Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 2)

Following on from my last ‘Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding’ post, here are five more destinations that I think are wonderfully romantic and offer a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. As with the last post, I have tried to include some places that are less well known and more on the quirky side. Enjoy – hope this gives you some inspiration!

6. Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurgaon

This is literally Disneyland for Bollywood lovers. Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon near Delhi is renowned for its Bollywood musicals and would make a unique destination wedding location.

Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurgaon | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 2)

Although the venue is still to host a full-fledged Asian wedding they already organise Bollywood Dandiya nights. If you happen to be an ardent first-day-first-show watching Bollywood fan and have the moolah to book the place out for an entire day then the Kingdom of Dreams with its posse of talented performers could liven up any wedding day.

Kingdom Of Dreams | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 2)


7. Neemrana Fort, Jaipur

Ofcourse any list of beautiful wedding destinations in India will be incomplete without a mention of Jaipur. The blue city is replete with spectacular wedding locations in terms of palaces but we are more interested in the Neemrana Fort that could easily be the best destination wedding location in India.

Neemrana Fort, Jaipur | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 2)

This astoundingly rustic fort would make the perfect rugged blank canvas on which to paint your wedding story. The fort itself is completely devoid of colour unlike the palaces, which means that every colour will pop and your pictures will be nothing short of breathtaking.

Neemrana | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 2)

8. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Known for its ancient Wats or temples and life-like wax statues of Buddhist monks, Chiang Mai is has a certain vintage charm that is sorely missing from the more popular choices for Asian weddings like Bangkok and KohSamui.

Chiang Mai | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 2)

The DharaDhevi Hotel is a truly mystical property that resembles an ancient city of temples much like Chiang Mai. It provides the perfect amalgamation of Asian cultures for a destination wedding location that everyone will remember for years to come.

9. Hrishkesh

For the deeply spiritual there is something cathartic about start their new lives as man and wife along the banks of the River Ganges. Revered by Hindus as the holiest of rivers, the water from the Ganges or Gangajal is used is every important ritual because it is believed to cleanse the soul and ward off bad energies around oneself.

Hrishikesh | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 2)

The holy city of Rishikesh with the flowing Ganges and snow capped mountains all around form the ideal picturesque destination for an Asian wedding that is distinctly sombre and religious.

Hrishikesh | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 2)

10. Mahabalipuram

If you want some fun in the sun but also want the traditional Asian wedding at a religious shrine then head to Mahabalipuram.

Mahabalipuram | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 2)

This place offers the best of both worlds with combination of beaches and temples. Have your pre-wedding parties by the beach with not just cocktails and dancing but also some exploratory boat rides to check out some underwater temples followed by the wedding ceremony at one of the numerous ancient, detailed and immaculately preserved temples.

Sunset at Mahabalipuram | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 2)

If you’re still undecided then pop in a DVD of the movie “Two States” that ends with a romantic wedding shot at one of the many temples of Mahabalipuram. The charming lead pair beaming at each other lovingly in the serene landscape will have your heart melting and mind racing to get geared up for an Asian wedding to remember.

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Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 1)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, been stranded at sea or are a hermit, you must be fully aware that beautiful locations for weddings are the flavour du jour as Asian wedding venues for the glam loving, hash tagging, social media obsessed generation that is tying the knot these days.

Gone are the days of having a simple wedding with close family and friends in your parent’s back garden. Now its all about getting that Instagram worthy selfie with your crew at a truly outstanding and unique destination.

Cool quotients aside with so many romantic destination wedding locations on offer and fantastic deals on travel thanks to a variety of budget airlines, there is absolutely no reason why the world truly can’t be your oyster when it comes to picking a wedding location.

Beautiful Destination Wedding Locations in India

Chances are that you and your to-be are equally matched up socially and we don’t mean that boring list of criteria your parents made you run through before giving you their blessings. We mean that you both probably belong to the same jet setting, fun loving and excited clan of people who are a key ingredient to the recipe for a mind-blowing destination wedding. While that is nothing short of brilliant it also means that if you found your match a little later than your friends, they have probably already ticked the most likely destination wedding locations off the list for you.

