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Indian weddings are joyous celebrations and for a bride is the most important ceremony of her life. Everything must be perfect, so here there are some tips for brides, grooms and guests to enjoy it in the best way! Read about Indian Wedding ceremonies here –

How to Relax on Your Indian Wedding Day

Weddings are an extremely stressful occasion for the bride and groom. Since you have been envisioning this day for quite some time, when it finally comes around you want to make sure that everything goes perfectly. While it’s not always easy for that to happen, you have to understand that there are some ways you can simply relax and have fun on your Indian wedding day. So after all the wedding stress is done and over with, you can place your Indian wedding clothes aside and indulge in these oh so relaxing activities!

Go to the Spa

A day at the spa is every bride’s secret treat. You get to be completely pampered, rested and waited on. When you know the kind of hectic day you have in front of you, the best thing to do is to just relax and let the spa people soothe away your worries. Going to the spa always gives a relaxed glow to the face and you will definitely enjoy that.


You cannot be in two places at once so get a handy team of bridesmaids who know your choices and your tastes and delegate your tasks to them. Since they do most of the heavy work, you can still keep an eye on how things are turning out. This way, you don’t have to be flustered about anything and give an opinion about how something should be done.

Remember to Smile

On the day of the wedding, you may find yourself feeling tense and anxious. What if something goes wrong? What if someone doesn’t show up? What if you trip and fall? Well, the best answer to all these questions is that if something happens, you have to let it happen. Stressing over it won’t make it go away so the best option is to sit back, smile, relax, and just enjoy your special wedding day.

These are three easy ways you can relax on your Indian wedding day. Indian weddings are big and loud so you are going to be tired at the end of it. No point in being flustered from the outset.

Don't relax with a glass of wine on your big day | Indian Weddings can be very stressful

Indian Wedding Ceremonies and Fashion Tips

We all know that Indian weddings aren’t like most, but that is what makes them so beautiful and a celebration that everyone wants to experience.  But why do they last so long?! Well, this long lasting affair is down to the many rituals carried out, all having their own significance and importance.

These festivities will surely be extravagant and lavish as Indians love to splash out on celebrations. I can confidently say that you have not truly celebrated until you have experienced it the Indian way.

So what ceremonies are there and what does one wear to these? Each Indian community has their own unique ceremonies, but here are those shared by most of the communities. Indian Wedding Ceremonies are loud, colourful and a LOT of fun though.


The wedding celebrations usually start with this event where family and friends gather together and close members perform dances for the happy couple. This is followed by dinner, more music and dancing. It is a fun event which is enjoyed by all.

Indian Wedding Sangeet

Styling tips: Taking part in the dances? Then you should wear something vibrant and pretty but easy to wear, such as a light anarkali. But if you are a close friend or relative and want to wear something heavier you can easily change, following the dances, into an anarkali, lehenga or saree. If you aren’t close to the couple then a simple and colourful anarkali is a safe bet. You will be dancing a lot, so something flowy will be perfect!


This pre-wedding ritual is organised by the bride’s family, attended by women who are friends and family. It is an event where the bride has a change to spend quality time with the girls.  Everyone celebrates by dancing, laughing and getting mehendi, also known as henna, applied on their hands and/or feet. Applying Mehendi is beautiful, as it signifies love and affection.

Indian Mehendi Wedding Ceremony

Styling tips: You should wear something bright  and colourful, but light since you will be sitting uncomfortably for a while when getting Mehendi applied  – an anarkali or salwar would be appropriate.  Be warned that you might get mehendi on your outfit since it takes a while to dry, so perhaps you shouldn’t wear your favourite attire!


This is another messy but fun ceremony which is a cleansing and purifying ceremony performed before the wedding day. A detoxifying (mostly turmeric based) paste is applied on the face, hands and feet of the bride and groom. This is supposed to bring a glow to the skin which will create more attraction between the couple.

Indian Wedding Haldi Ritual

Styling tips: Similarly to the mehendi ceremony, wear something bright and light, but not precious to you – as you will be applying this paste on the bride and if they’re feeling mischevious, they may put some back on you too! A simple anarkali or salwar will be a good choice.


The big day has finally arrived and consists of many symbolic rituals performed throughout the day, starting with the bride’s family welcoming the groom and his family and eventually ending with the performance of the marriage ceremony.

Indian Wedding Ceremony

Styling tips: A rich and heavy saree or lehenga is the most common outfit to wear on this day and apart from black, any colour can be worn. Just make sure you dress to impress and accessoriz    e as there will be hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people attending and lots of photos being taken!


This is a celebration which like most other cultures involves lots of eating, drinking and dancing. It is usually organized by the groom’s family to celebrate the arrival of the beautiful bride into their family.

Indian Wedding Reception

Styling tips: A long elegant gown, stunning saree or chic anarkali will be the right choice for this occasion and you can finally wear black!

The beauty and romance of an Indian wedding is like no other. Embrace these grand festivities, dress extravagantly and most importantly enjoy! Indian Wedding Ceremonies are part and parcel of the experience, so enjoy these as much as you can!

Congratulations! Aftab Shivdasani and Nin Dusanj

Aftab Shivdasani, Bollywood actor who was seen as a young lad in the 1987 movie ‘Mrs.Indian‘. After starting his career as a child artist , he was seen starring in ‘Mast’- movie directed by Ram Gopal Verma. He received an award of ‘Best male Debut’ that year at Zee Cine Awards. Ever since Aftab has been reaching new peaks in his acting career. Over the year Aftab has given many hit films like Hungama, Awara Paagal Deewana and Masti,etc.

