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Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 1)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, been stranded at sea or are a hermit, you must be fully aware that beautiful locations for weddings are the flavour du jour as Asian wedding venues for the glam loving, hash tagging, social media obsessed generation that is tying the knot these days.

Gone are the days of having a simple wedding with close family and friends in your parent’s back garden. Now its all about getting that Instagram worthy selfie with your crew at a truly outstanding and unique destination.

Cool quotients aside with so many romantic destination wedding locations on offer and fantastic deals on travel thanks to a variety of budget airlines, there is absolutely no reason why the world truly can’t be your oyster when it comes to picking a wedding location.

Beautiful Destination Wedding Locations in India

Chances are that you and your to-be are equally matched up socially and we don’t mean that boring list of criteria your parents made you run through before giving you their blessings. We mean that you both probably belong to the same jet setting, fun loving and excited clan of people who are a key ingredient to the recipe for a mind-blowing destination wedding. While that is nothing short of brilliant it also means that if you found your match a little later than your friends, they have probably already ticked the most likely destination wedding locations off the list for you.

If you happen to have already read a few million Asian wedding venue articles that feature the same destinations over and over then you will thank your Google stars that this little article popped open on your browser. What follows is a list of beautiful wedding locations that are likely to impress those with a flair for wanting to do something bold and unexpected.

1. Shimla

The WildFlower Resort in Shimla | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 1)

Set amidst pine clad hills, lush greenery and jaw dropping landscapes, Shimla is a fairly new gem on the map of locations for destination weddings in India. It provides an idyllic escape from the sweltering heat of the metros during those unforgiving Indian summers and the added advantage of having your wedding and forthcoming anniversaries outside of the crazy ‘wedding season’ from November to February. The fact that your guests will love you for giving them the perfect holiday during summer break will be the cherry on top of the serene Himalayan cake. There are a plethora of properties that are adept at handling Asian weddings in Shimla but for a spectacular extravaganza dripping with luxury from start to end nothing beats the fairy tale gorgeousness of The Wildflower Resort.

The Wildflower Resort in Shimla | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding (Part 1)

2. Hyderadabad

Falaknuma Palace Hotel in Hyderabad | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

Move over Udaipur and Jaipur, there is a new royal wedding destination in the running for the top spot and this one hails from the Nizams. Hyderabad has all the trappings of a modern Indian city but the completely ancient Falaknuma Palace Hotel cements its place on this list. If you want the exuberance and lavishness of a royal palace with every modern amenity then it doesn’t get better than the Falaknuma Palace. Your wedding will give your guests a glimpse of history and a taste of Nizam life plus every contemporary luxury at their disposal. And for those who break into cold sweats at the thought of standing and greeting an endless line of people at their reception, the world’s largest dining table at the 101 Dining Hall can quickly take care of that little hassle.

Falaknuma Palace Hotel in Hyderabad | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

Psst….Bollywood fans – This palace also happens to be the wedding venue for Salman Khan’s baby sister Arpita Khan’s lavish star studded affair.

Falaknuma Palace Hotel in Hyderabad | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

3. Havelock Islands, Andaman & Nicobar

Havelock Island | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

Dreaming of a beach wedding with pristine waters and soft white sand that isn’t in Goa? Consider Havelock Islands in Andaman and Nicobar instead.
Havelock Island | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

There is no dearth of indulgent resorts and spas with their own private beaches that can whip up some marital bliss inducing magic for your big day right by the water. Adventure sports junkies will revel in the opportunity to go scuba diving and snorkelling in the calm blue waters – now THAT’S something you can’t do in Goa! If you want something completely out of the box then jump in with your wedding finery and take those underwater photos that you always wanted but didn’t know when and how. Your clothes might be ruined but you were never going to wear those again anyway (no matter what you told yourself before buying them) and there is every guarantee of total Facebook and Instagram domination when you upload them.

