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Indian weddings are joyous celebrations and for a bride is the most important ceremony of her life. Everything must be perfect, so here there are some tips for brides, grooms and guests to enjoy it in the best way! Read about Indian Wedding ceremonies here –

Indian Wedding Pictures – The Simple & Striking

Photographer Monir Ali infuses a touch of simplicity, sophistication and subtle romance in his Indian wedding pictures. Playing with shadows, silhouettes and lighting, Monir creates a stunning effect that you cannot help but admire. What makes these Indian wedding pictures especially striking is the emphasis on the sky backdrop and the unity of the Indian wedding couples. For couples that are looking to make their Indian wedding pictures memorable, it is important to remember that they do not need to over the top. It is in fact the minimal details in Indian wedding pictures that turn the simple into the striking.

Image courtesy: Monir Ali photography

Wedding Silhouette Photography by Monir Ali Wedding Sunset Photography by Monir Ali

Alternate Ideas for Indian Weddings

This guest post is written by Amreeta Sagoo from

For all you quirky wonderful people out there, your wedding day is not only the biggest day of your life but, a day packed full of amazing non traditional rituals. Yes you heard correctly, non-traditional is defiantly a new and upcoming trend and is the way to go in order to create a wedding to remember.

Indian weddings amongst all are known for being big, colourful, and spectacular. So why not inject some fun aspects of yourself into your own wedding, to create the wedding of your dreams.

You only get married once, so why not be different! If you are looking for some inspiration say no more! Here are 15 alternative wedding ideas.

1) Personalised wedding favours

Personalised Wedding Favours

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2) Have a dessert bar

Dessert Bar

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3) Have a photo booth

Photo booth

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4) Throw fresh flowers instead of confetti

Fresh Flowers

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5) Have a memory table including old photographs of family

Old Family Photographs

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6) Have a button bouquet

Button Bouquet

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7) Give out marriage advice cards for guests to fill out

Marriage Advice Cards

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8) Frame your seating plan

Framed Seating Plan

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9) Write facts about yourself

Wedding Fun Facts

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10) Have a kids table

Kids Table

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11) Give out a wedding CD

Wedding CD

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12) Frame your table numbers

Framed Table Numbers

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13) Hang fresh flowers to decorate

Hanging Fresh Flowers

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14) Give out free dancing shoes

Free Dancing Shoes

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15) Have a popcorn stand

Popcorn Stand

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Hope I have provided you with some inspiration. Be sure to check out my blog where I talk about everything under the sun. Next week I’ll be back to talk about alternative guest book ideas.

Indian weddings are slowly but surely seeking inspiration from a wide range of sources and are no longer confined to traditional ideas. It is all about embracing the extraordinary, or even merging traditional with contemporary elements for Indian weddings that will be remembered for years to come! Amidst all the stress of planning Indian weddings, with these alternate wedding ideas, you will be able to have a bit of fun and get in touch with your creative roots to plan an event that is truly spectacular. These memorable ideas for Indian weddings will be remembered not only by your loved ones but also your wedding guests.

Indian Brides: Those Moments of Flurry

There is so much anticipation and thought that goes behind the execution of an Indian wedding. Everything needs to go according to plan and run smoothly, as there is a great amount of expectation not only from the family itself, but also the guests and relatives. Further, it is the dream of Indian brides to get married with her prince charming in a grand setting.

Amidst being in love with the idea of throwing a massive and beautiful wedding, it is the intricate details of a big fat asian wedding that cause Indian brides a great deal of stress! Things such as confirming marriage dates, deciding on venues, finalising the guestlist, and the debate of which wedding planner to hire are amongst the bigger things Indian brides have to worry about. Other things to think about include things such as the design and style of your wedding card invite, which accessories or makeup to wear with your Indian wedding attire, and whether the colour of your mehendi is dark enough.

Whilst a great deal of planning goes behind an Indian wedding to make it all you had dreamt for and more, the truth is that your actual wedding day will go by in a flash, so the most important thing for Indian brides to do is to simply immerse themselves in the moment and enjoy every second of the pleasant madness!

Images courtesy of: Monir Ali photography

Wedding Invitation photo by Monir Ali

Mehendi hands photo by Monir AliIndian bride getting ready photo by Monir Ali




Indian Brides: A Medley of Emotions

Indian brides face a wide range of emotions whilst planning for their big day, which culminate into a medley of emotions. Some of the feelings Indian brides undergo are of confusion, nervousness, excitement, chaos and sadness. Indeed, getting married is a gigantic step for any bride and too many emotions to handle simultaneously! One minute you may think of escaping the stress and jet setting to an exotic location, while the other second you may want to lock yourself in your room!

As such, behind all the glitz, glamour and vibrancy of Indian weddings, there is that underlying emotional feeling that surfaces during the vidaii or the ‘bride’s goodbye’, which is the key element that distinguishes Indian weddings from Western ones. Whilst everything seems merry in Western weddings and in movies with the ‘Happily Ever After’ tag, the vidaii is one of those precious moments where Indian brides bid farewell to her family members.

