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The Many Facets of Indian Brides

Freelance photographer Vijeta Shrivastava, based in Bhopal, India, creates magic behind her lens and infuses her photography with beauty and vibrancy. She does just this through capturing beauty shots of Indian brides below.

There are various looks Indian brides need to embrace in adaption to the various different Indian wedding ceremonies, such that pretty soon the bride will lose track of her celebrity-like outfit changes! The first shot is of a beautiful bride taken during an Indian wedding ceremony. The black and white effect with an emphasis on the red vermilion powder on the bride’s forehead or sindoor, symbolises her marital status. The placing of sindoor is not simply thought of as an Indian wedding ritual, but signifies the husband’s long life.

Bride at an Indian Wedding Ceremony
Bride at an Indian Wedding Ceremony

Once the Indian wedding ceremonies have taken place, it is time for the glamorous bridal shoots to commence. Yes I know, it is difficult to contain the excitement, as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all brides to get completely dolled up for one of the biggest days of her life! The Indian bride captured in the stunning shot below is seen wearing a magenta and emerald green bridal ensemble with delicate embroidery. As important as a bride’s Indian wedding attire is, a high attention to detail should also be given to her Indian wedding jewellery choices. The bride below is seen wearing a stunning peice of hair jewellery or maang tika on her forehead, adorned with delicate pearls and semi-precious stones.

Indian bridal jewellery
Indian bridal jewellery

Some quick, yet important tips for all the Indian brides to be is to select your bridalwear with high attention to detail and in accordance to the different Indian wedding ceremonies. For traditional wedding ceremonies, a saree will be a beautiful option for Indian brides, as it is the epitome of grace and femininity. A saree or bridal lehenga are common choices for Indian brides to wear on her big wedding day. Opt for bright colours with elegant embroidery to stand out on your special day. Browse a variety of stunning bridal wear at Strand of Silk.

For more stunning shots by our featured photographer, Vijeta Shrivastava, be sure to check out her Facebook page as well!

Pre-wedding shoot inspiration for Indian brides and grooms

There is nothing more exciting than a pre-wedding shoot, as a gateway to release all the stress up to the wedding day planning! Freelance photographer based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, Vijeta Shrivastava‘s philosophy behind her photography is to capture only that which is exceptional to the human eye and no doubt, her photography is a stunning palette of special moments.

Below, Vijeta beautifully captures an adorable couple in various outdoor scenarios! The photographs have an overall fun and natural vibe, and the photographs really capture the love between the couple in creative ways. I especially love the use of the boards with the tongue-in-cheek phrases.

A tip for Indian brides and grooms for their pre-wedding photography is to look and behave absolutely natural, as this is where the magic will happen! For all the Indian brides out there, don’t feel like you need to overdo it for your pre-wedding shoot, as all the glitz and glamour will be captured during your wedding photoshoots. So take a deep breath, and enjoy your special behind the scene moments before the wedding frenzy begins!

The bride below is seen wearing a simple, elegant peach anarkali and the groom is seen wearing a striking grey suit. For Indian brides wondering what to wear for the pre-wedding shoot, my recommendation would be to coordinate an outfit depending on the venue and perhaps the theme of the shoot. Once you know this basic information, you can let your ideas run wild! For the meantime, you can seek inspiration from these stunning moments captured by Vijeta Shrivastava:

An adorable bride and groom collage
An adorable bride and groom collage
And she said yes!
And she said yes!
Time to celebrate with sweets!
Time to celebrate with sweets!
Happily ever after
Happily ever after…
Let's do it the Titanic way!
Let’s pose the Titanic way!

Stunning Indian Bridal Dresses captured through Gurvir Johal’s creative lens

Photographer Gurvir Johal creates magic through his stunning bridal photography, with the goal of capturing images that will re-live through time. There is such uniqueness and a flair of sophistication to Gurvil’s photography. Indeed, nothing compares to the sheer beauty of brides captured in their Indian wedding dresses for their bridal portraits. Whether brides are seen posing in white Indian bridal dresses or traditional red bridalwear, the images speaks a thousand words of elegance and sophistication. He transports brides to beautiful and lavish settings such as in front of stunning architecture and intricate outdoor domes, reminiscent of a fairytale love story. Each image paints a stunning and beautiful story, and the bride’s elegance is captured exquisitely through their Indian wedding dresses.

