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Indian weddings are joyous celebrations and for a bride is the most important ceremony of her life. Everything must be perfect, so here there are some tips for brides, grooms and guests to enjoy it in the best way! Read about Indian Wedding ceremonies here –

Mehndi Designs by Maliha

The mehndi ceremony is one of the major events leading up to an Asian bride’s wedding. It is a fun jovial event which often involves music, dancing and hopefully, the best of company.

The mehndi ceremony does however involve some important decisions because the mehndi design you choose will be in all your wedding photos. This makes the prospect of having to choose it quite daunting.  You need to think about whether you want a dark or light mehndi design, whether you want the pattern to match the embroidery on your wedding outfit or contrast it and whether you want an intricate lacy design or a simple design? And these are just some of the main things to consider.

Obviously reading up on the pros and cons of different designs can be very useful, as can talking to people who have had their own mehndi ceremony before. But, what I think is the best way to decide on the right type of mehndi design for you, is by scrolling through as many as you can and see what styles, shades and patterns take your fancy.

So, with that in mind, here are some stunning mehndi designs by Maliha.

Mehendi3 Mehendi4 Mehendi5 Mehendi6 Mehendi1 Mehendi2

You can find Mehndi by Maliha at: | Facebook

Modern Indian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

Just over a decade ago if you looked at recent Indian wedding album, you would find the same set of photos staring back at you. Of course the people, setting and outfits would be different, but the poses and key shots would be almost identical from wedding to wedding.

The majority of photos would involve some mandatory close up of the bride and groom, family shots and tons of photos of different combinations of guests posing with the bride and groom.

Modern Indian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

Fast forward to 2016 and you will find a very different aesthetic in most Indian wedding albums. The key couple and family shots are of course the same, but what we have now is a much more creative and artistic documentation of the wedding. Modern Indian wedding photography now involves a mixture of posed and candid photos. Posed photos will of course never go out of style, they are what we fill our photo frames with. However, the view today is that if you only have posed photos of your Indian wedding or pre-wedding ceremonies, then you are getting a very superficial account.

Modern Indian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

Instead we now like to see intimate moments between the bride and groom, the laughter and merriment shared with family and guests and the small but breathtaking details present in an Indian wedding from the decor, outfits and settings.

Modern Indian Wedding Photography by Sachi AnandModern Indian Wedding Photography by Sachi AnandModern Indian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

This modern Indian wedding photography trend means that an Indian wedding photographer needs to have an artistic eye that can adapt to different weather conditions and lighting. Instead of just standing in a few key spots with a tripod, a photographer is now required to seek out different vantage points to get those big money shots.

Modern Indian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand

Indian wedding photography is no longer point, aim, click.

Modern Indian Wedding Photography by Sachi Anand


The above photos are by the very talented Sachi Anand Photography and from the wedding of Jesal and Shakher.

To see more of Sachi Anand Photography:

Whether Simple or Intricate, Live Love Henna

The traditional henna designs have become more decorative and intricate over time, with henna artists getting more and more creative.

Henna designs used to be fairly simplistic and would just be made up of floral design and fine lines. This however is no longer the case, with a variety of patterns and shades available, there is now a much wider choice when it comes to picking your henna design. While this can throw up some problems it is mostly a good thing that has made the mehendi ceremony much more fun.


Recently, henna has not only started to become stylistically more elaborate, but has also become more colourful and at times more glittery. While the odd dash of colour and glitter can really make your henna design pop and be a real standout feature of your bridal look, it can make it more difficult to pair with your wedding outfit.


Additionally, some brides will prefer a modern but more subtle look, rather than something overly busy or creative. What Live Love Henna does really well is create a breadth of designs that range from beautifully simple to breathtakingly intricate.


Live Love Henna makes sure every detail of your bridal henna is created with perfection adding the touch of tradition that all Indian brides of course want, yet providing a modern and innovative look. Every design is bespoke, so while you can flick through their design catalogue and go with one of those, you can also have your own totally unique design, that no one else has had before.


Whether you are trying to decide between something traditional or modern, or intricate or simplistic, or a combination, the best way to decide is too look. So check out both and

Style by Smita’s Henna Designs

Style by Smita offers beauty and Styling services for occasions including Weddings, Engagements , bridal showers, baby showers, Anniversaries , birthday parties and Henna party ETC. Today, I am going to look at her Henna Designs.

As you all know by now, I love henna tattoos and designs and the mehendi ceremony is one of my favourite parts of a big fat Asian wedding because it is one of the most glamorous and fun-filled events.

What in my opinion sets Style by Smita apart from all the other henna vendors are the intricate details and clever positioning. With a Style by Smita henna design, as the bride puts her hands or feet together, the design merges to form one.

Style by Smita's Henna Designs

Style by Smita’s henna designs are beautifully artistic and would make a great addition to your bridal look.

Style by Smita's Henna Designs

As with my other henna themed posts, I hope this one gives you plenty of inspiration. To try and make the decision of what type of design to have a little easier I am going to tell you about some of my favourite styles.Style by Smita's Henna Designs

  1. The Split Mandala – A split mandala is usually the central focus of a henna design. With half of the circular pattern on one hand, and the other half on the second hand, the design is beautifully symmetrical.
  2. The Peacock Design – A peacock design with elaborated feathers can be easily incorporated with other motifs and floral patterns. Moreover, the grace of the peacock’s long neck and beautiful feathers is surely unbeatable.
  3. The Floral Design – Flowers are considered to be a neutral motif to wear as they are bound to match with any bridal attire. Furthermore, they always look delicate, elegant and wonderfully feminine!