If you happen to have already read a few million Asian wedding venue articles that feature the same destinations over and over then you will thank your Google stars that this little article popped open on your browser. What follows is a list of beautiful wedding locations that are likely to impress those with a flair for wanting to do something bold and unexpected.

1. Shimla

The WildFlower Resort in Shimla | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 1)

Set amidst pine clad hills, lush greenery and jaw dropping landscapes, Shimla is a fairly new gem on the map of locations for destination weddings in India. It provides an idyllic escape from the sweltering heat of the metros during those unforgiving Indian summers and the added advantage of having your wedding and forthcoming anniversaries outside of the crazy ‘wedding season’ from November to February. The fact that your guests will love you for giving them the perfect holiday during summer break will be the cherry on top of the serene Himalayan cake. There are a plethora of properties that are adept at handling Asian weddings in Shimla but for a spectacular extravaganza dripping with luxury from start to end nothing beats the fairy tale gorgeousness of The Wildflower Resort.

The Wildflower Resort in Shimla | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 1)

2. Hyderadabad

Falaknuma Palace Hotel in Hyderabad | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

Move over Udaipur and Jaipur, there is a new royal wedding destination in the running for the top spot and this one hails from the Nizams. Hyderabad has all the trappings of a modern Indian city but the completely ancient Falaknuma Palace Hotel cements its place on this list. If you want the exuberance and lavishness of a royal palace with every modern amenity then it doesn’t get better than the Falaknuma Palace. Your wedding will give your guests a glimpse of history and a taste of Nizam life plus every contemporary luxury at their disposal. And for those who break into cold sweats at the thought of standing and greeting an endless line of people at their reception, the world’s largest dining table at the 101 Dining Hall can quickly take care of that little hassle.

Falaknuma Palace Hotel in Hyderabad | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

Psst….Bollywood fans – This palace also happens to be the wedding venue for Salman Khan’s baby sister Arpita Khan’s lavish star studded affair.

Falaknuma Palace Hotel in Hyderabad | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

3. Havelock Islands, Andaman & Nicobar

Havelock Island | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

Dreaming of a beach wedding with pristine waters and soft white sand that isn’t in Goa? Consider Havelock Islands in Andaman and Nicobar instead.
Havelock Island | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

There is no dearth of indulgent resorts and spas with their own private beaches that can whip up some marital bliss inducing magic for your big day right by the water. Adventure sports junkies will revel in the opportunity to go scuba diving and snorkelling in the calm blue waters – now THAT’S something you can’t do in Goa! If you want something completely out of the box then jump in with your wedding finery and take those underwater photos that you always wanted but didn’t know when and how. Your clothes might be ruined but you were never going to wear those again anyway (no matter what you told yourself before buying them) and there is every guarantee of total Facebook and Instagram domination when you upload them.

Havelock Island | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

4. Aamby Valley City, Lonavala

Completely cut off from anywhere else Aamby Valley City with its plush surroundings and moderate to cool temperatures is only a stones throw away from Mumbai. Its isolation from neighbouring Lonavala and Pavna are by design because there really is no reason for guests to leave this city within a city.

Aamby Valley City | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding Aamby Valley city offers its own artificial lake, jungle safari, Swiss chalets and a number of other indoor and outdoor wedding venues that allow you to customize the feel and vibe of each wedding festivity.

Aamby Valley City, Lonavala | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

5. Chikamanglur

No, we aren’t just making up places at this point because we are out of ideas. Chikamanglur may sound like something you would name your pet puppy at 4 but it is in fact the birthplace of coffee. It is about 250 km from Bangalore and reachable by car.

Chikamanglur | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

This unconventional and exotic Asian wedding location boasts several massive estates that can accommodate upto 2000 people for that larger than life celebration of your dreams. Throw in some fun activities like coffee picking for the caffeine addicts and a visit to UNESCO sites Belur and Halebidu for the history buffs and you have yourself a big fat Asian wedding for one and all.

