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Indian Wedding Decor Ideas With Kismet Event Design

One of the wonderful things about choosing a wedding venue is being able to transform it and enthuse your own taste and personality into it. Depending on the type of venue you choose (you have to bear in mind that there may be limitations), you can treat it like a blank canvas and fill it up with decorations that you love.

Below I am going to look at the various floral Indian wedding decor options available to you, because after all, nothing says romance like flowers!

Floral Decor

Floral Decor is always a lovely option. Flowers are a wonderful way of enthusing colour into your chosen venue and can be particularly effective if you either coordinate or contrast the colour scheme with your outfit. Otherwise, You may choose to have floral bouquets that contain your favourite colours. These bouquets can be held or placed around the room in vases.

Indian Wedding Decor Ideas With Kismet Event Design

As well as the more common centrepieces and bouquets, there are many innovative things that you can do with a floral theme when it comes to Indian wedding decor. Flower curtains or flowers hung vertically from the ceiling make for beautiful photo backgrounds and add a fairytale-esque feel to your big day.

Indian Wedding Decor Ideas With Kismet Event DesignOf course the use of flowers as decoration does not need to be restricted to the wedding reception, they can also be used during the wedding ceremony to decorate your mandeep. Being surrounding by flowers will create a breathtaking setting for you are your significant other to become husband and wife.

Indian Wedding Decor Ideas With Kismet Event Design

If you want to go for something a bit more creative, then floral sculptures are a great way to go. They are eye-catching and add a bit of fun and cuteness, as is the case with the adorable floral elephant below.

Indian Wedding Decor Ideas With Kismet Event Design

As for centrepieces, whether you want them on the table or dotted around the room, you do not need to stick to bouquets or vases, but can instead choose something more artistic to really give the room a certain flourish.

Indian Wedding Decor Ideas With Kismet Event Design

If you do decide to go down the vase route, then you can have a lot of fun with this too. Depending on your aesthetic, you can either go for tall or short vases to help make your wedding tables look fantastic. A problem with tall vases is that they can be slightly less social than small ones because they can make it more difficult for guests sitting opposite each other to chit chat. As you can see in the below photo, tall vases do create a rather fabulous, awe-inspiring look though.

Indian Wedding Decor Ideas With Kismet Event Design

If you want something a little more subtle then short floral centrepieces can look really elegant. They can be used to create a more intimate feel and mean that everyone around the table can be clearly seen.

Indian Wedding Decor Ideas With Kismet Event Design

All of the photos used in this post were from Kismet Event Design. Kismet Event Design specialises in wedding decor including bountiful florals, custom made backdrops and draping. With a team of dedicated design experts, they will work with you to transform your chosen wedding venue into an enchanting environment that will leave you and your guests speechless.

Check out their website for more stunning Indian wedding decor ideas:

The bride and groom featured here are Nilay and Tina Patel, who got married on 28th November 2015 at Orange County Hyatt. The photographs are by Greycard Photography.


Asian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

For those of you lucky brides-to-be who are at the very start of your journey and still have a whole wedding to plan, here’s hoping that you can get some inspiration from the beautiful wedding of Megha and Gautam. The wedding was captured in stunning style by Sachi Anand Photography.

Sachi Anand is a Philadelphia based photographer, who travels nationwide to photograph weddings. Sachi specialises in wedding, engagement, pre-wedding event and (even) proposal photography, so you can have your entire wedding journey catalogued! This means that anyone planning a big fat Asian wedding, including an engagement, haldi, sangeet, mehendi, baraat, wedding and reception ceremony, can rest assured that your Asian wedding photography needs can be met.  

Sachi’s goal is to capture each moment of a wedding in a timeless way and to take photos that clearly show the love and happiness shared by the couple.

Asian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

Asian Wedding Photography by Sachi AnandAsian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

Asian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

Asian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

Asian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

Asian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

Asian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

I really love the elephant theme. Both the sculptures and the elephant embroidery on the mandeep is a great detail, which adds a bit of fun and cuteness to the wedding photos!