Style by Smita's Henna Designs

Style by Smita's Henna Designs

For more information about Style by Smita and what type of henna designs you can get see: Facebook / Website / Instagram

The Mehndi Process by Mehndikälogie


Weddings in India are grand affairs spread out over several days. Consisting of varieties of traditional ceremonies, Indian weddings are inherently lavish and joyful. Of all the wedding customs, the Mehndi ceremony plays a significant role in the wedding and is an important pre wedding ritual.

Representing the sacred bond of matrimony, mehndi is applied on the bride before the wedding as shagun or a sign of good luck. The Mehndi ceremony is held a day or two before the wedding and it is a colourful and lively celebration. The ladies of the house and other relatives and friends come together to get beautiful Mehndi designs on their hands and feet. The bridal Mehndi designs are elaborate and ornate and are generally done by skilled artists.


The Mehndi applied in this custom comes from the Henna leaves which is pulverised and turned into a paste using some water. Some essential oils such as Eucalyptus or Cloves are also added along with a few drops of lemon are to enhance the potency as well as the benefits of Mehndi. Mehendi has significant health benefits and is known to calm the stressful nerves that appear to be a part of the wedding process. Additionally, the rich colour and the intense smell of the Mehendi also acts as a strong aphrodisiac and boosts the romance in the early wedding days!

The Mehndi paste is applied by putting in plastic cones with a small puncture at the end. The skilled artists make a variety of designs on the bride’s hand and feet using these cones and the designs are then left to dry and gain colour overnight. In Hindu traditions, the mehndi represents the love between the couple and it is believed that the darker the Mehndi is, the stronger the love shared between them.


Mehndi is an auspicious part of the wedding ceremony and today there are several options for prospective brides to get latest Mehendi designs done from skilled designers at luxury boutiques. Mehndikälogie is one such luxury boutique that offers henna artistry services for all occasions. One of their key selling points is the fact that they use a 100% organic henna paste that is prepared and packaged in-house.

Mehndikälogie is the brainchild of Dhara Suvarnakar who is a connoisseur of art, culture and fashion. Dhara has always had a love for the ancient art of Mehndi and she turned it into her career by becoming a professional henna artist. Since then, she has beautified the hands and feet of many brides and their guests. Through her company Mehndikälogie, Dhara works closely with brides and consults individually with them to ensure that they get their own unique and personalised Mehndi designs for their wedding day.


If you liked the above mehendi designs, find out more about Mehndikälogie:

Unique Indian Wedding Photography by Ketanuva

It is often the tiny details that can get ignored, especially amongst the craziness of a big fat Indian wedding. This in my mind is the great thing about unique Indian wedding photography and why finding the right photographer to document your special day is of utmost importance. These tiny details are beautiful. They may be a loving look, a laugh or the way the light is glistening on the bride’s jewellery. Moments easily missed or forgotten, when really they are the very things that should be treasured.

Finding someone who has an eye for these details and cares about capturing the raw emotions present on your wedding day is key, because being able to sit down days, weeks, months or years later and look back on these moments is wonderful and allows you to relieve the day in all its glory all over again.

To help you choose the right Asian wedding photographer to capture your special day (or days), I have chosen to feature Ketanuva Photography, who is great at capturing those, blink and you miss them moment.

The below photographs are from Sadaf and Waqas wedding, which took place on the 19/03/2016 at Maneely’s Banquet Hall, South Windsor, CT.

Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 5 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 13 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 16 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 20 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 22 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 29 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 33 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 37 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 41 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 42 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 47 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 57 Sadaf & Waqas Wedding - 67

KetaNuva Studios:

Bridal Henna by Henna Harmony

Your bridal henna can last anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks depending on the care you take. This means that your henna design good last for your wedding, honeymoon and beyond, so it is important that you find the perfect design for you, that you can effortlessly coordinate with your clothes.


One company that can either help you choose or help you create the perfect henna design for you is Henna Harmony.

Henna Harmony is headed up by Deepti for has been practising her henna designs for 25 years. Deepti has developed her henna making skills through non-stop practice, and can product creative henna design for any occasion. Henna Harmony uses natural, high quality products, which are safety guaranteed.


The gorgeous and highly intricate patterns make Henna Harmony a wonderful choice for your bridal, as the above and below photos suggest.

hennaharmony2 hennaharmony3

Henna Harmony can cater to your needs by creating either highly traditional or modern artistic designs for those of you who are slightly unconventional and tired of the same old bridal henna designs.hennaharmony4

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Mehndi Designs for Hands by Pritis Beauty

When it comes to traditional mehndi designs for hands there is a plethora of choice for an Asian bride. One design that is generally included is the baraat design, which represents the procession the groom takes with his family to the wedding ceremony. Another symbolic image which is often included is Doli, which symbolises the final part of the wedding ceremony, where the bride leaves her family to join her husband’s. Mehndi designs for hands tend to be strikingly intricate and are often laborious to apply, taking anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours.

Other common mehndi designs that a bride might consider are peacocks, conch shells, images of the couple and flowers. Alternatively, some brides prefer to move away from these more traditional emblems and may instead choose a striking pattern.

I for one, absolutely love mehndi designs and think it is hard to go wrong when choosing what type to have. That being said, getting your mehndi done is such a nice part of your pre-wedding events, it is worth putting in the time and effort going for trials or scouring the internet, to really find the right one for you.

Below are some designs I came across recently by Pritis Beauty that I absolutely love!

IMG_3367 IMG_3375 IMG_3628

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