Indian bridal dresses are an extension of the bride on one of the most special days of her life. Not only does the bridalwear emanate a bride’s radiance and beauty, but makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. A quick tip for Indian brides wanting to look absolutely stunning and glamorous in their bridal portraits: Choose Indian bridal dresses that make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world as it is one of the most important days of your life! Also remember to trust the photographer, he knows best!

Did you already choose your wedding dress for the D-Day?

All photography courtesy: Gurvir Johal

White dress-Indian Wedding
A stunning shot of a bride
Stunning bride - Indian Wedding
A beautiful bride getting ready for her big day!
Romantic stair shot - Indian wedding
A romantic shot captured from the top of the staircase
Creative Bridal Portrait - Indian Wedding
A creative bridal portrait capturing the bride’s beauty
Romantic couples shot - Indian Wedding
A romantic couples shot in front of the sunset
Beautiful black and white bride - Indian Wedding
A beautiful black and white shot of a bride
Beautiful emotion - Indian Wedding
A beautiful black and white shot capturing the emotion at a wedding
Beautiful Bridal Portrait - Indian Wedding
A beautiful bride posing for her bridal portrait

The Beautiful Thread of Marriage: The Journey of Indian Brides

The wedding day is no doubt one of the most special days for Indian brides. Indian weddings are known to be full of richness and grandeur. Other than this undeniable vibrancy and glamour, Indian weddings are deeply rooted in tradition, integrating rich rituals that have been present for years and years. Along with significant wedding rituals, lots of other facets are important to consider as well such as the preparation up till the wedding, choosing the perfect Indian bridal attire, the marriage vows and then the eventually the much dreaded goodbyes. Along with a journey that culminates into a climax, Indian brides are flooded with a kaleidoscope of emotions. Indeed, this journey that Indian brides experience is a bittersweet one, but paves the path for a new beginning; one of abundant love, happiness and sharing a precious bond of a lifetime with the love of her life. Below, I take you on the vibrant journey of various Indian brides through the creative lens of photographer Sanjay Gohil, who captures beautiful wedding moments and creates memories that last a lifetime. These images certainly capture some of the priceless moments experienced by an Indian bride through her bridal journey.

All images courtesy of: Sanjay Gohil photography

Bride getting ready - Indian Wedding
A beautiful Indian bride getting ready for her special day behind a veil of red

There is something I absolutely love about this photograph. The deep red colour and veil in front of the lens creates an undeniable aura of elegance. The Indian bride looks absolutely beautiful in a simple, yet striking red bridal lehenga with gold embroidery, complemented by statement Indian jewellery and a stack of bangles. A quick tip for Indian brides choosing their Indian attire is that if the blouse of your bridal ensemble is rather simple in a solid block colour, opt for a stunning statement necklace set. Another beautiful detail is the delicate head piece the bride is seen wearing. Accessories such as these will enhance the look of Indian brides, making her feel like an ethnic princess.

Wedding Festivities - Indian Wedding
Lots of colours and laughter as the wedding festivities begin!

This photo beautifully captures the richness, vibrancy and laughter of wedding festivities!

White and maroon - Indian Wedding
A gorgeous white and maroon colour-coordinated bride and groom taking their marriage vows

No longer are traditional red bridal ensembles the only options available for a wedding. Modern Indian brides are experimenting with different colours such as burgundy, pink, cream, gold and white. I love the rich maroon and white colour combination worn by the Indian bride and the groom. An Indian wedding is done around a sacred fire, where the bride and groom walk around the fire seven times, in a clockwise manner. The bride first leads the Pheres and afterwards, the groom leads them. This signifies the equality of the bride and groom and their promise to stand beside each other always. This process is called the Saat Phere, symbolising the seven goals of married life. These elements include prosperity, religious and moral duties, spiritual salvation, liberation, prosperity and spiritual salvation.

