Fairytale Wedding

A glance at Jacob and Pauline’s photography will transport you to a fairytale wedding setting. Even amidst a storm lingering in the air, the couple, Ali and Neil and the photographs couldn’t radiate more joy and positivity.

The bride and groom’s outfits further add to the touch of perfection at the wedding, inspired by a classic English theme. Ali is seen wearing a gorgeous white lace gown by Caroline Castigliano. An elegant lace veil and dainty pearl accessories completed the bride’s look, while Neil looks smart and stylish in a blue suit.

All images courtesy: Jacob and Pauline Photography

Jacob and Pauline Photography - Bride and Bridesmaids

Jacob and Pauline photography - Bride Getting Ready

Jacob and Pauline Photography - black and white wedding

Jacob and Pauline photography - Wedding Altar

Jacob and Pauline photography - Bride and Groom

How gorgeous is the bride’s peach rose and thistle bouquet by Sharon from Flowerbug Designs! Keep on the lookout for our second post of the series where we follow the couple on a gorgeous walk in the park!

Are you attending a classic wedding? Here are some gorgeous traditional and contemporary outfit options, as well as beautiful Indian wedding accessories!

Unique Wedding Favours

Guest blogger Amreeta Sagoo was kind enough to write another wedding post. In her first post, she discussed Alternate Wedding Ideas and tackled quirky, non-traditional wedding trends. She gives insight into how you can personalise your wedding with fun elements and create a dream wedding to remember. If you missed the post, be sure to read about her inspirational and certainly unique wedding ideas here! Below Amreeta discusses another yet interesting topic for those who get stumped on what to give guests as wedding favours. Read on to know how you can make your wedding a memorable experience!

This guest post is written by Amreeta Sagoo from curlyneedle.blogspot.co.uk

Hello Internet! I’m back again with another wedding post. Today I wanted to talk about wedding favours. The norm at an Indian wedding is to give out chocolates or barfi, and even though that’s great, I think its time to get creative with the favours you give to your guests.

From candles and chocolate to personalized keychains, there are so many unique and small gifts you can give. To make things extra special for your wedding here are some of my favorite wedding favour ideas.

1) Small champagne bottles

Wedding Favours - Small Champagne Bottle

via ElizabethAnneDesigns

2) Tea in a tin

Wedding Favours - Tea in a Tin

via SomethingTurquoise

3) Chocolate bouquet

Wedding Favours - Chocolate Bouquet

via dweam

4)Jam in a jar

Wedding Favours - Jam in a Jar

via TheKitchenMagpie

5) Candle in a vintage cup

Wedding Favours - Candle in a Vintage Cup

via VaniaFrancesca

6) Chocolate dipping spoons

Wedding Favours - Chocolate Dipping Spoons

via Intructables

7) Cake to go

Wedding Favours - Cake to go

via MarthaStewartWeddings

8) Mini plant

Wedding Favours - Mini Plant

via StyleMePretty

9) Wedding soundtrack

Wedding Favours - Wedding Soundrack

via WeddingsHandmade

10) Fudge

Wedding Favours - Fudge

via BridesMagazine

I hope I have provided you with some inspiration. Be sure to check out my blog where I talk about everything under the sun. Also check out my Pinterest for extra inspiration.