See more beautiful photos by Sachi Anand Photography:

Beautiful Henna Tattoos by Sonia C

A major part of any Indian wedding are mehendi tattoos, otherwise known as a henna tattoos. A henna tattoo is created from the dye found in a henna tree. On the day before or day of the wedding, it is customary for the bride to get a henna tattoo on her hands and feet.

Mehendi and henna designs are a fun and beautiful way of complimenting and enhancing the overall bridal look, as well as representing the love between the bride and groom. It is believed that the mehendi ceremony will awaken the bride’s inner light and so the sun is an important symbol and is traditionally included at the centre of the mehendi design. Some also believe that the degree of darkness of the final mehendi design, represents how much the groom will love his bride. So the darker the mehendi, the more love shared between the bride and groom.

Asian henna designs are extremely intricate and can take hours to design and apply.  Sonia C creates unique henna tattoos for bridal parties, and offers a variety of designs and sizes ranging from the traditional hand and feet designs to back and head designs. Sonia C, works freehand and draws inspiration for each design from nature, the visual arts and South Asian history.

Beautiful Henna Tattoos by Sonia C

Beautiful Henna Tattoos by Sonia C

Beautiful Henna Tattoos by Sonia C

Beautiful Henna Tattoos by Sonia C

In addition to providing bridal henna services, Sonia C and her team also cater to henna parties and corporate events.

As a bridal stylist, Sonia C will ensure that the final look is the one that you as the bride has always dreamed of. This is achieved by making sure the bridal outfit, makeup, hair and henna look flawless and are perfectly coordinated.

See some more of Sonia Collection’s henna tattoos here: and find out about her other bridal services, which include hair and makeup.


Indian Bridal Makeup by Columbus Wedding Makeup

Columbus Wedding Makeup provides exemplary Indian bridal makeup and hair services on location throughout Columbus and Ohio. They use airbrush makeup to create a beautiful long lasting finish. Columbus Wedding Makeup is set up so that both individuals and large parties can be accommodated.

In recent years Columbus Wedding Makeup has started to provide Indian bridal makeup and hair services to Indian & Fusion Weddings. Below are a selection of photos from some of those weddings. I’m sure you’ll agree that each of the brides look absolutely stunning!

Nirali & Bhavesh’s Wedding

Indian Bridal Makeup by Columbus Wedding Makeup

Indian Bridal Makeup by Columbus Wedding Makeup

Indian Bridal Makeup by Columbus Wedding Makeup

Caitlin & Sri’s Wedding

Indian Bridal Makeup by Columbus Wedding Makeup

Indian Bridal Makeup by Columbus Wedding Makeup

Columbus Wedding Makeup do their utmost to make sure that the end result matches what the bride had bridal party had envisioned. 2-4 weeks before the wedding, a preview session is arranged which involves makeup artists and hairstylists, along with the bride (and sometimes their family) so that they can get to know the bride’s skin and hair. Around an hour is spent with the bride to create a preview of the wedding day look or looks. Columbus Wedding Makeup are aware of the need to adhere to certain traditions, and as the photos show, create a beautiful, glam look.

Indian Bridal Makeup by Columbus Wedding MakeupIndian Bridal Makeup by Columbus Wedding Makeup

Caitlin & Sri
Fusion Wedding at the Hilton Downtown Columbus 
Photographer – Style & Story Creative 
Event Planner – Joie de Vivre Events
Nirali & Bhavesh 
Photographer – The Brauns
Event Planner – Joie de Vivre Events 

How to Plan Your Indian Wedding on a Budget

Are you in the midst of planning your Indian wedding and finding that it is far too expensive? The numerous wedding ceremonies that one has to plan for means that there are unfortunately a ton of things to pay for, from food and decoration, to your wedding outfits and makeup. Obviously you want to have the wedding of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you need to fork out a fortune. Your wedding can definitely be planned on a budget just as long as you’re able to use some forward planning and are prepared to bargain hunt.


Here are my 10 tips to help you plan your Indian wedding on a budget.

