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Indian weddings are joyous celebrations and for a bride is the most important ceremony of her life. Everything must be perfect, so here there are some tips for brides, grooms and guests to enjoy it in the best way! Read about Indian Wedding ceremonies here –

The Most Extravagant Weddings Of All Time

A wedding day is the most special time in one’s life for a commoner and celebrity alike. Everyone loves to celebrate this day with great pomp and show, while of course keeping in mind one’s budget. Some like a low profile intimate ceremony with close pals and relatives while others opt for over-the-top wedding celebrations. Generally celebrities, royals and other important public figures like to have larger-than-life weddings.

Below are some of the most breathtakingly extravagant weddings that cost millions of dollars.

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky | The Most Extravagant Weddings Of All Time

This is one of the noted weddings in history of expensive weddings. The former First daughter of ex-President Bill Clinton married love of her life Marc in 2010. The wedding was worth $5 million. There were around 400 guests who witnessed this grand affair and it included some note-worthy people like Oprah Winfrey and many renowned congressmen. The bride wore a wedding gown worth $25000 designed by none other than celeb’s favorite Vera Wang. The cake cost an impressive $11000 and floral decoration cost a whooping amount $500000. No wonder it is referred to as outlandish weddings of all times.

Vikram Chatwal and Priya Sachdeva

Vikram Chatwal and Priya Sachdeva | The Most Extravagant Weddings Of All Time

Indians do know how to make a big deal out of a wedding. Weddings in India are celebrated like a festival. The festivities, rituals and celebrations go on for days and it can cost a huge amount. One such fine example of a big fat Indian wedding is that of hotelier Vikram Chatwal with Priya Sachdeva (presently his ex-wife).  The wedding took place in 2006 and was worth an astounding $20 million.  Celebrated over 10 days and in 4 metro cities around India, it was witnessed by nearly 600 guests. Chartered jets were sent to receive guests from all over the world. Do we need to say more?

Prince William and Kate Middleton

This Royal couple needs no introduction. The world witnessed the union of this much-in-love duo as their wedding was broadcasted in 118 countries. This wedding cost UK’s Royal family a mammoth $34 million. The cake alone was worth $80000. The Duchess’ bridal dress came out at around $70000 and floral arrangement amounted to $800000. After all it was a one-of-its-kind Royal wedding. Who cares about the cost?

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatia | The Most Extravagant Weddings Of All Time

Needless to say, Indians love to go beyond limits when it comes to weddings. The statement holds up in the context of the wedding ceremony of Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia held in 2004. As per the records it was one of most lavish weddings at the time and the venue was a grand 16th-century chateau, Palace of Versailles. Around 1000 guests from across the globe attended the event.  The invites were sent in silver-boxes that carried the wedding card, including a 20-page detail of the entire ceremony. The wedding cost billionaire Laxmi Mittal around $58 million. Celebrities like ex-Miss World Aishwarya Rai and actor- par-excellence Shah Rukh Khan performed at the wedding. However it wasn’t just Bollywood stars, even Hollywood biggies like Kylie Minogue made the ceremony worth remembering with her presence.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana

Prince Charles and Lady Diana | The Most Extravagant Weddings Of All Time

Another insanely expensive wedding from the pages of history was that of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.  It was called the ‘wedding of the century’ back then as this anticipated gala wedding cost a staggering $48 million in the year 1981. As per the estimates, 3500 guests in total witnessed the royal couple say ‘I Do’. Moreover, 2 million people flocked on the streets of London to get the glimpse of the lovely couple as they stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. They weren’t alone as reportedly 750 million people worldwide tuned in to watch the royal extravaganza.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayad Al Nahyan and Princess Salama

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayad Al Nahyan and Princess Salama | The Most Extravagant Weddings Of All Time

When you are exceedingly rich and you can’t find a suitable venue, why not build a stadium especially for your wedding? Well, this is what the Prince of Abu Dhabi did in 1981 when he sanctioned the building of a 20,000 seat stadium for his wedding festivities to be celebrated with Princess Salama. The wedding ceremony was celebrated over a span of seven days. The wedding expenditure cost this over $100 million. The prince celebrated his happiness by distributing food and other costly gifts throughout the town. As if this wasn’t enough, as per the Arabian tradition he bought 20 camels which were bejeweled just to deliver gifts to his bride-to-be. All you men out there please take a note!

