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What is more amazing, brighter, special and gorgeous than a real piece of indian jewellery? Whether they are traditional, modern, made with gold or stones, every stylish woman loves jewellery! I just give you some suggestions, showing you what Bollywood celebrities decided to wear! Shop some beautiful styles here –

Strand of Silk’s Indian Wedding Outfit Generator

I was recently contacted by Strand of Silk who wanted to tell me about their Indian wedding outfit generator.  I must admit that I was dubious at first. However once I spent some time playing around with it I quickly changed my tune.

Putting it simply, the outfit generator is great and makes the task of figuring out what to wear for each of the many wedding ceremonies SO much easier.

I have so far attended three Indian weddings, so am still a relative newbie. Preparing for an Indian wedding as a guest can be very overwhelming and stressful. It has always amazed me that more attention hasn’t been paid helping guests choose their outfits.

I was personally very lucky when it came to my first Indian wedding because I had some incredibly helpful and patient friends – all with a great fashion sense – to help me along the way. However, even if you have someone who can talk you through each of the ceremonies and take you shopping, you still have accessories to think about. This is what is so great about this outfit generator – it explains what happens at each of the ceremonies, gives practical styling tips and makes sure you know what items of clothing are not appropriate to wear!

Pick an Occasion | Strand of Silk's Indian Wedding Outfit Generator

The Indian wedding outfit generator covers the Engagement ceremony, Haldi ceremony, Mehendi ceremony, Sangeet ceremony, Baarat ceremony, Wedding ceremony and Reception. What’s more it isn’t just aimed at female guests, but also has male guest, family of the couple and bridesmaids covered too.

Who Are You? | Strand of Silk's Indian Wedding Outfit Generator

Along with styling tips, the page also contains several lookbooks which serve as great inspiration and a series of related blog posts in-case you feel you need even more information.

What To Wear | Strand of Silk's Indian Wedding Outfit Generator

The Indian wedding outfit generator is incredibly easy to use.  All you have to do is select who you are and which ceremony you are going to and the styling tips, lookbooks and blog posts will appear. If you like the products you see, you can purchase them straight away with a simple click that takes you straight to the product page.

For anyone attending an Indian wedding for the first time, this page is invaluable. I do however also think that this page is very useful for the most seasoned Indian wedding goer, because the lookbooks (outfit suggestions) and blog posts are a great source of inspiration.

If you do try out the Indian wedding outfit generator, I’d love to hear what you think of it!

How to Choose Your Indian Bridal Jewelry

Indian bridal jewelry plays a crucial role in any wedding and choosing one’s wedding jewellery is indeed an uphill task for any bride-to-be. There are so many factors that are to be kept in mind while selecting Indian bridal jewellery. Factors like budget, style, color, current trends and personal taste matters a lot. Apart from these one’s face shape and skin tone are other factors that can’t be ignored. So keeping all these things in mind, we have jotted down a list of pointers that will help you finalise the perfect wedding jewellery for your D-day.

Indian Bridal Jewellery

Analyse your face shape

Before randomly picking a piece of jewellery, it’s very important that you understand the shape of your face. This will help you choose the right jewellery that will accentuate your facial features and make you look great. Let’s see different jewellery types for different face shapes.

Round-shaped face

If you happen to have a round-shaped face, your safest bet in jewellery selection would be a long necklace that goes beyond the point of your neckline along with the chandelier earrings. This combination will help you offset the roundness of your face to some extent. You can experiment with the shape of earrings be it oval or square or you can certainly pick a pair with teardrops at the end. Also, when it comes to choosing a necklace, both with a pendant or without a pendant will look amazing on a round-shaped face. Just remember you don’t fall prey to the round-shaped earrings or round-cut diamonds, it will make you look like a ball!

Oval-shaped face

Oval-shaped faces are a little round and a little elongated. This shape of face is considered the best as it calls for versatility and gives you the option to explore and experiment with different styles of jewellery. You can flaunt both long and short necklace styles with equal panache without worrying whether it suits you or not. Also, your earring options also increase as you can opt for both hoops and danglers without giving it a second thought.  Just make sure you pick the angular danglers and avoid the extra-long style of danglers. So, if you have oval-shaped face, you can enjoy the variety.

Rectangular-shaped face

Generally people with a rectangular-shaped face have more length than others. So, the best way to deal with this shape is by choosing contrast jewellery. Go for choker style necklaces with small or round pair of earrings. You can also choose button earrings as it will give the required softness to your long face. Avoid long earrings on long faces as it will just lead to a fashion faux pas.