The Serai in Chikamanglur | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

The Serai in Chikamanglur is a luxury resort built on a coffee estate that offers lots of different splendid accommodation options and a breathtaking backdrop for the ceremony.

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2!

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Contemporary v/s Traditional Indian Wedding Attire

Wedding shopping! The words illicit responses from utter delight to sheer dread amongst women. The ones who relish the idea of spending hours upon hours browsing stores, online websites and meeting with various designers for their dream outfits are in shopping heaven while the ones who think shopping is a complete waste of time are filled with an impending sense of doom regarding the whole exercise. However the one common thread binding both extremes of women is confusion! How to choose your Indian Wedding Attire?


A wedding outfit must reflect your personal style, which isn’t so difficult if you happen to be the decisive sort and know exactly what will make you look on point. But the waters get a little bit murky when it comes to Indian wedding attire mostly because Indian fashion is evolving at a tremendously fast pace. The age old traditional wedding clothing were worn over many years and passed on to future generations. These types of wedding outfits are still very popular, but as immensely talented designers churn out fresher, newer and reinvented collections each season the choice between going traditional or contemporary has never been harder. Leading to total chaos due to a plethora of luscious choices.

It also doesn’t help that nearly every female within a 20 mile radius of you will suddenly feel the incredible urge to dole out advice regarding what she thinks is the latest trend in Indian wedding dressing and what she would do if it was her time to shine. You might get adept at treating unsolicited advice as white noise after a few hundred times and imagine clubbing them over the head with a heavy object as you nod and smile aimlessly but sometimes a piece of that annoying advice will get stuck in your head and mess with your decisions.

In an effort to simplify things and make life a little bit easier during this hectic and stressful time we break down traditional and contemporary Indian wedding attire down to its bare bones with examples for (hopefully) quicker conclusions.

Salwar Kameez

Starting with the most versatile and confusion inducing choice – the Indian version of the pantsuit – Salwar Kameez.

To make it simple let silhouettes and embroideries be your distinction between traditional and contemporary. Traditional silhouettes have straightforward cuts and shapes. The embroideries on traditional Salwar Kameez styles are simple with Indian motifs and colours. These styles tend to be more wearable regardless of current trends making them classic and investment worthy.

Traditional Salwar Collection | Contemporary v/s Traditional Indian Wedding Attire

Contemporary Salwar Kameez styles tend to have more stylised silhouettes and abstract or western embroidery motifs. As with anything trendy the contemporary styles run the risk of becoming dated very quickly as each new season brings with it a different version of the contemporary Salwar Kameez.

Contemporary Salwar Kameez Collection | Contemporary v/s Traditional Indian Wedding Attire


Moving on to the Salwar Kameez’s super dressy cousin – the Lehenga. Lehengas can be divided up into traditional and contemporary based on styling, fabrics and the amount of embellishments.

Traditional Indian lehengas have short cholis with sleeves in varying lengths, flared skirts and feature a long dupatta that can be draped in different styles. These lehengas tend to be heavier on embroidery and made in luxurious silks or brocades. Both these elements tend to make traditional Indian lehengas very heavy to wear but the weight is a small price to pay for their unmatched grandeur and opulence.

Traditional Lehenga Collection | Contemporary v/s Traditional Indian Wedding Attire

Contemporary Indian lehengas break the mould with their silhouettes, minimal embroideries and sometimes do away with the dupatta. Women who want to be able to move around without being bogged down by their heavy outfits will love the contemporary styles. The availability of a variety of silhouettes that feature the lehenga and cholis in different cuts and shapes and the subdued embellishments make these ideal for those who want their clothes to be an extension of their personality.

Contemporary Lehenga Collection | Contemporary v/s Traditional Indian Wedding Attire


The most quintessentially Indian piece of clothing is undoubtedly the saree. It is also a necessity in every Indian woman’s closet irrespective of her age. In the past sarees have always been more traditional and have been considered family heirlooms. The custom of daughters wearing their mother’s wedding saree at their own wedding is still prevalent even today. However the creative geniuses of Indian fashion have given the humble saree a modern day facelift and created a myriad of styles. Sarees can be distinguished as traditional or contemporary by the way they are draped, the fabric and the kind of embellishments.

