enough to get those all important shots. In addition, you of course do not want to miss out on any of the action because you’ve been outside having a photoshoot, while your friends and family are inside laughing and dancing the night away.

Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand

To get around this problem, many couples decide to have pre or post wedding photoshoots so that you have the flexibility to go round to different locations to find the best settings and range of poses that look both natural and cinematic.

Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand

The best thing about a private Indian wedding photoshoot away from the wedding festivities is that plenty of time can be taken to experiment, find the best angles and get a variety of shots that you can then sit down and pick through to get your favourite. This practice also means that a weight is lifted because on your wedding day you are not so worried about getting the perfect shot of you and your significant other, but can instead enjoy yourself and the Indian wedding photographer can focus on getting those candid shots which depict the atmosphere of your wedding.
Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand

Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand Indian Wedding Photoshoot by Sachi Anand

Another great thing about a pre and post Indian wedding photoshoot is that it gives you a great excuse to get dressed up in all your finery and so allows you to recycle your wonderful outfits.

All of the above photos have been taken by the extremely talented Sachi Anand Photography. To see more great work from them check out their website:

The happy couple in these photos are Shivani and Niral. Shivani’s fabulous hair, makeup and draping were done by bridal stylist Sonia C. You can find my post about Sonia’s henna tattoos here:

Asian Wedding Decor – R&R Event Rentals

Once you have found your perfect Asian wedding venue(s), you can then start to plan how to make it your own. How you separate your wedding from the 100s of other weddings being held at that venue over the year is through your Asian wedding decor, so it is important to think carefully about what you want.

If you have been dreaming about your wedding since you were little, then it is safe to assume that you have a pretty good idea of what you want. Of course though, when it comes to an Asian wedding, you don’t just have the wedding ceremony and reception to think about, you also have the sangeet, mehendi and haldi. Therefore, as with so many parts of organising a big fat Asian wedding, it can be extremely useful to look through photos to give you an idea of the sort of thing you like and feel you would like to create at each of your wedding events. Additionally, being able to speak to event planners and decor specialists can make the world of difference, and can help transform your dream wedding into reality.

160529_001Blog IMG_1906 IMG_1579-1 IMG_1084 IMG_0089-1 160529_1266Blog 160529_1322Blog 160529_002Blog

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details and no detail is too big or small when it comes to your big fat Asian wedding. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or have absolutely no idea, don’t panic – being able to choose your Asian wedding venue decor, either with the help of a specialist company like Raman and Raveen or by sitting down with your spouse and browsing through hundreds of photos – is one of the best parts of planning a wedding.

R&R Event Rentals, Decor and Design:

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Aria Films Asian Weddings

Following on from my last post on Aria Film, here are some more gorgeous videos. Hopefully these Indian wedding videos can help you decide whether you too would like to have your wedding filmed. It is important to consider the style of the videos and if you like their cinematic nature, or if you want something more home video-esque. Of course you may feel that going down the Indian wedding film route is not for you and you’d rather just have photos of your special day(s).

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Terrace on the Park, Queens, New York City

For those of you living in or near New York City and trying to find the perfect Indian wedding venue, read on.

Terrace on the Park is located above Flushing Meadows Park in Central Queens, New York. Its elevated locations means you get a breathtaking view of the city, which can be enjoyed at its fullest in the penthouse and rooftop terrace.


The rooftop terrace adjoins the penthouse and is the perfect location for an outdoor ceremony and wedding reception. Being able to look out over lush fields and the New York City skyline is a real treat and offers breathtaking photo opportunities – especially if you go for a sunset wedding!

339_gallery6334_gallery1A beautiful rooftop bar feature means it is the perfect place to sip cocktails with guests while you wait for the dancing to begin. The incredibly romantic setting can accommodate hundreds of guests if you are having a big fat Indian wedding or alternatively can be transformed into a cosy space. The huge amount of room available on the rooftop means you can really have fun with your Indian wedding decor and create a floral paradise.


The ballrooms at Terrace on the Park have huge floor to ceiling windows, so even if you’re having all or some of your wedding indoors, you can still enjoy the magnificent view. The ballrooms can accommodate big long tables or small round ones as well as a dance floor and DJ or Band. So rest assured – there is plenty of room for some Bollywood dancing!


The variety of spaces at Terrace on the Park make it the perfect Indian wedding venue at any time of year and will allow you to either have dreamy outdoor wedding, a sophisticated indoor shindig or a mixture of the two.