Seemanto Roy & Chandano Toor and Sushanto Roy & Richa Roy

Seemanto Roy & Chandano Toor and Sushanto Roy & Richa Roy | The Most Extravagant Weddings Of All Time

Yet another example of a shockingly expensive Indian wedding is that of Subrata Roy’s sons. This wedding made the world witness the glory of Indian weddings once again. The Sahara owner Subrata Roy spent nearly $ 123 million on the wedding of his two sons Seemanto and Sushanto, on the same day. The wedding took place in the year 2004 in the regal city of Lucknow, India. The entire city received a makeover to match the grandeur of the wedding. Around 11000 guests including politicians, bureaucrats, celebrities and other prominent personalities were present in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

More than 100 delicacies were prepared for the guests. To entertain such bigwigs, special arrangements were made that included the British Symphony Orchestra and ShiamakDavar’s dance troupe. Not just this, the Sahara honcho made sure that his sons got to start their new life with the blessings from the less well off as nearly one and half lakh beggars across the nation were fed to mark the occasion. Now this is what we call a wedding with a difference!

So, there you have it, some of the most obscenely expensive weddings in the world. I’m sure you are feeling sick reading this!

RR Photographic: Putting the personalisation in wedding photography

Russ and Ruth Chornolutskyy of RR Photographic are a young husband and wife wedding photography team based in Bournemouth. They cater for traditional English style weddings, Russian weddings and Asian weddings. Their photography style is a mix of traditional wedding photography (i.e. formal couple and group shots) and candid reportage photography to capture spontaneous, honest moments and create a narrative of the day.

Bride and groom taking part in ceremony traditions and rituals | RR Photographic

The Process

When couples make an inquiry or booking, they like to setup an initial, informal meeting as this gives them a chance to show the couple some of their previous work, answer any questions they may have, discuss the type of photography and approach they prefer and find out about any special requirements.  This also gives the couple a chance to get to know RR Photographic, which is fantastic since no matter how many photos you may sample, it is vital that you have a rapport with your chosen wedding photographer as you will have them by your side for the majority of one of the most important days of your life!

Bride giving the groom a hug | RR Photographic

RR Photographic offer all their clients a free engagement shoot which allows them to work with the couple before the wedding. They practice some poses for the classic album shots, and they show the couple the results on camera to help them feel more comfortable and explore their creative ideas to see what works and doesn’t work for them. This means that when it comes to the wedding day, the couple doesn’t need to worry about anything except enjoying their big day with their friends and family. This personal touch ensures that everyone is on the same page on the wedding day and the couple knows what to expect. As a result the beautiful formal photos are able to be captured quickly and easily by the photographers and the couple does not need to spend long away from the action.

As a bonus, RR Photographic gives their clients a second set of fully edited, high resolution photographs from the engagement shoot in addition to their wedding photos!


Adapting to each client is very important. RR Photographic understands that each person is unique and each behaves in front of the camera in a different way. Some people feel very comfortable, but others are initially tense and self-conscious; some people show their emotions easily and others need the photographer to draw it out of them. RR Photographic impress on couples that the photographer is their “friend” and is there to help them and give advice. They work with the bride and groom as a team, to achieve their shared goals of creating beautiful photos and vivid memories.

Bride and groom showing some impressive moves on the dance floor | RR Photographic

For more information on RR Photographic please see:

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Indian Wedding Cake: Treat Yourself To Deliciousness With Palak’s Cakes

No celebration is complete without having a slice of delicious indian wedding cake. Be it a birthday party or anniversary, a wedding ceremony or any other festive occasion, cake is an indispensable part of every event. We all love cakes and pastries, after all it’s the best way to taste the sweetness of happy moments.

