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BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014 – Part II

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the long delay in posting, but I had to get some things organised at home. Here is the second instalment from India Bridal Fashion Week. This post covers day 4. The shows were again awesome and the collections were stunning.

I like colour and am usually include a lot of colour in my everyday dressing, but I have to say that the colours on the ramp in the JJ Valaya show were superb! Such nice combination of colours and presented in such a lovely way on the ramp – very refreshing to see. So i’ll start this post with some pictures of the lovely Sarees and Lehengas in the JJ Valaya Show at the India Bridal Fashion Week.

JJ Valaya's Styles at the India Bridal Fashion Week
JJ Valaya
    Meera Muzzafar Ali are designers for their brand Kotwara – it’s a brand that is rooted in tradition and offers very classic cuts. I like some of their styles, but not all. One style that stood out on the ramp for me was this one because of the overall look, not necessarily because of the clothes. But that is my personal preference and not necessarily a reflection on the quality of their collection.
Meera Muzzafar Ali at India Bridal Fashion Week
Meera Muzzafar Ali
          My absolute favourite from Day 4 has to be by

Indian Designer Jyotsna Tiwari

          . Her style was so nice and light, perfect for the summer! The colours were in pastel shades – very much on trend. The

bridal lehengas

         and the bridal sarees were truly spectacular!




We love Indian weddings!

BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014 – Part I

The 2014 India Bridal Fashion Week has started and has been sponsored by BMW this year. You’ll see from the pictures that the show had a lot of cars, as the sponsor made sure that they got the maximum bang for their buck!

The clothes, as one expects from a Bridal Fashion Week, were absolutely gorgeous and stunning. The designers who showed their collections include Gauri and Nainika, Tarun Tahiliani (my favourite), Raghvendra Rathore and some more.

Here are some of the pictures from the first two days of the India Bridal Fashion Week. I am not sure of the designers of these, but these are the styles that stood out for me and really made an impact on me.

1625578_774888812575162_2254745450317593785_n 10522446_774891805908196_3239855864780300803_n 10561622_774888529241857_5812877969974199930_n 10580046_774889425908434_5536625518284241532_n 10599140_774888475908529_812278050519003665_n 10603487_774888959241814_6666882535207182948_n Gauri and Nainika - BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 14









These are some pictures from the Tarun Tahiliani show that I really liked. His styling and presentation is so unique and beautiful. I love it!

Tarun Tahiliani at India Bridal Fashion Week
Love the Presentation and Drama


Beautiful bridal clothes from India Bridal Fashion Week
Beautiful styling and colours
Tarun Tahiliani - BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014
Unique styling for men

Just wait for part two!