Despite the medley of emotions Indian brides face prior to their wedding day, it defines who they are and prepares them for their journey ahead in life.

Bride's emotions | Jacob and Pauline Photography
Photography courtesy of:
Wedding Emotions - Indian Wedding
Photography courtesy of:
Beautiful emotion - Indian Wedding
Photography courtesy of:


Indian Wedding Traditions: An Artistic Delight

Indian wedding traditions have changed immensely over the past few years from traditional weddings to jetsetting to exotic luxury destination weddings. Not only has the horizon of Indian wedding destinations expanded, but so have all the elements around it such as Indian wedding attire, wedding decor and intricate details such as wedding cakes.

Now who doesn’t like wedding cakes! Especially when they are six tiers or so high, set on a bed of roses with stunning lighting. Indeed, Indian wedding traditions are changing and are being taken to the next level by adopting bits and pieces of the Western elements of weddings. Romantic, royal and splendid are some of the words which float to mind when describing Indian wedding cakes.

Indians do not merely look at an Indian wedding cake as a scrumptious delight, but with the evolution of Indian wedding traditions, it is also considered a significant part of the stunning wedding decorations. Further, Indian wedding cakes are also seen as the spectacular highlight of a wedding, with all eyes set on the couple during the cake cutting ceremony.

Below is a stunning shot from a royal Qatari wedding by Jacob and Pauline photography. More than capturing a moment, Jacob and Pauline’s passion is to capture beautiful memories forever.

Jacob and Pauline Photography-3 (1)

Below are more breathtaking images of Indian wedding cakes that take Indian wedding traditions to the next level:

Red and white wedding cake
Red and white wedding cake with intricate detailing
Purple and gold brocade cake
Purple and gold brocade wedding cake
Stunning orange and pink stage set up
Stunning orange and pink stage set up

Fashion in India: Top Bridal Trends

There used to be a time when Indian weddings were humble, no-fuss affairs and when the number on the guest list barely exceeded 50, wedding decorations were kept to a minimum and the bride was simply clad in traditional red and gold attire. And then the 21st century happened!

Now, planning a wedding can take several months up to an year. Choosing the right wedding planner, hiring the right caterers, including and excluding people from the never ending guest list, zeroing down on the right theme for wedding decorations, booking the perfect location are all elements at just the tip of the ice-berg!

The most confusing element for the bride is selecting the right wedding dress for her dream wedding. To make the process simpler, here is a list of some of the top bridal trends for fashion in India, which we hope you enjoy reading!

Blue – The New Red

Although red will always be a classic hue when it comes to Indian bridal dresses, women are also experimenting with shades of blues and greens, which is a fresh and contemporary change, reflective of the modern bride.

Blue Lehenga | Fashion in India
Blue Lehenga

For brides who want to strike a balance between classic red and modern tones, blue tones can be infused with shades of red, maroon and orange to achieve a unique and glamorous look.

Blue and pink lehenga | Fashion in India
Blue and pink lehenga

Keep it Simple

Amidst the vibrant red, orange and other unconventional shades that are always dominating the wedding season, there is also a simple and seductive gold. Cream coloured lehengas with elegant embroidery work is the latest take when it comes to top Indian bridal trends. The best part about these nude shades is that they give you immense flexibility whilst deciding on the jewellery for your outfit. Kundan jewellery, emeralds, rubies and polki all complement this look beautifully.

Gold lehenga | Fashion in India
Gold lehenga

Mirror Work and Silver Embroidery

Need some variations from the traditional gold embroideries? Go silver! As brides get more experimental with bold colours and styles, silver zari work is taking centre stage. Inspired from the tribes of Rajasthan, intricate silver zari and mirror work is surely a look to embrace as it is fashionable, fun, flirty and also super light in weight, making it one of the best bridal trends for fashion in India!

Mirror work | Fashion in India
Mirror work bridal lehenga

Embrace Prints 

If you are not a fan of bling, and shy away from the shine of mirror work, printed lehengas are the best choice for you and can make a big impact. Whether bold, floral or subdued, pick your favourite print!

Printed lehenga | Indian Fashion
Narghis Fakhri in a stunning rose-printed lehenga

The Royal Bride

If you decide to go for a regal look for your wedding, anarkali is your calling. This garment surely makes for a royal bride, and can be teamed up with a majestic polki set. Embrace a layered anarkali, as it will give you a voluminous look, yet flatter the feminine figure. There is no doubt you will be the bride to be remembered with this amazing Indian bridal fashion trend.

Regal outfit | Indian Fashion
Regal outfit with a gold border

Fancy Back

Blouses with fancy backs are the hottest trend in the Indian bridal wear. While it is a good idea to avoid a plunging neckline on your wedding, revealing your back a little with creative blouse designs can add instant glamour to your look.