Gone are the days when simple cakes used to mark the ceremony, now specialty cakes have taken its place. Fancy cakes with a myriad of flavors and designs are trending these days and are more occasion-oriented. Tier cakes, photo cakes and other edible decoration cakes are the innovative cakes which are liked by everyone.

Bride and Groom Toppers | Treat Yourself To Deliciousness With Palak’s Cakes

About Palak’s Cakes

Palak’s cakes specialise in baking specialty cakes for weddings. The motto is to create occasion-friendly and tasty custom cakes as per the specific requirements of the clients.  With varied options to choose from, the company offers a wide range of trendy wedding cakes with different flavors, frosting and fondant options. Along with Indian wedding cakes, Palak’s Cakes also specialises in cupcakes, cookies and other desserts.

Four-tier Cake | Treat Yourself To Deliciousness With Palak’s Cakes

Cake Flavors

You name it, they deliver! From basic vanilla and chocolate, the list includes exotic flavors like assorted fruit, red velvet, Pina Colada, spice cake, and pineapple, to name a few . You can also get filling flavors of your choice like coconut cream, German chocolate, almond buttercream, vanilla custard, cream cheese, mocha buttercream, lemon curd, cookie cream, chocolate ganache, caramel, hazelnut mousse, etc. Last but certainly not the least, you can complete your custom cake by choosing icing of your choice from their big list of options like butter cream tropical, mousse, cream cheese or fondant.

Treat Yourself To Deliciousness With Palak’s Cakes

How Palak’s Cakes started

The story dates back to 2007 when the owner Palak, had her 1st daughter. Gradually they realised that their daughter was allergic to eggs. So to make sure she would get her due share of cakes, pastries and other goodies like children of her age, she started experimenting with eggless cake recipes. Eventually she realised her passion for baking and became a household name for wedding cakes.

Their forte lies in creating masterpieces as every cake is special and unique in terms of taste and aesthetics. Every cake is prepared with pure love and dedication to deliver nothing but the best.  Indian wedding cake designs are artistic, fancy, theme-oriented and equal importance is given to the flavor and taste. With gorgeous-looking and extremely yummy two or three tier wedding cakes, they make sure that the dessert course stylishly finishes off the wedding feast.

Five-tier Cake | Treat Yourself To Deliciousness With Palak’s Cakes

Other Specialty Variants

Apart from eggless cakes, they also make dairy free, nut free and even gluten free cakes so that people with allergies and intolerance can enjoy their cakes too. For this reason they are among the best in the business as they cater to the needs of huge variety of people.

So, if you have a special occasion coming up and are looking for the cake to order, you know where to head to, to get your dream cake and indulge in deliciousness!

Image source: Palak’s Cakes

Indian Wedding Makeup – My Favourite Looks

Ever think back fondly at those times when as a little girl you flipped through your parents’ wedding album and innocently told your mom how beautiful she looked and how you want to look just like mommy on your own special day? Obviously all our moms looked absolutely stunning on their wedding days. There is no denying or debating that fact because we all look at those pictures with the loving eyes of daughters strolling through memory lane while trying to image what we ourselves might feel when it’s our turn.

Few decades later and it really is your turn to take the plunge and what you might or might not feel on the fateful day is as distant a question as the memory of you as a tiny tot playing dress up with mom’s clothes and makeup. Suddenly you look back at those same pictures and shudder at the pancake faced white washed pictures staring back at you and begin to have nightmares of your own Indian wedding makeup becoming a repeat performance. Worse still, you fear that you might not even look like yourself but like some strange Indian bride character straight out of one of those horrendous Indian soap operas that never end. Adding further fuel to your hellish makeup hallucinations will be encounters with ‘pro makeup artists’ who are either too traditional with their Indian bridal makeup or are completely inexperienced with Indian wedding makeup as they mostly work with western brides.