1. Work out your budget

This one is without a doubt the most important. Know exactly how much you have available to spend on your wedding so that you don’t have any nasty surprises at the end.

2. Spread your budget

Once you have identified your overall budget it is important to work out what you need to pay for e.g. Venue, food, wedding invitations etc and do some research so that you know roughly how much each of these things cost. This way you can make sure you use your money accordingly and don’t massively overspend on one thing which would mean you have to forgo or skimp on something else.

3. Know your priorities

If you are able to order things by their importance then you can tick off the most important things first. This should make everything more manageable and less stressful.

4. Hit the sales

Wedding outfits can be expensive, so one trick is to start looking for your dream outfit way ahead of time. This will give you plenty of time to visit plenty of sales to find a bargain or to browse last year’s catalogues so that you don’t necessarily get the newest bridal outfit on offer, but so you can still be sure it will be super trendy. Alternatively, if you’re able to get all your outfits for each ceremony or your bridesmaid dresses from the same shop you should be able to pick up a great discount!

5. Shop around

When it comes to finding the perfect venue, food or decorations don’t just go for the first one you see. Take your time and make sure you explore plenty of options. When you go on holiday you would always use a comparison website to get the best flights, right? Well, so buying things for your wedding should be no different. Do a lot of research online, talk to vendors and get as many quotes as you can. Try making a handy comparison chart for yourself so you can keep track of everything. And remember, each vendor wants your business, so I’m sure they’ll be willing to accommodate you if you’re honest from the get-go.

6. Go veggie

Wedding food can be very costly and if you have a big guest list it becomes even more so. It is all very well to think about cutting the guest list, but this is not always possible or at least very difficult to do without upsetting a few people. Therefore one option is to go veggie for your wedding since vegetarian dishes are much cheaper than meat dishes

7. Go easy on the alcohol

If you want to have alcohol at your wedding but are worried at the cost of having to pay the bar you can always limit the drink options available to guests. For example, you could stick to wine and beer and do away with spirits or you could just supply cocktails. Either way, your guests are bound to be happy and will barely notice.

8. Have an off-season wedding

One sure way to lower your costs is to have your wedding slightly off-season. This means that they’ll be less demand for your venue so you won’t have to pay as much as you would in say June.

9. Use substitutes

If there is something you have your eye on but know it is too expensive, you can either try and find a similar but cheaper alternative or you can try and do some DIY and make it yourself.

10. Contingency plan

Things can often go wrong when planning a wedding, so make sure you have some extra funds in case something major happens just before your big day. Remember, if you aren’t able to provide a load of fancy things at your wedding, don’t worry your guests won’t bat an eyelid. After all, it is all about you anyway, not the venue or decorations. However, if something does go wrong as your big day approaches, don’t be afraid to ask others to chip in.

Up to a point, planning a wedding can be expensive, but it is definitely completely viable to host your dream wedding while saving some money here and there. If you know your limits, book things in advance and strategise well, you can definitely plan your Indian wedding on a budget!

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Indian Wedding Photography By Bilal

A wedding day is the most crucial day of one’s life. And why not, we imagine getting hitched to our right life partner all our lives. When the D-day arrives, we want everything to be picture-perfect from bridal wear to jewellery, food to decor, venue to weather, so we can have the memories of a lifetime. We want THE Indian wedding photography!

Thankfully to capture these beautiful moments of our lives, we can resort to Indian wedding photography. Photos serve as a great memory and reminder of this once-in-a-lifetime event.  A wedding photo album is something you can treasure long after it is over and pass onto your children so together, you can take a stroll down memory lane.

Keeping this in mind, ‘Photography by Bilal’ swears to deliver just that. The aim is to get a series of natural and emotive photos that illustrate your unique wedding story every time you look back at them. A good photo can bring back all the emotions and excitement you had at that moment, which is why wedding photography is such an important part of your wedding.