Fancy back | Fashion in India
Fancy back

Back to the Roots
For all those who cannot think beyond a single colour for your wedding attire, don’t think twice before buying that head-to-toe red anarkali. Single colours with stunning embroidery are one of the most stylish Indian bridal trends today. Despite the numerous new colours and trends in the market, it would be impossible to shy away from the classic red hue; the epitome of bridalwear.

Red Bridal lehenga | Fashion in India
Red Bridal lehenga

Long-sleeve blouse

A stylish long sleeve blouse is an essential trend that had been missing from the wedding fashion scenario until recently. Thanks to designers like Manish Malhotra and Anju Modi, women can be comfortable during the winter wedding season and still look super glamorous and stylish. From impressive mandarin collars to flattering velvet fabric, there’s a whole range of fashionable blouse designs you can select from that tickle your fashion buds.

Long sleeve blouse | Fashion in India
Long sleeve blouse

Jacket-style blouse

The idea of teaming up a saree, suit or lehenga with a jacket might sound a bit out of the box, but this trend is definitely here to stay. Jackets are a top Indian bridal fashion trend that a bride must consider investing in, as they give a chic, contemporary appeal.

long red jacket | Fashion in India
Long red jacket

I hope you were inspired by the selection of these bridal trends for fashion in India! Whether you opt for a fancy back, long jacket style or a printed lehenga for your bridal ensemble, carry it off with much elegance, grace and confidence!

The Many Facets of Indian Brides

Freelance photographer Vijeta Shrivastava, based in Bhopal, India, creates magic behind her lens and infuses her photography with beauty and vibrancy. She does just this through capturing beauty shots of Indian brides below.

There are various looks Indian brides need to embrace in adaption to the various different Indian wedding ceremonies, such that pretty soon the bride will lose track of her celebrity-like outfit changes! The first shot is of a beautiful bride taken during an Indian wedding ceremony. The black and white effect with an emphasis on the red vermilion powder on the bride’s forehead or sindoor, symbolises her marital status. The placing of sindoor is not simply thought of as an Indian wedding ritual, but signifies the husband’s long life.

Bride at an Indian Wedding Ceremony
Bride at an Indian Wedding Ceremony

Once the Indian wedding ceremonies have taken place, it is time for the glamorous bridal shoots to commence. Yes I know, it is difficult to contain the excitement, as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all brides to get completely dolled up for one of the biggest days of her life! The Indian bride captured in the stunning shot below is seen wearing a magenta and emerald green bridal ensemble with delicate embroidery. As important as a bride’s Indian wedding attire is, a high attention to detail should also be given to her Indian wedding jewellery choices. The bride below is seen wearing a stunning peice of hair jewellery or maang tika on her forehead, adorned with delicate pearls and semi-precious stones.

Indian bridal jewellery
Indian bridal jewellery

Some quick, yet important tips for all the Indian brides to be is to select your bridalwear with high attention to detail and in accordance to the different Indian wedding ceremonies. For traditional wedding ceremonies, a saree will be a beautiful option for Indian brides, as it is the epitome of grace and femininity. A saree or bridal lehenga are common choices for Indian brides to wear on her big wedding day. Opt for bright colours with elegant embroidery to stand out on your special day. Browse a variety of stunning bridal wear at Strand of Silk.

For more stunning shots by our featured photographer, Vijeta Shrivastava, be sure to check out her Facebook page as well!

Pre-wedding shoot inspiration for Indian brides and grooms

There is nothing more exciting than a pre-wedding shoot, as a gateway to release all the stress up to the wedding day planning! Freelance photographer based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, Vijeta Shrivastava‘s philosophy behind her photography is to capture only that which is exceptional to the human eye and no doubt, her photography is a stunning palette of special moments.

Below, Vijeta beautifully captures an adorable couple in various outdoor scenarios! The photographs have an overall fun and natural vibe, and the photographs really capture the love between the couple in creative ways. I especially love the use of the boards with the tongue-in-cheek phrases.

A tip for Indian brides and grooms for their pre-wedding photography is to look and behave absolutely natural, as this is where the magic will happen! For all the Indian brides out there, don’t feel like you need to overdo it for your pre-wedding shoot, as all the glitz and glamour will be captured during your wedding photoshoots. So take a deep breath, and enjoy your special behind the scene moments before the wedding frenzy begins!

The bride below is seen wearing a simple, elegant peach anarkali and the groom is seen wearing a striking grey suit. For Indian brides wondering what to wear for the pre-wedding shoot, my recommendation would be to coordinate an outfit depending on the venue and perhaps the theme of the shoot. Once you know this basic information, you can let your ideas run wild! For the meantime, you can seek inspiration from these stunning moments captured by Vijeta Shrivastava:

An adorable bride and groom collage
An adorable bride and groom collage
And she said yes!
And she said yes!
Time to celebrate with sweets!
Time to celebrate with sweets!
Happily ever after
Happily ever after…
Let's do it the Titanic way!
Let’s pose the Titanic way!