If you’re wondering how someone can describe the trials and tribulations of getting Indian wedding makeup just as you want and like it while also narrating the horrors of actually going through the process so accurately then it’s because yours truly was an Indian bride not so long ago. My own fondness (read: obsession) with makeup had become an incurable curse when it was time to take the plunge. Having been engaged for a year, I had amassed a rather large collection of bridal magazines, bookmarked a few thousand blog posts, watched countless YouTube makeup gurus and followed way too many Pinterest boards, all in the name of research for the best Indian wedding makeup.

It wasn’t until I had wasted what felt like a million years that the realization dawned on me that most western media catered to brides in white dresses walking down the aisle in rose hued make up looks. Their makeup tended to be understated and elegant to compliment their ivory wedding gowns. Indian brides in stark contrast wear flaming red lehengas or saris, short and fitted choli blouses, sparkling gold or diamond jewellery and headpieces like maang tikkas and large hair pins. The subtle and pretty makeup looks of western brides would just not suffice with the grandeur of Indian bridal finery.

Suki's Makeup 2 | My Favourite Indian Wedding Makeup

My Indian bridal makeup needed to be statement making and enhance that luscious wedding lehenga hanging in the closet. It also had to compliment the dazzle of the wedding jewellery rather than take away from it. And as if the makeup gods had finally smiled upon me or maybe my over-stimulated and sleep deprived brain just blew a fuse, it came to me as a Eureka moment! All that research would not be for nothing because the key to the best Indian wedding makeup was combining the conventional with the trendy.

A fusion of trends is not an easy path to tread but when done backed-up by your own references of the trends that you love and executed by a skilled and patient makeup artist, it is nothing short of makeup artistry magic. I decided to incorporate everything I cherished from those old photos of my mom like the kohl lined jet black eyes and gold toned eye shadow with the updated and chic twist of punchy lip colours and smokey eyes. I even side stepped the very dated matching your outfit to your Indian wedding makeup bit and picked lip and eye colours that were in the same colour family but various hues of the same colour for an added freshness and fashion forward oomph. In the end I realised that current makeup trends could be beautifully merged with traditional ideas with the right balance of both to ensure your Indian wedding makeup is a reflection of your own personal style and personality.

I hope the following photos will give you some much needed inspiration!

Makeupbymeee | My Favourite Indian Wedding Makeup

Suki's Makeup | My Favourite Indian Wedding Makeup

This beautiful engagement photo of Mandeep was taken at Hilton Eailing. Hair and makeup was done by Suky Aulakh who used geek foiled eye-shadow, 101 double lashes and Anastasia dip-brow for the eyes. Supercover foundation, Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit and NYX Copenhagen lip cream combined with ‘diva’ lipstick by Mac Cosmetics completes the facial makeup.
Image sources: Makeupbymee, Suky Aulakh

The Best Indian Wedding Websites

Most people who have planned a wedding will agree that when the process of holy matrimony is described as ‘Hooked, Booked and Cooked’ it is very succinctly and accurately depicting the state of mind of the soon-to-be hitched couple. To say there are a million decisions a day to be made is putting it mildly and it only gets more complicated when you factor in having to agree with your significant other (and sometimes his family too) on everything, topped off with the bane of all wedding planning efforts – Unsolicited Advice!

Throw in a some emotionally charged high octane disagreements with your to-be, friends and siblings who have never planned a wedding before either, Google searches with 10,000 plus results on every query, finished off with quotes for everything far exceeding anything you could afford to pay and chances are that you’re ready to just give up and make a run for it to a land where there is no word for ‘wedding’ in the local vocabulary.

If you’re reading this and screaming… Yes! Yes! Yes!…for every point and are also planning an Indian wedding then there is little doubt that you have a serious score to settle with Google for being completely biased and sending mostly western wedding inspiration websites your way. Few bridal websites cater to Indian wedding planning and fewer still are even worthy of your precious time.

However if Google brought you to this page then you might as well kiss and make up because this article sums up the best wedding websites to help your navigate through the strenuous Indian wedding planning waters.


