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Style Tips from Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s 2017 Wedding

Lets face it, true style never goes out of fashion. And if you’re looking for Indian wedding style tips, then look no further than THE wedding from last year – Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s wedding in Italy. Some may say that this is dated, but I think that the tips from the wedding are timeless and will serve us well in 2018 and 2019.

Style Tip 1: Pastels are here to stay

We have seen a lot of pastels both on real life brides as well as on celebrities over the last few seasons, but Virushka emphatically stated that pastels are here to stay. And may I say, the matching pastels are just to die to. I love the co-ordinated colour tones of the bride and groom.

Style Tip 2: Bold colours and traditional weaves rule the reception

To own your reception look, you cannot go wrong with a vibrant coloured saree made from traditional Indian weaves. Anushka wore a beautiful banarsi silk saree for her Delhi reception. She looks stunning of course not just because she is, but also because she absolutely owned the banarsi saree.

Style Tip 3: Traditional jewellery is perfect for weddings

Almost goes without saying, but traditional rules the roost when it comes to weddings. We have recently seen brides opting for contemporary styles that are delicate and demure. These are great, but for a complete WOW factor like the one Anushka manages, you need to stick to the basics and go for traditional styles. Take it a notch higher with a maang tikka and a haath phool like the one Anushka is seen sporting.

Anushka wears a chunky choker necklace made from un-cut diamonds, and i like this style because it works with so many different looks and clothing types. The wedding styles do get chunky and quite full on, so perhaps get your necklace made into a smaller size after the wedding, so that you can wear even with your contemporary clothes.

Style Tip 4: Contrasting colours for the perfect Insta friendly pics

See what they did here? Beautiful colours and perfect contrast to each other’s outfits makes for the perfect Insta pic. I like this picture especially because Anushka keeps her make-up very natural, keeps her outfit colours bold and has perfectly contrasted it to Virat’s jacket. Love the colours as well – they complement the skin tones perfectly.

Picking the right colours can be tricky, especially for couples. Take the time to think about the colours that complement your skin tone the best and then think about how best to match the colours that both of you will wear – instant insta fame awaits, not to mention loads of compliments from friends and family!

Top 5 Inspiring Bollywood Movies !

Aisha : Fairy Tale Love Story

This movie has it all drama , love , youth, comedy , fashion , romance. The movie is inspired by the novel written by Jane Austen called ‘Emma’. If you have seen the hollywood movie ‘Clueless‘ is almost the 21st century remake of the same movie. The bollywood movie also emphasizes on how two people who are most unlikely to fall in love land up getting married ; drama and misunderstanding between loved ones and how friendship in the High society is just a unestablished relationship! But , the adorable love and understanding between Aisha(Sonam Kapoor) and Arjun(Abhay Deol) definitely will make you fall in love and value it equally! ♥♥

aisha : bollywood movie that will inspire you to get married

Bride and Prejudice aka ballah ballah Amritsar to LA : Cross over Romance

Another movie which was inspired by the novel called Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen . The movie is directed in a more Desi-version featuring the gorgeous bollywood movie actress Aishwarya Rai and the Hollywood actor handsome Martin Henderson. Its a very beautiful portrayed story about how two different cultural background individual fall in love after going though alot of drama , disappointment , distrust ,etc.


Monsoon Wedding : Desi Love story

Monsoon wedding is a very fun and jolly movie , It has all the double meaning and the adult comedy which is super hilarious and how dis-functionally Punjabi- hindu wedding is celebrated.The songs , actors , actress and the monsoon is the perfect reason this Bollywood movie , will totally inspire you to get married! 🙂

monsoon wedding - top 5 movies that will inspire you to get married


Band Baaja Baaraat : Typical Love story

Its a very simple yet beautiful filmed love story . Its about how a girl and a guy are friends start a business and the girl falls in love with the guy. When the guy gets to know the girl has fallen in love with him. He acts like a jerk and the girl eventually starts hating him. But , as their business is connected to each other , they start talking and finally both fall in love with each other. How Typical isn’t it. But Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh both have done a magnificent work in this Bollywood movie as a typical Delhites

band baaja baaraat - make you wanna get married

Hum Saat Saat Hai : Family Drama

Its one of the best movies that portrays the functioning of a joint Indian family. All the drama , love hate , emotions , understanding , marriage everything is so brilliantly directed. It definitely touched all the Indian hearts and looking at such a happy and close netted family , It definitely inspired to have such a Big fat asian wedding !!


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