Local craftsmen who have honed their skills over many generations make traditional sarees from indigenous Indian fabrics. Each state in India has its own distinctive style of saree that is worn by the women who reside there. Traditional Indian sarees are always in style and add a certain vintage charm to any look.

Traditional Saree Collection | Contemporary v/s Traditional Indian Wedding Attire

Contemporary Indian sarees are the new age evolution of the traditional saree. They are made in lighter fabrics like net and georgette that are easy to drape and hug the shape of the body creating the illusion of curves. Contemporary sarees can be simply or heavily embellished with different types of materials. Some sarees are also pre-stitched and pre-draped for women who can’t be bothered with the hassle of draping and pinning down the pleats. Contemporary sarees may not have the old world charm of traditional sarees but there is no denying their endless possibilities of creative styling.

Contemporary Saree Collection | Contemporary v/s Traditional Indian Wedding Attire

This post is provided by Strand of Silk, an online retailer of contemporary Indian fashion and bridal wear.

Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles – Mane Game

Half the fun or dread of getting to attend weddings is taking the time to really get dressed to the nines. Be it your own wedding, your bestie’s dream day or someone in your family taking the plunge into holy matrimony there is every chance that you will want to or be forced to meticulously plan everything about your wedding look from the dress to the make up to the shoes and the hair. And if this wedding happens to be an Indian wedding then you’re in for an absolute treat or a hellish nightmare depending on your willingness and interest in getting prepped and primed not just on one day but everyday for 4-5 days.

Even if you happen to be the kind of girl who hates getting dolled up and cannot fathom spending hours in front of a mirror doing so, there is no escaping some amount of getting gussied up at a wedding regardless of its size, religion and culture. You would not want to scare the children or worse unleash the wrath of your parents by showing up in your failsafe kurta and leggings combo without a stitch of makeup and unkempt unruly hair at an Indian wedding. The rebel in you might want to pull a stunt like that just to get a rise out of your old school and uptight family members but believe us, the months in the doghouse with your mom and that stern and disapproving glare from your dad are not worth watching that nosy old aunt you hate and her even nosier gossip mongering friends in jaw dropped amazement at your choice of wardrobe. Moreover every wedding, even if it happens to be the wedding of someone you don’t particularly care for, creates a certain kind of magic in the air and makes everything and everyone want to be more beautiful.

Mane Game - Beautiful Indian Wedding HairstylesOn the other hand if you happen to be a fashion-loving fanatic, it’s more than likely that you have nosy aunt problems of an altogether different variety. The kind that makes them snigger at that totally edgy and on point dhoti saree with a killer updo or when you pair your favourite crop top with a voluminous lehenga without a dupatta cause you couldn’t be bothered with one and decide instead to clip in those ultra long extensions to channel your inner mermaid.

Whether you fall on either extreme of the fashion spectrum or somewhere in the middle, chances are you will need some help in getting your 4-5 looks at a standard Indian wedding just right, so read on for some hairs-piration for those big days.


There is nothing more Indian than intricate henna, gold jewellery, rich silks, woven brocades and braids. Braids – India’s latest style import to the west – have been tremendously popular with Hollywood celebrities in the past year and thanks to the Disney princess Elsa and the Hunger Games movies it seems very unlikely that braided hairstyles are going away anytime soon. Braids are ideal to show off that statement neckpiece or those lovely jhumki earrings. Choose from a side braid with a messy and voluminous crown, a French braided crown or textured fringed crown with a fish tail braid or plait some embellishments into your regular braid for a little bit of oomph.

Wedding Hairstyle 1 - Braids | Mane Game - Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles


If you’ve spent hours sweating it out at the gym lifting weights and running on the dreaded treadmill to flaunt that sexy and toned back in a low back anarkali or strappy blouse, don’t let your hair down – literally! Bring out the teasing brushes, hair sprays and curling tongs to create some utterly stylish updos that go from grungy cool to simply sweet. Brides can wear a high bun with embellished hair accessories and drape a net dupatta on top to cover their head but allow the pretty baubles to show through. As an added bonus updos work just as well with ethnic as well as western ensembles so throw that hair up with your lehenga in the day for the religious ceremony and forget about re-doing it at night when you swap your lehenga for a gown at the after party or reception.