Wed Me Good | The Best Indian Wedding Websites

This little hidden gem of a bridal website is the ultimate resource for uber stylish and utterly cool Indian wedding inspirations. Browse through their vast and all encompassing sections of photos and real weddings for some truly unique ideas. And to translate those wedding fantasies into reality search through the list of talented featured vendors divided up by Indian and international locations.


Wedding Plz | The Best Indian Wedding Websites

Consider it Wedmegood’s younger cousin that is more focussed on actual planning versus wedding inspiration. Find everything from astrologers to dieticians to cooking classes based on your Indian city of choice plus some very nifty little tools for budget management, checklists and notes. The website also features some interestingly written articles with tips and tricks that will come in handy any time. For those outside India, the website also features upcoming wedding related events and exhibitions happening all over the country so you can plan any shopping trips around the time.

3. Strandofsilk

Strand of Silk | The Best Indian Wedding Websites

For those days when you’ve had enough of all the logistics and technicality of wedding planning distract yourself with undoubtedly the best bit of getting married – SHOPPING! features luscious Indian designer wear from fashion favourites like Anita Dongre, MandiraWirk and Narendra Kumar for the luxefashionistas. While boho and kitschy labels like Myoho, Sougat Paul and The Purple Sack are for the spunky princesses who like their fashion with a little bit of an earthy edge. makes Indian wedding shopping online an effortlessly smooth process so you don’t have to give up that long awaited and much needed spa weekend with the girls because you’re out last minute shopping.


Wedding Shop | The Best Indian Wedding Websites

Gift registries are a borrowed but much appreciated wedding custom from western weddings that has every modern young couple breath a sigh of relief. Lets face it no one wants yet another glass casserole or old school Indian cooking appliances that take up way too much space in an already too small first home. Catering mainly in the UK, allows couples to create a gift registry that is completely personalised and useful to their future lives as man and wife.

Indian wedding photography: The Art of Capturing the Moment with Kiran & Ajay’s Wedding

Indian wedding photography that was pretty much a point and shoot game with every couple in the same 10 cliché poses and horrendous pictures of the wedding party stuffing their faces with food has mercifully undergone a much needed makeover. Gone are the days when every SLR totting cousin or friend who called himself a ‘pro’ photographer was enlisted to take pictures at the wedding. Now couples consult and hire proper professionals who understand their style and expectations from the pictures of the momentous day.

Kiran & Ajay's Wedding | The Art of Capturing the Moment

In an age of pictures speaking not only a 1000 words but 100,000 likes, comments and shares, is it really that surprising that even camera shy couples are doling out big bucks for creative Indian wedding photography? Even those who are averse to sharing their private photos on social media are beginning to realize the significance of stunning photography that can capture magical memories to last a lifetime. The main aim of unique Indian wedding photography is not just taking some pretty pictures but to be able to take those viewing the pictures on a beautiful journey of sentiments transporting them back to the vivid memories of the joyous occasion.

Kiran & Ajay Embrace | The Art of Capturing the Moment

In their quest for wedding photo perfection Kiran and Ajay sought out the utterly talented team from Lin & Jirsa Photography that believes in creating unique and expressive imagery. From their initial consultation with the couple they are completely aware of the style of photography desired and make every effort to ensure that the final result is a seamless blend of gorgeous photos. They produce beautiful Indian wedding photography through their style of photojournalism that fuses fine art and fashion photography. Each image they capture tells a story, portrays a mood or freezes an emotion on film forever. The photographers are attuned to their surroundings at all times and wait patiently with their perfect set up of lights and props for that one smile, laugh, tear or hug that will melt your heart and take you back to that very moment every time you glance at that image.