Aftab  Shivdasani as a child actor and when he first debuted in mast

In 2009, Aftab Shivdasani started his own production company called Rising Sun Entertainment. The first movie produced under his production was ‘Aao Wish Karein‘. 

In 2012, Aftab Shivdasani got engaged to a Punjabi girl from London ‘Nin Dusanj’. She was working as a consultant for a luxury brand in Hong Kong for almost 6 years. And recently shifted her base to Mumbai.

Nin Dusanj

Their love story started at a common friends party and fell in love at the same time! After Aftab got engaged at every red carpet awards night , movie previews and parties , he was accompanied by her beautiful fiancee ‘Nin Dusanj’.

Aftab Shivdasani with his fiancee Nin Dusanj

Finally, after two years of courtship on June 11th , 2014 : Aftab Shivdasani and Nin Duganj tied knots in a private ceremony in the presents of close family and friends. Congratulations to the new beginning to both Aftab and Nin 🙂

The wedding news was leaked out by a few close friends of Aftab and Nin through social media.When Genelia D’Souza tweeted giving out best wish to the newly married couple.Kabir Bedi who is dating Nin Dusanj’s older sister Preeti Dusanj tweeted “Congratulations to Aftab and Nin , wishing them a very happy married life.”

Stylish Wedding Tips for Asian Groom

How many times have you heard the mantra, ‘A bride is a bride is a bride’? Actually, the groom’s position of power has been discounted enough without us rubbing salt on their wounds. So, let’s join hands for this worthy cause as we try to turn 2014 into the year of the groom.Here are some simple yet effective wedding tips for Asian grooms:

Colors , Cuts and Styles :

Slim Cuts seem to be terribly in vogue, as they flatter many body types. And with that we mean lapels, ties, turban trains, and anything else that could be slender-ed down. For this, tailor-made suits and made to order traditional Indian attires are your best bet. Although more expensive than the pret-a-porter collections, they promise to make you look like the dreamy knight that you and your bride deserve.

While suits, blazers, tuxedos and jackets for contemporary receptions and sherwanis and kurta-pajamas for traditional events are the most popular apparels, do not be afraid to experiment.

You could delve into options such as a fitted double breasted jacket, a drape jacket, waistcoats and more. For options on the inside you could try an Oxford button down shirt, cutaway collars and wingtip shirts. In traditional forms too you can go bolder with jodhpuri pants, bandhgalas and Rajputani waistcoats.

As far as the color of your apparel is concerned, be sure that it complements the theme and location of your wedding. But more importantly is be sure that it complements the color of what the bride is planning to wear. This goes for all the events out there.

Stylish tip for an asian groom- be color co-ordinated with the brides outfit

We know you will be eyeing the black, navy or slate grey ones on your shopping and fitting sprees, but believe us, the beige, browns and stone colors are making a comeback. They spell relaxed and outdoorsy and definitely deserve a chance! Light grey and tan also go well with most bridal gowns and dresses. Also, if you are more hipsterish than we think you are, then turquoise and lemon are some sure-fire winners!


Apply the same experimental techniques on traditional garbs and you have wine red Kurtas, white embroidered pathanis and an array of cream, ivory, coral and pistachio color palettes.




Asian men have some interesting picks where accessories are concerned. Free to make western, out and out traditional choices, they can also pick, choose and fuse options.

While cummerbunds, slender neck-ties are obvious options, I think we have come a litte ways ahead of them. Pocket squares are making a huge comeback and bow-ties are in a league of their own. But what has caught our attention are the adorable dimpled neckties that look crispy and well-scrunched.

The heavily traditional accessories seem to be here to stay such as big turbans, pearl strings on your embroidered kurtas, kundan brooches on your turbans. You can also make things interesting by fusing the two. Try adding pocket squares on your waistcoats over kurtas or pin a flower to your top pocket. These will make you look utterly suave and give you the unique groom-like stature!

traditional turban with kundan brooch for the groom : styling wedding tip

While what you wear is of prime importance, it cannot do to ignore the other bits. Asian weddings are known to be long and tiring and involving rituals with fire in an already heated weather. Hence, some hairspray or hair gel should have you looking your presentable best. Apply it in your breaks if need be. While you may face some tough times in the shower later on, having your hair stick to your scalp in wedding photographs would be nothing but a nightmare.

If you cannot do without a watch, then wear one. It also might be a bad idea to wear lenses what with all the fiery rituals, so stick to your spectacles if that makes you comfortable. Trim your nails and make it a point to smell good all the time. While everybody will advertise how you need to rid yourself of your facial fuzz, chances are you look good with some sort of beard design/shape.

Belts, Socks, Shoes

While it is a given that you will not wear a belt on suits and or even just suit trousers, a basic rule to follow is to match your leathers. Black belts go with black shoes and brown belts go with brown shoes. And if you do need to wear a belt with your formal attire and smarter trousers than it will have the be the most basic, the slimmest, plainest one on the store shelf.

shoes style for groom at the wedding

White socks are an absolute no-no and should be reserved for the gym, but should match with your pants and shoes, and preferably be a lighter shade.


While, all these tips will come extremely handy on your wedding day, there’s nothing that will beat good posture and a smile on your face. So stand tall and enjoy the one of the most important days of your life.

happy wedding