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Capturing Indian Weddings by AAcreations

Weddings may last just a day but the memories live on forever. And when it comes to capturing these beautiful moments, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is no wonder then that wedding photography is evolving everyday with each generation, new technology and new trends.

Capturing Indian Weddings by AAcreations

Weddings may be very hectic and covering the event may be very challenging. Especially when it comes to Indian weddings, they are very detailed with lots of traditional customs and a large number of guests. The decorations are extensive, the food is vibrant and emotions are rampant. To capture all the flavours of a true Indian wedding is no easy task. Being an Indian wedding photographer in particular takes some true talent indeed.

Capturing Indian Weddings by AAcreations

Capturing Indian Weddings by AAcreations

While earlier people just booked local studio guys to take the photographs at a wedding, today more and more people are opting for trained professional wedding photographers. As a result, a new generation of wedding photographers have cropped up today who manage the main wedding event as well as the pre and post wedding shots.

Most wedding photographs tell a story and to bring out the best from their subjects, wedding photographers need good inter-personal skills. Overall, wedding photography requires a combination of consultation with the couple, excellent planning and some fine photographic abilities.

Capturing Indian Weddings by AAcreations

Ahmed Mustefa Ahad, the owner of AAcreation has these abilities in heaps and bounds and it is reflected in his work experience. Having been in photography and videography for over 10 years, Ahmed has covered a wide range of weddings and prides himself on his understanding of the culture and customs that come along with traditional Pakistani and Indian weddings. However he strives to be different from other South Asian wedding photographers by adding an American touch to the traditional wedding!

Capturing Indian Weddings by AAcreations

Covering traditional weddings in a way that gives a glimpse into the couple’s culture, AAcreation brings a beautiful fusion of the traditional and the modern to create high quality professional photographs!

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Makeup Artistry by Salon SBS

Weddings may be a one day event but the memories and photos from them are cherished for a lifetime. It is for this very reason that all brides aspire to look their very best on the day of their wedding. When it comes to looking your best, choosing the right makeup artist can make all the difference. Good makeup artists are able to make brides look effortlessly beautiful and radiant.

Makeup Artistry by Salon SBS

Good artists are known for their vision. Sisters come makeup artists, Swati Vig and Reeti Luthra had the brilliant vision of turning their passion for beauty into a career path. The sisters opened Salon SBS (Styles by Swati) when they were in their twenties  and since then they have been helping brides achieves their perfect looks from smoky and bold to soft, ethereal and delicate.

Makeup Artistry by Salon SBS

Swati has years of experience in the field of Asian bridal makeup and has worked with lots of traditional Indian, Pakistani, Afghani and even American brides. Having worked at several salons previously, Swati’s experience makes her wonderfully suited to Indian bridal makeup and she caters perfectly to the requirements of Indian brides.

Makeup Artistry by Salon SBS

Co-owner Reeti Luthra not only handles the administrative side of the business, her skill set as well as previous experience as a freelance makeup artist makes her an essential part of the SBS team. Possessing valid certifications in the required field, Reeti is also involved in the training of the makeup artistry for all occasions and hopes to take the Salon to new highs!

Makeup Artistry by Salon SBS

Salon SBS offers customised services so that all styling and makeup are tailored to individual needs and expectations. Versatility is their forte and they do their best to meet the expectations of all their clients. Together, the sisters use their creative flair to enhance the natural beauty of all brides and ensure that each bride achieves her perfect look!

Find out more about Salon SBS:

Mehndi Designs by Maliha

The mehndi ceremony is one of the major events leading up to an Asian bride’s wedding. It is a fun jovial event which often involves music, dancing and hopefully, the best of company.

The mehndi ceremony does however involve some important decisions because the mehndi design you choose will be in all your wedding photos. This makes the prospect of having to choose it quite daunting.  You need to think about whether you want a dark or light mehndi design, whether you want the pattern to match the embroidery on your wedding outfit or contrast it and whether you want an intricate lacy design or a simple design? And these are just some of the main things to consider.

Obviously reading up on the pros and cons of different designs can be very useful, as can talking to people who have had their own mehndi ceremony before. But, what I think is the best way to decide on the right type of mehndi design for you, is by scrolling through as many as you can and see what styles, shades and patterns take your fancy.

So, with that in mind, here are some stunning mehndi designs by Maliha.

Mehendi3 Mehendi4 Mehendi5 Mehendi6 Mehendi1 Mehendi2

You can find Mehndi by Maliha at: | Facebook