Nowadays, wedding photography is not just about the wedding day but includes a complete range of pictures that carries all your pre and post-wedding functions. The trend of getting a pre-wedding couple photoshoot done is very popular among modern Indian couples, who seem to be relishing getting their candid and artistic photoshoot done.

These types of photoshoots do not include simple portraits but instead tell a story and capture the atmosphere and emotion of the day.  So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the stunning bridal photoshoots, taken by wedding photographer Bilal.

Art at its best


This picture is a sure-shot winner when it comes to depicting the mehendi design in an unusual and striking way. The way the mehendi-laden hand of an Indian wedding bride is viewed through a sheer curtain of a dupatta portrays the intricate design in all its beauty.

Not just ordinary


Anyone can click a simple picture but it takes passion and talent to get a picture like this. This picture illustrates the epitome of grace and elegance of an Indian wedding bride. It captures the myriad of emotions that a bride is going through on her wedding day. The shot is especially poignant because the bride is viewed through the sheer veil of her dupatta in the midst of a seemingly private moment.

It’s all about details


Moving away from the expected life-size portraits, we are treated here to a view of the more minute details that make up the flawless bridal look. This photo focuses on the beautiful maang tikka worn by an Indian wedding bride.

Let eyes do all the talking


At the time of her wedding, a bride experiences a cocktail of emotions ranging from being happy to start a new life to the sadness of leaving her parent’s home. This mixture of conflicting emotions can be seen in this intimate photograph of the bride on her wedding day.

In all her glory


A bride looks like a million bucks on her wedding day just like this particular bride who is oozing glamour in her stunning outfit and jewellery.  She is looking like a diva in the true sense of the word. Just as the bride has made an effort to look her best, the cameraman has done his best to capture her .

Look of love


Love is mesmerising as effectively demonstrated by this photo of the much-in-love couple as they appear completely besotted by each other. They don’t need words to express their feelings as the look of love captured by the photographer beautifully gets their emotions across.

A smile is contagious


This smiling Indian wedding bride all dolled up in her traditional wedding attire is a delight to look at. Her infectious smile captured with panache is something I love to revel on. Her orange coloured outfit makes a great contrast with the background, but it is her million dollar smile which is the USP of this click.

Bride & the bridesmaids


A bride’s friends and sisters play a quintessential role in a wedding. Their importance can be seen from this picture where a beautiful Indian wedding bride takes centre stage and her gorgeous colour-coordinated bridesmaids pose together by her side. This image wonderfully depicts their sisterhood and bond.

If you love the above images and want to create a beautiful pictorial story for your wedding, visit

10 Stylish Must-Have Indian Wedding Shoes

Many women across the globe suffer from a serious illness called shoe-fetish. And why not, after all shoe shopping gives you immense pleasure.  Having a great pair of shoes is a wise investment as it can enhance the beauty and impact of your outfit. Buying the right pair of shoes is crucial; it becomes all the more important when it is your bridal shoes. Yes, your wedding shoes need as much attention as your bridal dress does. For a simple reason, that it must make you feel both comfortable and stylish on the most significant day of your life. So, let’s have a look at some drool-worthy must-have Indian wedding shoes you can’t ignore.

Delicate satin flat ballerinas

Ballerinas | 10 Stylish Must-Have Indian Wedding Shoes

If you are someone who isn’t a big fan of heels or have good height already, you can choose a pair of delicate satin flat ballerinas. These aren’t just comfortable to wear but will also do complete justice for your bridal attire because they are elegant and pretty. With the fine tuning between satin and suede, this pair will surely emerge as a winner on your D-day. Adorned with different textures and buckles, satin ballerinas look good with both a lehenga and an evening gown.

Studded Indian Chappals

Brocade Chappals | 10 Stylish Must-Have Indian Wedding Shoes

If you are frowning at the thought of wearing a pair of chappals beneath your stunning lehenga, allow me to burst your bubble. Here we are not talking about an ordinary pair of chappals but a pair of studded Indian style chappals. These flat chappals with textured brocade at the base and studs and pearls on the straps are a great choice as a bridal shoe. Designed similar to flip-flops, these chappals are fancy in the true sense of the word, all thanks to its stone-studded straps!