Elders Blessings - Indian Wedding
An Indian bride receiving blessings from her elders

Receiving blessings from the elders is of utmost importance for an Indian bride. These are the blessings the Indian bride will carry through the rest of her life and provide her with strength and positivity to embark on this new journey.

Wedding Emotions - Indian Wedding
There is nothing that touches the heart more than the emotions felt at a wedding

The Kanyadaan or giving away of an Indian bride is a part of the wedding rituals. The Kanyadaan is performed by the bride’s father, where he gives his daughter up to the groom. He also requests the groom to accept her as an equal partner. This is definitely a very emotional and touching moment for the bride and her family, as the bride has to bid farewell to her parents and join her husband’s house.

Time to say goodbye - Indian Wedding
It’s time to say goodbye…!

Amidst the heartfelt goodbyes and tears, with a heavy heart, it is time for the Indian bride to bid goodbye to her family and begin a new journey with the love of her life.

From Indian Clothing to the Grand Decor: The Richness of an Indian Wedding

India is rich in diversity and this element is evident in everything from the food, Indian clothing, customs and traditions. This diversity and richness is also reflected in Indian marriages. Marriage not only symbolises the sacred union of two people, but also the union of two families.

Describing the sheer joy and festivity surrounding an Indian wedding would truly be a Herculean task. So I will let these Indian wedding photographs provide you with a glimpse into the vibrant and cultural extravaganza of an Indian wedding! The bride and groom both look lovely in their Indian wedding clothing. The groom is seen wearing a creamy gold sherwani with subtle, but intricate embroidery. The groom is also seen wearing a turban or sehra with white flowers tied in suspended strings, with his exquisite Indian clothing. The bride is wearing a beautiful mustard and red bridal lehenga with a royal blue border. The colour red in Indian clothing symbolises fertility, prosperity and marital bliss. The bride has beatifully styled her ensemble with elaborate jewellery made of gold and precious stones, as well as a ghunghat or veil, draped elegantly over her hair as a sign of respect to the gods. The bridal veil also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the Indian clothing.

From decorating your hands with intricate mehendi designs, to jazzing up the festivities with beautifully adorned horses, the list goes on when it comes to dealing with the intricacies of an Indian wedding! Nothing compares to that special butterfly feeling you get when you are going to see your better half on your actual wedding day! And for some, reality doesn’t begin to sink in until the wedding ceremonies have commenced. For others, the entire experience feels like a dream world!

Once the wedding ceremonies have finished, the photo sessions commence and the bride and groom can truly be the center of attention in their impeccable Indian clothing. Everyone wants to snap a photo with the bedecked handsome groom and stunning bride. On top of this, the photography stage has been decorated with high attention to detail from the gold and red drapery, to the elegant vine leaves trickling down from the ceiling. Not to forget the exquisite floral setting teeming with flowers in every colour such as red, white, lilac, pink and orange. At a closer glance, you will be able to notice the bride and groom’s lavish gold seat with plush red seating. The next morning, you can pinch yourself to make sure that your dream wedding actually did take place!

Beautiful Henna Design
Beautiful Henna Design
Indian Wedding Horse
Indian Wedding Horse
Indian Horse - Indian Wedding
The groom all set and on his way to the wedding venue on a horse!
Groom - Indian Wedding
The groom is all smiles and ready for the festivities to begin!
Indian Bride - Indian Wedding
Here comes the stunning bride!
Wedding Ceremony - Indian Weddings
Let the wedding ceremony commence!
Photo time - Indian Weddings
Photo time!
Photography - Indian Weddings
Say cheese!
Group photo - Indian Weddings
A gorgeous group photo is a must at Indian weddings

The Unconventional Bridal Lehenga

Gone are the days when women only wore demure red and maroon bridal lehengas for their wedding. This is the era of unconventional, quirky, bold and colourful. From tiny backless cholis to long waistcoats, we have it all! Brides today are the epitome of modern sophistication and vintage elegance. There is no dearth of exceptionally talented designers in India. You can take your pick of bridal lehengas from famous Indian designers like Manish Malhotra, an absolute favourite and even offbeat ones like Khyati Pande. New entries in this bridal lehenga biz are Pakistani designers like Nomi Ansari and Sana Safinaz. With these flourish of designers, we bring to you a compilation of all our favourite bridal lehengas.