Wedding Hairstyle 2 - updos | Mane Game - Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Twists and Curls

If braids and updos are too ‘done up’ for your style then go simple and chic with some loose waves and curls topped off with twisted sections around the sides of your head. Take your pick from middle parted curls with side twists or a one-sided twist like Sonam Kapoor, go vintage with old Hollywood style side swept curls like Katrina Kaif or amp up basic curls with a half up half down do with lots of volume. And just because you’re picking hairstyles for an Indian wedding doesn’t mean that Bollywood should be your only style reference. Game of Thrones fans can just as easily pair the relaxed boho curls of Cersei and Margaery with their traditional outfits to give your look a bit of international flavour.

Wedding Hairstyle 3 - Twists and Curls | Mane Game - Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles

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Funny Photos from Weddings

Generally when somebody talks about weddings, the first things that come to mind are: romanticism, love and the colour white. But the truth is that during weddings there is also a lot of fun!

This is definitely true regarding Indian weddings, but it also true for Western weddings also.

Look at these funny and crazy photos that I found on the web, and think about your next wedding as an enjoyable party, instead of a boring and formal ceremony!


During a wedding anything can happen, including the bride getting drenched!


funny wedd

The perfect wedding cake…


Photoshop or hologram?


Top Tips To Choose Your Perfect Indian Bridal Jewellery

It’s always difficult choosing what to wear the most special day in a woman’s life: her wedding day.

Indian bridal jewellery is an added value to a bridal outfit, and every Indian bride should accessories their outfit. It is apart of the bride’s wedding trousseau. We know that every bride’s dream is to look stunning, classy and glamorous on her wedding day, and brides know that Indian bridal jewellery will bring sparkle to any bride’s ensemble. But a bride’s outfit also has to be unique and modern, and stand out from the crowd.

It may seem strange, but brides have to plan for their jewellery as soon as the wedding date is fixed. Especially when the bride wants something specific, such as “Made to Measure”. You need to know what you want and in perfect time for the big day, because it can take one or two months to custom pieces to be made.

Indian bridal jewellery

Good advice to take into account: it’s always better to buy from trusted jewellers like big jewellery industry as PGI, DTC, Gemfields and WGC. The bride will be given a certificate for the identity of the jewellery and it’s one of the most essential things to have in case of re-sale.

Basic tips to know:

  • For the earrings, be careful before selecting them because it has to go with the hairstyle of the special day.
  • People are used to seeing the bride with heavy Indian bridal jewellery. Instead of buying one heavy necklace that can never be worn later, buy several necklaces that can be worn at the same time. Or as an alterative, one big piece can also be good if it can be detached later. You have to think practical, having detachable jewellery or multi-wearable jewellery is the perfect option. It’s the perfect way to turn your wedding necklaces to lovely pendants for all occasions after the special day.
  • The bride has to choose a necklace that will match with the bridal outfit. The neckline of the wedding dress has to go with the necklace silhouette. So, if you buy the dress, choose the necklace according to the outfit or vice versa.
  • And if you don’t have the chance to find or buy your perfect Indian bridal jewellery, you can always go through your mother’s jewellery. Mothers have everything we need, and especially when it comes to jewellery. You can take these old classic pieces and make them modern by adding your own personal touch and creativity to it. During the big day, it will add an emotional value to your bridal outfit.

Indian bridal earrings

Tips to match your Indian bridal jewellery according to your wedding occasion:

  • For the engagement, obviously the ring will be the centre of attention, so keep the rest of your jewellery subtle and light.
  • The reception is the most relaxed part of the day; choose a cocktail ring, coloured gemstones or a diamond choker with and up-do hairstyle.
  • The Mehendi is the traditional occasion of the day, so it’s better to choose an ethnic styled pendant earring set.

Indian bridal handpiece