Punjabi Juti or Indian Mojri

Punjabi Juti | 10 Stylish Must-Have Indian Wedding Shoes

Commonly known as Punjabi Juti, these flat Indian wedding shoes are one of the most popular and widely accepted wedding footwear. These are very traditional in nature and have roots dating back to the golden history of India. Also known as Mojris, these Indian bridal shoes made of leather are apt for both men and women. The best part about these shoes is that they are available in vibrant colours and are adorned with beautiful embroidery and embellishments. You can match them with any sort of bridal wear, so they are an easy choice for your wedding day because they don’t impart any restrictions.

Medium Heels

Medium Heels | 10 Stylish Must-Have Indian Wedding Shoes

If you want to look tall on your wedding day but not taller than your groom, opt for a pair of medium heels. Medium-sized heels like kitten heels or wedges can give you the right amount of elevation and will amp-up your bridal attire too. Most importantly, they will be more comfortable for dancing in! You could go with heels in either cross-pattern style straps or sandal style ones. Embellished with sparkly dangler style studs, stones in white or colours, this pair is a must-have.


Sandals | 10 Stylish Must-Have Indian Wedding Shoes

Sandals are indeed a bride’s best friend. Surely there aren’t any brides who aren’t besotted by the grace and comfort a pair of sandals provides. Sandals come in a variety of styles and designs, from being highly gaudy to having simple straps, there are a numerous options. One can choose as per one’s need and desire. Also, their versatile nature allows you to mix and match them with both your Indian as well as western dresses. Some sandals have designer buckles at the top, while others have fastening buckles at the back for a perfect grip. Also, choices of sparkles be it elegant pearls or shiny stones means they can be perfectly customised for the wearer.

High Heels

High Heels | 10 Stylish Must-Have Indian Wedding Shoes

Heels give you the confidence of being tall and elegant. And if you love heels be it pencil heels or slightly thicker ones, don’t shy away from grabbing a pair for your wedding day. Get your hands on an elaborated version of golden pumps and stand tall in these beauties. Make sure you have habit of wearing high heels or at least practice walking in heels before your wedding day; else they may give you problems on your special day!


Peep-toes |10 Stylish Must-Have Indian Wedding Shoes

Gold and silver are great neutral colours that go well with any sort of Indian bridal wear. You can’t go wrong by grabbing a pair of pretty peep-toes in either colour for your wedding day. Peep-toes are not just classy but they also allow you to flaunt your mehendi design and let air pass round your feet to avoid sweating.

Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle Straps | 10 Stylish Must-Have Indian Wedding Shoes

Indian brides love to wear anklets in gold or silver on their wedding day. Anklets are one of the accessories Indian brides just can’t do without. That being said, if you opt for ankle strap heels, you can give anklets a miss, if that is preferable for you. Beautifully adorned ankle straps with stones, beads and pearls look graceful and yet minimal so that it does not take away attention from your wedding dress.


Stilettos | 10 Stylish Must-Have Indian Wedding Shoes

Stilettos are underrated but one of the must-have bridal shoes. They arguably have a more westernised appeal, but also look great with some of the Indian dresses like Indo-western lehengas or fusion gowns. You can get a pair of sparkly stilettoes to go with a sangeet, cocktail or reception dress.  This pointed footwear will never let you down!

Platform Heels

Platform Heels | 10 Stylish Must-Have Indian Wedding Shoes

Since your wedding day is all about the rush and excitement, you can at least give your feet some comfort by choosing a pair of platform heels. These are different from other heels as they have a wider base for comfort and required elevation. You’re able to choose from a variety of platform heels to go with your wedding outfit.

I’m sure you must have got enough shoe-inspiration for now. So, go out and get the ideal wedding pair for yourself! Happy shopping ladies!