Havelock Island | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

4. Aamby Valley City, Lonavala

Completely cut off from anywhere else Aamby Valley City with its plush surroundings and moderate to cool temperatures is only a stones throw away from Mumbai. Its isolation from neighbouring Lonavala and Pavna are by design because there really is no reason for guests to leave this city within a city.

Aamby Valley City | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding Aamby Valley city offers its own artificial lake, jungle safari, Swiss chalets and a number of other indoor and outdoor wedding venues that allow you to customize the feel and vibe of each wedding festivity.

Aamby Valley City, Lonavala | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

5. Chikamanglur

No, we aren’t just making up places at this point because we are out of ideas. Chikamanglur may sound like something you would name your pet puppy at 4 but it is in fact the birthplace of coffee. It is about 250 km from Bangalore and reachable by car.

Chikamanglur | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

This unconventional and exotic Asian wedding location boasts several massive estates that can accommodate upto 2000 people for that larger than life celebration of your dreams. Throw in some fun activities like coffee picking for the caffeine addicts and a visit to UNESCO sites Belur and Halebidu for the history buffs and you have yourself a big fat Asian wedding for one and all.

The Serai in Chikamanglur | Beautiful Locations for a Big Fat Asian Wedding

The Serai in Chikamanglur is a luxury resort built on a coffee estate that offers lots of different splendid accommodation options and a breathtaking backdrop for the ceremony.

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2!

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Wedding Cake : Fancy a Floral Cake?

Weddings are a special moment for couples to cherish, and to make things sweeter, a wedding is incomplete without a gorgeous floral wedding cake. Ali and Neil’s beautiful English wedding reception was complete with just this, with plenty of champagne flowing and beautiful decor in a pastel colour palette! The setting and the styling are simply breath-taking.

The bright and creamy decor, complete with fluid white drapes and gold chandeliers is reminiscent of a fairytale wedding. The pearl and rose gold ribbon detailing on the cake compliments this perfectly. I don’t blame you if happen to crave a fancy floral cake or feel the urge to enjoy an elegant high tea afterwards. 🙂

Needless to say that the guests loved the cake and couldn’t get enough. Feast your eyes below on these gorgeous photos by Jacob and Pauline!

All images courtesy: Jacob and Pauline Photography

Jacob and Pauline Photography - Floral Cake
Jacob and Pauline Photography - Floral Cake

The Cake in All it’s Glory

Jacob and Pauline Photography - Floral Cake

I loved the colours used and the subtle and elegant detailing. Especially the flowers that looked so delicate and beautiful! The pastel colour theme was oozing from the cake and the decor.

Jacob and Pauline Photography - Floral Cake

Jacob and Pauline Photography - Floral Cake

Jacob and Pauline Photography - Floral Cake

Jacob and Pauline Photography - Floral Cake

If you missed their classic wedding photoshoot amidst gorgeous greenery, read on!

A Walk in the Park for a Classic Wedding

This gorgeous couple, Ali and Neil take a stroll in the park and the outcome is a beautiful series of images that the couple will be able to cherish for a lifetime. Set amidst a blanket of flora, fauna and abundant greenery, the photographs are reminiscent of a fairytale-inspired classic wedding. Not to mention, the couple look so happily in love!

I particularly love how natural the images look, and this ease and happiness of the couples definitely comes across. This shows that in fact, wedding photography does not have to be over the top, but it is the simplicity and elegance that makes a powerful impact and puts the C in a classic wedding!

All images courtesy: Jacob and Pauline Photography

Jacob and Pauline photography - bride and groom wedding photoshoot

Jacob and Pauline photography - bride and groom wedding photoshoot

Jacob and Pauline photography - bride and groom wedding photoshoot

Jacob and Pauline photography - bride and groom wedding photoshoot

If you missed Part 1, discover the behind the scenes of the wedding and the ceremony of this classic wedding here!

Fairytale Wedding

A glance at Jacob and Pauline’s photography will transport you to a fairytale wedding setting. Even amidst a storm lingering in the air, the couple, Ali and Neil and the photographs couldn’t radiate more joy and positivity.