Heart-shaped face

Needless to say, the heart-shaped face has narrow chin area and wide jawline. This calls for short necklaces or even choker style ones to add a little amount of roundness. When choosing earrings, simply go for triangular or cylindrical shaped danglers. It will enhance the shape of your face. Small earrings or studs are a big no no for the heart-shaped face.

Analyse your skin-tone

Once you have understood the shape of your face, the next thing that you need to pay heed to is your skin-tone. The color of skin also plays a crucial role in selecting the right kind of wedding jewellery. So without further ado, let’s contemplate what style will suit you the best.


Cool-tone does not only refer to a fair person but also includes a thorough analysis of complexion. If you happen to have bluish veins that are prominent along with a rosy undertone, you fall in the category of cool-tone complexion. For such people, diamonds work the best. Also, silver, platinum, zircons or white gold will make you look classy and sophisticated. And if you are a big fan of gemstones, you have got ample choices. You can choose from deep emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. These will make you look stunning.


This is an earthy tone where your veins have greenish color and you flaunt a perfect golden sheen on your skin. People with warm-tone skin complexion looks great in yellow gold, cooper and kundan jewellery. On the subject of gemstones, golden pearls are your best friend. Apart from that, colors like olive, yellow, brown, orangeand turquoise will also suit your skin-tone.

Sparkling Diamante Maang Tikka by Shillpa Purii  | How to Choose Your Indian Bridal Jewelry

Selecting a maang tikka

No Indian bridal jewellery is complete without a maang tikka. So, one has to carefully pick the right tikka in order to complete and compliment the entire bridal look. The simple thumb rule that applies while finding the right maang tikka for yourself is the size of your forehead.  If you believe that your forehead is broad and wide, simply go for a big and heavy maang tikka with mathapatti. It will give your forehead a great coverage. And if you are someone with small forehead, just pick a small maang tikka to complete the look.

I’m sure if you keep these points in mind while selecting your bridal jewelry, you will end up with stunning Indian bridal jewellery that will transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary!

Image sources: Pinterest, Strand of Silk

Top Tips To Choose Your Perfect Indian Bridal Jewellery

It’s always difficult choosing what to wear the most special day in a woman’s life: her wedding day.

Indian bridal jewellery is an added value to a bridal outfit, and every Indian bride should accessories their outfit. It is apart of the bride’s wedding trousseau. We know that every bride’s dream is to look stunning, classy and glamorous on her wedding day, and brides know that Indian bridal jewellery will bring sparkle to any bride’s ensemble. But a bride’s outfit also has to be unique and modern, and stand out from the crowd.

It may seem strange, but brides have to plan for their jewellery as soon as the wedding date is fixed. Especially when the bride wants something specific, such as “Made to Measure”. You need to know what you want and in perfect time for the big day, because it can take one or two months to custom pieces to be made.

Indian bridal jewellery

Good advice to take into account: it’s always better to buy from trusted jewellers like big jewellery industry as PGI, DTC, Gemfields and WGC. The bride will be given a certificate for the identity of the jewellery and it’s one of the most essential things to have in case of re-sale.

Basic tips to know:

  • For the earrings, be careful before selecting them because it has to go with the hairstyle of the special day.
  • People are used to seeing the bride with heavy Indian bridal jewellery. Instead of buying one heavy necklace that can never be worn later, buy several necklaces that can be worn at the same time. Or as an alterative, one big piece can also be good if it can be detached later. You have to think practical, having detachable jewellery or multi-wearable jewellery is the perfect option. It’s the perfect way to turn your wedding necklaces to lovely pendants for all occasions after the special day.
  • The bride has to choose a necklace that will match with the bridal outfit. The neckline of the wedding dress has to go with the necklace silhouette. So, if you buy the dress, choose the necklace according to the outfit or vice versa.
  • And if you don’t have the chance to find or buy your perfect Indian bridal jewellery, you can always go through your mother’s jewellery. Mothers have everything we need, and especially when it comes to jewellery. You can take these old classic pieces and make them modern by adding your own personal touch and creativity to it. During the big day, it will add an emotional value to your bridal outfit.

Indian bridal earrings

Tips to match your Indian bridal jewellery according to your wedding occasion:

  • For the engagement, obviously the ring will be the centre of attention, so keep the rest of your jewellery subtle and light.
  • The reception is the most relaxed part of the day; choose a cocktail ring, coloured gemstones or a diamond choker with and up-do hairstyle.
  • The Mehendi is the traditional occasion of the day, so it’s better to choose an ethnic styled pendant earring set.

Indian bridal handpiece