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How to Choose Your Indian Bridal Jewelry

Indian bridal jewelry plays a crucial role in any wedding and choosing one’s wedding jewellery is indeed an uphill task for any bride-to-be. There are so many factors that are to be kept in mind while selecting Indian bridal jewellery. Factors like budget, style, color, current trends and personal taste matters a lot. Apart from these one’s face shape and skin tone are other factors that can’t be ignored. So keeping all these things in mind, we have jotted down a list of pointers that will help you finalise the perfect wedding jewellery for your D-day.

Indian Bridal Jewellery

Analyse your face shape

Before randomly picking a piece of jewellery, it’s very important that you understand the shape of your face. This will help you choose the right jewellery that will accentuate your facial features and make you look great. Let’s see different jewellery types for different face shapes.

Round-shaped face

If you happen to have a round-shaped face, your safest bet in jewellery selection would be a long necklace that goes beyond the point of your neckline along with the chandelier earrings. This combination will help you offset the roundness of your face to some extent. You can experiment with the shape of earrings be it oval or square or you can certainly pick a pair with teardrops at the end. Also, when it comes to choosing a necklace, both with a pendant or without a pendant will look amazing on a round-shaped face. Just remember you don’t fall prey to the round-shaped earrings or round-cut diamonds, it will make you look like a ball!

Oval-shaped face

Oval-shaped faces are a little round and a little elongated. This shape of face is considered the best as it calls for versatility and gives you the option to explore and experiment with different styles of jewellery. You can flaunt both long and short necklace styles with equal panache without worrying whether it suits you or not. Also, your earring options also increase as you can opt for both hoops and danglers without giving it a second thought.  Just make sure you pick the angular danglers and avoid the extra-long style of danglers. So, if you have oval-shaped face, you can enjoy the variety.

Rectangular-shaped face

Generally people with a rectangular-shaped face have more length than others. So, the best way to deal with this shape is by choosing contrast jewellery. Go for choker style necklaces with small or round pair of earrings. You can also choose button earrings as it will give the required softness to your long face. Avoid long earrings on long faces as it will just lead to a fashion faux pas.

Heart-shaped face

Needless to say, the heart-shaped face has narrow chin area and wide jawline. This calls for short necklaces or even choker style ones to add a little amount of roundness. When choosing earrings, simply go for triangular or cylindrical shaped danglers. It will enhance the shape of your face. Small earrings or studs are a big no no for the heart-shaped face.

Analyse your skin-tone

Once you have understood the shape of your face, the next thing that you need to pay heed to is your skin-tone. The color of skin also plays a crucial role in selecting the right kind of wedding jewellery. So without further ado, let’s contemplate what style will suit you the best.


Cool-tone does not only refer to a fair person but also includes a thorough analysis of complexion. If you happen to have bluish veins that are prominent along with a rosy undertone, you fall in the category of cool-tone complexion. For such people, diamonds work the best. Also, silver, platinum, zircons or white gold will make you look classy and sophisticated. And if you are a big fan of gemstones, you have got ample choices. You can choose from deep emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. These will make you look stunning.


This is an earthy tone where your veins have greenish color and you flaunt a perfect golden sheen on your skin. People with warm-tone skin complexion looks great in yellow gold, cooper and kundan jewellery. On the subject of gemstones, golden pearls are your best friend. Apart from that, colors like olive, yellow, brown, orangeand turquoise will also suit your skin-tone.

Sparkling Diamante Maang Tikka by Shillpa Purii  | How to Choose Your Indian Bridal Jewelry

Selecting a maang tikka

No Indian bridal jewellery is complete without a maang tikka. So, one has to carefully pick the right tikka in order to complete and compliment the entire bridal look. The simple thumb rule that applies while finding the right maang tikka for yourself is the size of your forehead.  If you believe that your forehead is broad and wide, simply go for a big and heavy maang tikka with mathapatti. It will give your forehead a great coverage. And if you are someone with small forehead, just pick a small maang tikka to complete the look.

I’m sure if you keep these points in mind while selecting your bridal jewelry, you will end up with stunning Indian bridal jewellery that will transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary!

Image sources: Pinterest, Strand of Silk