The bride and groom’s outfits further add to the touch of perfection at the wedding, inspired by a classic English theme. Ali is seen wearing a gorgeous white lace gown by Caroline Castigliano. An elegant lace veil and dainty pearl accessories completed the bride’s look, while Neil looks smart and stylish in a blue suit.

All images courtesy: Jacob and Pauline Photography

Jacob and Pauline Photography - Bride and Bridesmaids

Jacob and Pauline photography - Bride Getting Ready

Jacob and Pauline Photography - black and white wedding

Jacob and Pauline photography - Wedding Altar

Jacob and Pauline photography - Bride and Groom

How gorgeous is the bride’s peach rose and thistle bouquet by Sharon from Flowerbug Designs! Keep on the lookout for our second post of the series where we follow the couple on a gorgeous walk in the park!

Are you attending a classic wedding? Here are some gorgeous traditional and contemporary outfit options, as well as beautiful Indian wedding accessories!

Indian Brides: Those Moments of Flurry

There is so much anticipation and thought that goes behind the execution of an Indian wedding. Everything needs to go according to plan and run smoothly, as there is a great amount of expectation not only from the family itself, but also the guests and relatives. Further, it is the dream of Indian brides to get married with her prince charming in a grand setting.

Amidst being in love with the idea of throwing a massive and beautiful wedding, it is the intricate details of a big fat asian wedding that cause Indian brides a great deal of stress! Things such as confirming marriage dates, deciding on venues, finalising the guestlist, and the debate of which wedding planner to hire are amongst the bigger things Indian brides have to worry about. Other things to think about include things such as the design and style of your wedding card invite, which accessories or makeup to wear with your Indian wedding attire, and whether the colour of your mehendi is dark enough.

Whilst a great deal of planning goes behind an Indian wedding to make it all you had dreamt for and more, the truth is that your actual wedding day will go by in a flash, so the most important thing for Indian brides to do is to simply immerse themselves in the moment and enjoy every second of the pleasant madness!

Images courtesy of: Monir Ali photography

Wedding Invitation photo by Monir Ali

Mehendi hands photo by Monir AliIndian bride getting ready photo by Monir Ali




Indian Brides: A Medley of Emotions

Indian brides face a wide range of emotions whilst planning for their big day, which culminate into a medley of emotions. Some of the feelings Indian brides undergo are of confusion, nervousness, excitement, chaos and sadness. Indeed, getting married is a gigantic step for any bride and too many emotions to handle simultaneously! One minute you may think of escaping the stress and jet setting to an exotic location, while the other second you may want to lock yourself in your room!

As such, behind all the glitz, glamour and vibrancy of Indian weddings, there is that underlying emotional feeling that surfaces during the vidaii or the ‘bride’s goodbye’, which is the key element that distinguishes Indian weddings from Western ones. Whilst everything seems merry in Western weddings and in movies with the ‘Happily Ever After’ tag, the vidaii is one of those precious moments where Indian brides bid farewell to her family members.

Despite the medley of emotions Indian brides face prior to their wedding day, it defines who they are and prepares them for their journey ahead in life.

Bride's emotions | Jacob and Pauline Photography
Photography courtesy of: www.weddingphotographerduo.co.uk
Wedding Emotions - Indian Wedding
Photography courtesy of: www.sanjaygohil.co.uk
Beautiful emotion - Indian Wedding
Photography courtesy of: www.gurvirjohal.com


Stunning Indian Bridal Dresses captured through Gurvir Johal’s creative lens

Photographer Gurvir Johal creates magic through his stunning bridal photography, with the goal of capturing images that will re-live through time. There is such uniqueness and a flair of sophistication to Gurvil’s photography. Indeed, nothing compares to the sheer beauty of brides captured in their Indian wedding dresses for their bridal portraits. Whether brides are seen posing in white Indian bridal dresses or traditional red bridalwear, the images speaks a thousand words of elegance and sophistication. He transports brides to beautiful and lavish settings such as in front of stunning architecture and intricate outdoor domes, reminiscent of a fairytale love story. Each image paints a stunning and beautiful story, and the bride’s elegance is captured exquisitely through their Indian wedding dresses.