Kiran & Ajay Share a Moment | The Art of Capturing the Moment

Lin & Jirsa offer everything from soft and romantic style photography for the mushy types to advanced camera work in the form of epic style and editorial photography for couples that want some seriously glamorous Indian wedding photography. They even use some unbelievably cool filters and post-production techniques for night photography or HDR wedding and engagement photography. Let’s just say that if you and your significant other ever harboured secret desires of super stardom in rom-coms, chick-flicks, sci-fi or hi-fashion magazine covers then these guys got you covered.

Kiran & Ajay Illuminated in the Dark | The Art of Capturing the Moment

Kiran and Ajay’s creative Indian wedding photography in the hands of these talented artists seizes every moment with such a beautifully delicate balance of form, light and angles that is result is nothing short of breath taking.

Kiran & Ajay Hold Hands | The Art of Capturing the Moment

The images tell a story of a roller-coaster of emotions felt by the bride, groom and their families as they adorn themselves in their finery before pledging themselves to each other as man and wife. Priceless loving moments between the couple filled with tender kisses and warm touches.

Image source: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Planning A Big Fat Indian Wedding

Things to do:
1. Call caterer to add butter chicken to menu as per Dadaji’s request
2. Tell tailor to add extra button to mom’s wedding blouse
3. Finalise flowers and colour scheme with decorator for the Mehendi
4. Ask Chachaji if his contact’s venue has come through for the Sangeet
5. Remember to tell the tailor to add extra margin in all bridesmaids and groomsmen clothes
6. Speak to Dad about deposit to the DJ for the cocktail
7. Tell to-be-hubby to get cracking on the Sangeet playlist
8. Ask sister to remind to be hubby about Sangeet playlist
And on and on it goes………

If you recognise the list above then there is no doubt that you are in the midst of or have very recently planned a big fat Indian wedding and if the tasks above are anything to go by then there is little chance that you’re willing to go through the entire gruelling process again anytime soon. Indian wedding planning taken on by well meaning friends and family was a frenzied reality of not too long ago and continues to be an Indian wedding tradition even today.

However, Big fat Indian weddings have now ushered in a trend of wedding planners and consultants that take on the burden of coordination with vendors, formulate new and innovative concepts and are on hand to assist the bride and groom with most of their needs and wants for the duration of the festivities. Although the keyword here remains ‘assist’ as most couples will still be running around like headless chickens trying to bring order within the chaos that is planning an Indian wedding. Those of you who have never experienced their own wedding or that of a sibling or best friend and are reading in wild amazement as to why exactly the couple needs to do anything at all when they’re paying a hefty sum to a wedding planner. The answer lies in the incredible need for new age couples to personalise and distinguish their own wedding from every other wedding ever attended by their friends and family. And if that isn’t stressful enough there is also the small matter of Indian wedding trends changing for bigger, better, brighter versions of themselves every few years.

The Indian Wedding Planner

Sonya and Kuljit Bains are two sisters who were undergoing similar dilemmas in 2010 during Sonya’s wedding planning. They started out with lists identical to the one above with every detail for everything and everyone crammed into one long unending line of numbers and over many pages long. As expected there was confusion and communication break downs galore thanks to the complete lack of any organisational system specially catered to planning an Indian wedding. Coordination with vendors, family members, wedding parties, in-laws and friends was a maze of incessant phone call, texts and emails as no planner in the market offered the ability to separate all the people, activities and functions involved in a big fat Indian wedding.

Few years later and this time for Kuljit’s upcoming wedding in 2016, the sister’s realised that absolutely nothing had changed in the offerings for planners for Indian weddings. They did find some that offered large portions for vendors but minimal pages dedicated to actual planning. It was the perfect time to set about creating their own Indian wedding planner to make things as easy as possible for already stressed out brides.

After months of hard work and commitment to ensure that nothing was left out they unveiled Every Fine Detail in July 2015. The aptly titled and first of its kind Indian wedding planner includes everything from pages dedicated to schedules, budgets, floor plans and tailoring to emergency wedding kits making it a little piece of organisational heaven. While the planner is by no means a substitute for a professional wedding planner or consultant it does give the bride the freedom to trash those countless notebooks, scribbled pieces of paper and post-it notes stuck everywhere.