We love our Indian designers. They are unpredictable and innovative and love challenging themselves.

A stunning bridal lehenga by Suneet Varma
A stunning bridal lehenga by Suneet Varma

Take this Suneet Verma creation for example. The colour combination of this bridal lehenga is so unusual that it may require another look. But that’s the beauty of this bridal lehenga. Notice the intricate mirror work and how each colour is skilfully used in correct proportions. It’s not gaudy or overbearing. As a whole, it’s just right.

If you don’t want your style buds to be restricted with traditional colours, feel free to embrace this! Times have changed and you can wear almost any colour you desire on your wedding.

A sage green bridal lehenga by Ashima Leena
A sage green bridal lehenga by Ashima Leena

Anyone fancy this sage green sherwani lehenga? Designer duo Ashima Leena has created this brilliant bridal lehenga masterpiece in the most underrated colour. This mint green shade creates a sophisticated and elegant look. If you don’t want anything too elaborate with typical colours of white and red, then this subtle colour is for you!

Sometimes, people may choose a bridal lehenga with a lot of embellishment and shimmer. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of bling? What we don’t realise is that sometimes beauty lies in simplicity. Take for example this JJ Valaya lehenga.

A simple and elegant bridal lehenga by JJ Valaya
A simple and elegant bridal lehenga by JJ Valaya

Distinctive and striking colours? Check! Elaborate yet simple and tasteful embroidery? Check! Bound to make a hit bridal lehenga? Double check! This outfit, with its beautiful embroidery work and colours speaks timeless beauty and elegance.

But our ultimate favourite is this powdery blue bridal lehenga below.

A beautiful powdery blue bridal lehenga by Jyotsna Tiwari
A beautiful powdery blue bridal lehenga by Jyotsna Tiwari

This bridal lehenga is going to make you look and feel ethereal, graceful, classy and breathtakingly beautiful all at the same time! Designer Jyotsna Tiwari proves with this creation that blue is definitely an elegant bridal wear option.

Whilst white and ivory are not the top picks for bridal lehengas, we beg to differ!

A rich white and gold bridal lehenga by Meera and Muzaffar Ali
A rich white and gold bridal lehenga by Meera and Muzaffar Ali

Meera and Muzaffar Ali’s white and gold lehenga is rich, royal and ravishing. All eyes are guaranteed to be on you as you flaunt this elegant ensemble in style.

Pakistani bridal lehengas are usually characterized by their extensive use of long sherwanis and detailed lehengas underneath.

Veteran Pakistani designer Nomi Ansari is most famous for his exceptionally beautiful bridal lehengas.

A beautiful pink bridal lehenga with gold embroidery by Nomi Ansari
A beautiful pink bridal lehenga with gold embroidery by Nomi Ansari

This bridal lehenga has all the elements required for an exquisite bride. You can never go wrong with intricate gold embroidery and a beautiful burst of pink!

The most unconventional bridal lehenga on this list is Nomi Ansari floral creation shown below.

A gorgeous floral and mint bridal lehenga by Nomi Ansari
A gorgeous floral and mint bridal lehenga by Nomi Ansari

This bridal lehenga screams diversity and innovation with its big, bold colourful spring flower print juxtaposed on a mint green colour. Simply exquisite!

Like Ashima Leena’s sage green ensemble, peach is a very underrated bridal lehenga colour. However, this Asifa and Nabeel lehenga says otherwise. I love the gorgeous layers and subtle gold embroidery work, which has a very feminine and elegant feel.

A feminine and elegant peach bridal lehenga by Asifa and Nabeel
A feminine and elegant peach bridal lehenga by Asifa and Nabeel

Our final bridal lehenga is this heavy creation by Sana Safinaz.

A bold pink bridal lehenga by Sana Safinaz
A bold pink bridal lehenga by Sana Safinaz

This bridal lehenga has strong colours, pink being the dominant one. What makes this bridal lehenga novel is the cutwork sleeves, which add a touch of rebellion and modernity in this otherwise traditional look.

Through this article, my sole motive was to familiarise you with the extensive variety of bridal lehengas that exist. You don’t have to settle with just anything. Carefully handpick a desired bridal lehenga that reflects your personality, because you can. Be bold, be different!

Bold & Beautiful: Blushing Brides Stun in their Bridal Lehengas

There is nothing more beautiful than a bride posing for her wedding portraits in her bridal lehenga. A bridal lehenga is a desired option for brides on her wedding day. The bridal lehengas worn by the brides below are a beautiful kaleidoscope of red, burgundy and magenta hues, adorned with embellishment and embroidery. Let’s not forget the beautiful intricate mehendi that decorates the bride’s hands and complements her bridal lehenga, along with the exquisite traditional jewellery.

Indian wedding photography has evolved immensely over the years and gone are the days when it was simply a formality. Along with the evolution of the Indian wedding scenario, Indian bridal portraits have undergone a creative and artistic approach.

The V.I.P. studio aptly capture the festive and celebratory mood of the occasion and the stunning closeup bridal shots vividly bring emotions to life, and certainly make these once in a lifetime moment memorable.The beautiful bridal photography below reflects high attention to detail and captures the bride’s beauty. It is known that the bridal lehenga is both intimate and personal to the bride – it must reflect her personality and style.

All photography courtesy of: www.thevipstudio.co.uk

Bridal mehendi - Bridal lehenga
Beautiful bridal mehendi!
Stunning bride - Bridal lehenga
A stunning bride glancing out the window in anticipation
Beautiful bride in red - Bridal lehenga
A beautiful bride in red
Beautiful bride - Bridal lehenga
The innocent and alluring glance of a bride
Pretty in pink bride - Bridal lehenga
A happy bride looking pretty in pink.

Walking Down the Aisle in Style: Bridal Lehengas at Pakistan Bridal Couture Week 2014

Pakistani women have been known world over to make the most beautiful brides, and with the Bridal Couture week that recently took place in Karachi, Pakistani brides are beyond a doubt, also the best dressed! The Wedding season is right around the corner, and the Pantene Bridal Couture Week (PBCW) could not have taken place at a better time.

This colossal fashion event was organised by the HUM Network Ltd. in collaboration with Pantene on May 17, 2014. Since its inception, PBCW endeavours to promote Pakistan’s seasoned as well as fresh fashion talent, on both domestic and international platforms, and has never failed to enthral the audience. This time was no exception. The bridal collection unveiled at the mega event, included the traditional salwar-kameez, saris, chudidars, shararas, and not to mention, the brides’ favourite- the bridal lehenga.

The lehenga, which initially started off as a simplistic medium length shirt with a long loose skirt has undergone several changes over the years and metamorphosed into the glamorous attire we see and admire today. The rich infusion of colour and heavy embroidery work, the hard-to-miss intricate borders and the flattering silhouettes not only make it a dream garment for all brides-to-be, but also highlight the pure dexterity and high attention to detail that Pakistani designers are renowned for, and the bridal lehenga collection showcased at the Pantene Bridal Couture Week, stands testimony to that.

The star-studded affair saw the works of several ace designers, such as Amir Adnan, whose exquisite sherwani collection, inspired by the historic devotional poetry of Amir Khusro, kicked off the three- day extravaganza. The audience also experienced the vivid and colourful creations of none other than the unrefuted King of Colours- Nomi Ansari whose collection titled ‘ISHQ’ was largely appreciated for its bold yet graceful colour scheme and intricate attention to detail, which also reflected in his bridal lehenga designs. The collection represented a matrimony of the old and the contemporary, the elegant and the playful, the stylish and the classy, meticulously crafted in hand-woven fabrics and inimitable embroidery techniques, carried out in his signature colourful fashion. The flamboyant red bridal lehengas are no less than a dream and bear the finesse and finish of a masterpiece, not to mention the intricate crystal embellishment and zardozi work which are unmistakable Ansari trademarks and are never compromised on.

Amir Adnan - Bridal Lehenga
Amir Adnan’s collection
Nomi Ansari - Bridal Lehenga
A stunning layered lehenga from Nomi Ansari’s collection
Nomi Ansari - Bridal Lehenga
A beautiful burgundy and red piece from Nomi Ansari’s collection

The podium was also graced by the bridal collection offered by the fashion prodigy Amina Yasmeen, who has emerged as a designer to be reckoned with for a decade now. Her splendid bridal lehenga collection was all about cuts and different patterns, which was displayed in a subtle and extremely classy selection of colours, the most prominent ones being ivory and emerald green, with a fascinating fusion of different layers of fabrics, heavy embroidery, zari and dabka work.  Her collection also featured saris and sherwanis for men, which received huge applause from the attendees.

Amina Yasmeen - Bridal Lehenga
Amina Yasmeen’s collection

The next collection to tantalize the audiences was that of Sana Abbas who mesmerized the spectators with her Maskali collection, which was an ensemble of flirty silhouettes and long feminine flares. The garments in the collection shone in pearly white colours with modest embellishments. In contrast to that, heavily embellished and brightly coloured bridal lehengas were the highlight of her bridal collection. The creative incorporation of pure fabrics such as chiffons, , jamawar and hand-woven silks in a beautiful palette, she skilfully infused traditional crafts such as  resham  mukesh, zardozi, with delicate embroideries in them, making it the perfect choice for the modern eastern bride.

Sana Abbas - Bridal Lehenga
Sana Abbas’s collection

Also joining the bridal wear bandwagon was the legendary Zainab Chottani, whose collection- Shehnai focused on grand, larger than life weddings and aimed at giving brides a dream to cherish.  The stunning bridal lehenga collection boasts of a variety of embroideries and embellishments such as gota work with chatapati, and traditional cuts flawlessly infused together. Having said that, the designer also ensures ease of movement and wearability in the bridal lehengas by using fabric which is very soft and in no way compromises with the comfort of the bride on the big day.  The prominent colour used in this wonderful bridal lehenga assortment is Peach with a hint of silver, which is an impressive deviation from the traditional red colour for the saris and bridal lehengas. The fresh and experimental nature of this impeccable line definitely makes it an assortment worth watching.

Zainab Chottani - Bridal Lehenga
A gorgeous piece from Zainab Chottani’s collection
Zainab Chottani - Bridal Lehenga
Pretty in peach pieces from Zainab Chottani’s collection

The ramp also saw the creative designs of none other than Zahid Khan, the genius behind Kuki Concepts. His collection at PBCW 2014, titled Bidai was based on gotas, traditional lehengas, cholis and rani coats. The highlights of these garments were the sophisticated cuts which added panache and a tint of modernism to the otherwise uber traditional attires.

Zahid Khan Bridal Lehenga
Zahid Khan’s collection

Yet another celebrated fashion designer to share his work at the PBCW 2014, was Deepak Perwani who received accolades especially for his renovation of the Pakistani bridal lehenga. His collection featured long open gowns, maxis, and frocks being used along with Lehengas as opposed to the traditional short kurtis accompanying the garment. The theme of this collection was the bygone Mughal influence, the silk route and the subcontinent which was reflected in the meticulously wielded embroidery work and breath taking cuts.

Deepak Perwani - Bridal Lehenga
A cream and gold lehenga from Deepak Perwani’s collection
Depak Perwani - Bridal Lehenga
A heavy black and gold lehenga from Deepak Perwani’s collection

Also to make a mark with his bridal collection at Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2014 was Zaheer Abbas. Popularly known as the designer to raise the bar of fashion with his surreal designs, Zaheer Abbas is also famous for being the brides’ favourite. His designs not only are an ode to the rich tradition of Pakistan but also reflect an infusion of modernity and style. His bridal lehenga collection is a burst of colours complemented by conventional embroidery, zari and dabka work.

Zaheer Abbas - Bridal Lehenga
A modern pink and cream ensemble from Zaheer Abbas’s collection

Though the week lasted for a mere 3 days, it surely left an impact of a lifetime. The unfathomable precision of intricate handiwork, the thought process behind the mesmerizing colour schemes, the effortless way in which these garments embellish the wearer, and the element of gravitas that they exude are not only elements which are difficult to imitate, but are also fashion trends that die hard.