Indian bridal dresses are an extension of the bride on one of the most special days of her life. Not only does the bridalwear emanate a bride’s radiance and beauty, but makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. A quick tip for Indian brides wanting to look absolutely stunning and glamorous in their bridal portraits: Choose Indian bridal dresses that make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world as it is one of the most important days of your life! Also remember to trust the photographer, he knows best!

Did you already choose your wedding dress for the D-Day?

All photography courtesy: Gurvir Johal

White dress-Indian Wedding
A stunning shot of a bride
Stunning bride - Indian Wedding
A beautiful bride getting ready for her big day!
Romantic stair shot - Indian wedding
A romantic shot captured from the top of the staircase
Creative Bridal Portrait - Indian Wedding
A creative bridal portrait capturing the bride’s beauty
Romantic couples shot - Indian Wedding
A romantic couples shot in front of the sunset
Beautiful black and white bride - Indian Wedding
A beautiful black and white shot of a bride
Beautiful emotion - Indian Wedding
A beautiful black and white shot capturing the emotion at a wedding
Beautiful Bridal Portrait - Indian Wedding
A beautiful bride posing for her bridal portrait

From Indian Clothing to the Grand Decor: The Richness of an Indian Wedding

India is rich in diversity and this element is evident in everything from the food, Indian clothing, customs and traditions. This diversity and richness is also reflected in Indian marriages. Marriage not only symbolises the sacred union of two people, but also the union of two families.

Describing the sheer joy and festivity surrounding an Indian wedding would truly be a Herculean task. So I will let these Indian wedding photographs provide you with a glimpse into the vibrant and cultural extravaganza of an Indian wedding! The bride and groom both look lovely in their Indian wedding clothing. The groom is seen wearing a creamy gold sherwani with subtle, but intricate embroidery. The groom is also seen wearing a turban or sehra with white flowers tied in suspended strings, with his exquisite Indian clothing. The bride is wearing a beautiful mustard and red bridal lehenga with a royal blue border. The colour red in Indian clothing symbolises fertility, prosperity and marital bliss. The bride has beatifully styled her ensemble with elaborate jewellery made of gold and precious stones, as well as a ghunghat or veil, draped elegantly over her hair as a sign of respect to the gods. The bridal veil also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the Indian clothing.

From decorating your hands with intricate mehendi designs, to jazzing up the festivities with beautifully adorned horses, the list goes on when it comes to dealing with the intricacies of an Indian wedding! Nothing compares to that special butterfly feeling you get when you are going to see your better half on your actual wedding day! And for some, reality doesn’t begin to sink in until the wedding ceremonies have commenced. For others, the entire experience feels like a dream world!

Once the wedding ceremonies have finished, the photo sessions commence and the bride and groom can truly be the center of attention in their impeccable Indian clothing. Everyone wants to snap a photo with the bedecked handsome groom and stunning bride. On top of this, the photography stage has been decorated with high attention to detail from the gold and red drapery, to the elegant vine leaves trickling down from the ceiling. Not to forget the exquisite floral setting teeming with flowers in every colour such as red, white, lilac, pink and orange. At a closer glance, you will be able to notice the bride and groom’s lavish gold seat with plush red seating. The next morning, you can pinch yourself to make sure that your dream wedding actually did take place!

Beautiful Henna Design
Beautiful Henna Design
Indian Wedding Horse
Indian Wedding Horse
Indian Horse - Indian Wedding
The groom all set and on his way to the wedding venue on a horse!
Groom - Indian Wedding
The groom is all smiles and ready for the festivities to begin!
Indian Bride - Indian Wedding
Here comes the stunning bride!
Wedding Ceremony - Indian Weddings
Let the wedding ceremony commence!
Photo time - Indian Weddings
Photo time!
Photography - Indian Weddings
Say cheese!
Group photo - Indian Weddings
A gorgeous group photo is a must at Indian weddings