Every Fine Detail was launched online to a roaring response with brides ordering the planners for themselves or friends and family surprising future brides with the planner as pre-wedding or engagement gifts. The Indian wedding planner has also found takers in places like England, Toronto, California, New Zealand and many more. The sisters were even invited to a wedding expo organised by Big Phat Indian Weddings last October where in addition to setting up a booth to showcase their product to future brides, the planners were also given away as door prizes.

As an ecstatic future bride and user of Every Fine Detail put it:

“I absolutely love it. I carry it around with me all the time. If I am in the midst of contacting/booking a vendor, I can pull out my book and jot down any notes needed. It helps keep me super organised and I like that all the information that I need is all in this one book!”

As they say the proof is in the pudding or in this case the organisational marvel born out of the necessity of two enterprising sisters. I’ll definitely be ordering one of these for myself and my soon to be wed friends. Now only if the small matter of tracking down Mr. Right and getting him to put a ring on it was made so easy!

The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

Indian wedding cakes are a rather recent phenomenon to strike the desi wedding scene. As more and more couples choose to infuse some western elements into their wedding festivities, wedding cakes are becoming something of a norm at big Indian weddings. Thankfully skilled bakers in every part of the world have risen to the challenge of crafting Indian wedding cake designs that are a seamless blend of western tastes with Indian aesthetics.

Creative Elephant Cakes | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

The trend that started out with basic tiered wedding cakes being cut at engagement ceremonies, sangeet functions or pre-wedding brunches has paved the way for trendy wedding cakes that are dripping with stunning imagery and mouth-watering lusciousness. While basic still works for some couples, the ones who need every moment of their wedding to have social media trending power really understand the importance of an extravagant Indian wedding cake.

If you thought you would just pop into your friendly neighborhood bakery and pick out something off the display then think again because cake designs are now an integral part of the décor and ambience of the entire wedding.  And for those stuck for inspiration here are some jaw dropping new trends in Indian wedding cakes that are sure to have your friends go a little bit hashtag crazy.

1. Chandelier Wedding Cakes

For absolute Indian wedding cake design god status look no further than these upside down cakes that are something of an edible art installation. These cakes have been all the rage ever since Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory fame cut one at her real life wedding. The layers are made with the support of a wrought iron stand with a rod going through all of them to ensure the cake remains structurally sound.

White Chandelier Cake | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

The stand itself can be decorated with flowers, crystals or any other elements from the venue decoration. And for those who love a bit of culinary skill, the pieces need to be cut by holding your plate below the closest layer and carefully cutting a slice.

Blue & White Chandelier Cake | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

2. Elephant Wedding Cakes

Nothing is more synonymous with a lavish Indian wedding than the magnificent elephant. If your groom doesn’t want to or is not able to ride in on one at your baraat then go for some miniature grandeur in the form of an elephant Indian wedding cake. These trendy wedding cakes can range from cute and cuddly to artistic and elegant depending on your personal style. Not to mention they certainly add a bit of ethnic flair to the Indian wedding cake design.

Indian Elephant Cakes | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

3. Bold & Beautiful Wedding Cakes

It isn’t an Indian wedding if it isn’t big, bright and beautiful and the Indian wedding cake is no exception. Get crazy with bold colourful frosting and intricately detailed icing for an Indian wedding cake design that is utterly ethnic. You can even match the icing details with the embroidery on your outfits or henna for something that’s unique to just you two.

Colourful Cakes | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

4. Quirky Cake Toppers

Thanks to the trend of Indian wedding cakes becoming mainstream cake toppers are no longer primarily for western couples. There is no dearth of simple, cute and funny cake toppers depicting Indian couples in their wedding finery. Even if you choose to get a simple Indian wedding cake, a quirky cake topper is sure to make everyone gush and go awwww. Save the cake topper in your refrigerator after the wedding for a sweet (literally!) memento from the day.

Cake Toppers | The New Trend of Indian Wedding Cakes

Image sources: