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A Treat for the Bridesmaids: Feminine Anarkali Dresses & Fancy clutches

The bridesmaid plays a significant role at a wedding. The ideal bridesmaid should be supportive, helpful, understanding and always available. We all know that a bride needs to look the absolute best on her wedding day. Other than the bride, the bridesmaid’s choice of attire and accessories play a significant role at a wedding!

The bridesmaid image below is from Jacob and Pauline’s photography, and how stunning is it! I love the electric colours and overall fun vibe of the bridesmaid dresses. The sweet pastel shades of lilac, powder blue and lemony yellow, with pops of fuchsia and orange in their bouquets is completely fresh and the styling is so on point! It is definitely a breath of fresh air against the traditional subtle shades of bridesmaid dresses. Now, what do you think of the clutch bags they are carrying? Aren’t they simply adorable! These watermelon, lemon and orange clutches not only infuses creativity in the bridesmaid dresses, but also gives the outfit an oh so fun twist!

This super stylish wedding took place in Hackney Church with the couple opting for a super colourful wedding and defying tradition. This is exactly what this post is about – embracing being different, whether it is through your wedding venue to your wedding attire and accessories!

Fancy fruit clutch
Stunning wedding shot from Jacob and Pauline Photography.

In Indian weddings, a bridesmaid’s outfit can range anywhere from sarees, gowns or anarkali dresses. The latter, anarkali dresses are a fantastic option to flaunt at your best friend’s wedding. Anarkali dresses are not only elegant, but also give that comfort and ease of movement during a wedding. You also never know what last minute errands you may need to run at your friend’s big day! The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable or be tripping over you indian wedding outfit.

Anarkali dresses are composed of a long kurta top, bottoms usually in the form of tight fitted churidar pants, and a dupatta pulling together the colours and designs of the kurta top. A long, flowy anarkali dress can make any woman look and feel elegant and beautiful! Indeed, the trend of anarkali dresses has captured the hearts of various Bollywood beauties as well. If they can carry off this trend fabulously, then so can you!

Bridesmaids - Anarkali Dress
Bridesmaids in pretty purple anarkali dresses at a wedding.

Anarkali dresses are indeed a stunning bridesmaid option, and equally important are the accessories you choose to pair with your outfit. Yes, it may be an Indian wedding that you are attending, but you can still experiment with your choice of handbag! Jacob and Pauline’s photography has certainly triggered my creative juices, and here I present to you some oh so unique clutch bags to pair with your anarkali dresses. These options are fun, fresh and feminine, and will inject an instant style quotient into your outfit.

The Wild Side

These grey anarkali dresses make great options for a bridesmaid dress. I especially love the element of different borders on the outfits! This gives the anarkali dresses a sense of uniqueness, whilst adhering to the bridesmaid dress code, so that you don’t begin appearing like clones of each other! These grey anarkali dresses have the right amount of embellishment and detailing to them, from the elegant lace and silver embroidered neckline, to the gorgeous gold and colour block border.

Whilst grey would not be my ideal choice for a bridesmaid anarkali dress, the colour appears so rich in this outfit. Speaking of out-of-the-box clutch bags, these fabric clutch bags will surely add a unique touch to your outfit! See below an orange butterfly fabric clutch and green floral clutch that will make splendid accessories for these anarkali dresses. Whilst clutch bags with Indian embellishment and embroidery are stunning, with these fabric clutch bag options, it’s all about infusing your bridesmaid outfit with a bit of creativity. This outfit allows you to venture to the wild side and flutter confidently through the crowds. A wild colourful bouquet of pink, orange and red with green leaves will add the perfect finishing touch to your look.

The Wild Side - Anarkali Dress
Explore the wild side with these stunning grey anarkali dresses, paired with these unique fabric clutches.

Floral Garden Party

This second bridesmaid look is a white and pink anarkali dress with a feminine bordered dupatta. The best thing about this anarkali dress is that it is simple, without any bling or heavy embellishment, yet creates a beautiful impact.

Now, I am absolutely obsessed with Kate Spade New York, as their products are fun, bold, colourful and quirky. This lemondrop – small lella clutch, covered with faceted gems is the perfect accessory for this anarkali dress. The gold pineapple clasp adds the icing on the cake. Simple anarkali dresses such as these will look stunning at a daytime wedding event, and even better within a magical floral garden setting! Add the finishing touch to this pretty in pink number with a pleasant pink bouquet with hints of yellow. Opt for light pink and peach hues in your makeup look for a fresh, glowing look.

Floral garden party
A floral garden party look with a pink and white embroidrey anarkali dress and a pineapple clutch.

Painting the Town Red

Who says bridesmaids can’t wear red? Yes, as long as you don’t steal the bride’s limelight! In fact, opting for colours similar to the brides wedding attire, such as red, gold and cream creates a coherent look and will look stunning in photographs! These photographs will be memories for a lifetime, so why not embrace the gorgeous red hue! An important thing to remember is that your bridesmaid anarkali dresses do not have to be identical to each other. Opt for similar hues and cut, but with different necklines and prints, to mix it up! See some beautiful options for anarkali dresses below.

Kotur’s pearce metal and Perspex octagonal clutch is a super unique choice to pair with your anarkali dresses. Ditch the typical rectangular clutch bags and go for this eye-catching octagonal shape clutch that is stylish, glamorous and has a touch of whimsy. Whilst this clutch will make you shine, do you want to take it a notch further to really stand out in a crowd? This chatterbox phone box clutch by Charlotte Olympia will rightly fulfill your wish! Charlotte Olympia’s handbag designs will add an instant wave of quirky cool to your outfit. The gold glitter globe clutch is also by Kotur and will complement the anarkali dresses beautifully. The glitter and sequins floating in the clutch bag will ensure that you will glimmer with every step.

Painting the town red
Stunning red anarkali dresses with unique gold clutches

A Bookish Culture

This rich gold and cream anarkali dress, with maroon piping is yet another stunning choice for a bridesmaid. You can never go wrong with this subtle, yet regal colour and it is so on trend right now! In fact, these hues dominate designers Rabani and Rakha’s collection at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS15. Twirling around in this number will make you feel like a gold goddess no doubt. Pair this look with nude, glowing makeup and accessorise with a pop of burgundy in your heels.

This Lolita book clutch is definitely treading the waters of uniqueness. I absolutely love it; it’s simple, yet creates an instant impact. And have you noticed the gorgeous floral print in the interior of the clutch bag? All the more reason to open your bag multiple times and touch up your make-up! This clutch bag couldn’t be more pretty and feminine, and is the perfect accessory with your cream and gold anarkali dresses.

Bookish culture - Anarkali Dresses
Pair your gorgeous cream and gold anarkali dress with a unique book clutch.

Remember, as a bridesmaid, think outside the box and opt for unique pieces to make yourself stand out. Pairing feminine anarkali dresses with fancy clutches may just be the right formula to achieve that glam, comfortable and chic look. To all the bridesmaids to be…start planning your dream team outfit now! 😉

Image sources: Fashion mix, Lushlee, Sapphire, Nordstrom, Fashion Bride, Neiman Marcus, Adoreness, Mine Forever App

A Guide of Styling Wedding Sarees for Different Indian Wedding Ceremonies (Part II)

I hope you enjoyed reading Part I of my article about styling wedding sarees for Indian Wedding Ceremonies, the Haldi and the Mehendi. This second part will focus on how best to style your Indian wedding sarees for the Sangeet, Wedding and Reception events! I hope you are as excited as me about these Indian wedding ceremonies, so I’m just going to dive right in!


I am sure all of you are familiar with the pre-wedding ceremony, the Sangeet. Two words immediately comes to my mind when I think of the Sangeet: music and dance…and lots of it! The Sangeet is a much anticipated event for the bride, groom, family and guests alike. The air is filled with a flurry of fun, frolic and celebrations, and there is entertainment everywhere with a capital E! The Sangeet also provides relief in the busy period up to the big wedding day. This is where the bride, groom and family members truly deserve a day to immerse themselves in the joy and merriment of the occasion. The best thing about a Sangeet is that this occasion can literally end up resembling a party sequence from a Bollywood movie!

Did you know that the Sangeet ceremony was traditionally exclusive for women? Yes, even I was surprised to hear this! Now, with changing times, the Sangeet party is organised by both the bride and groom’s family, and is seen as a grand, elaborate affair. Special attention is given to this occasion from everything to the venue, entertainment, and the dress theme of course! It is equally important for the bride to select an Indian outfit that matches the festivities of the Sangeet.

Wedding sarees - sangeet party venue
A colourful Sangeet party venue

As we are discussing how to style Indian wedding sarees, a fusion style, such as a wedding sarees lehenga will be an exquisite choice for the event. This wedding sarees option is an aesthetic blend between the saree and lehenga-choli, also known as the ever so popular ready-made saree. The advantage…or should I say very big advantage of this option is that you will not have to struggle to form pleats as in a traditional saree, but simply use a ‘tuck and drape’ method. What a relief and this also allows for more make-up time! 😉 A wedding sarees lehenga will not only provide you with comfort, but will also allow easy movement across the floor to allow you to clink your gorgeous, glittery heels on the floor and dance the night away! More than anything else, your wedding sarees option should definitely be bright and colourful, to stand out amidst the sea of colours. You are, after all, the bride and all eyes will be on you on this joyous occasion!

wedding sarees - his and hers outfit
A beautiful coral His & Hers outfit with gold details

Pair your gorgeous Indian wedding sarees with glowing, peach makeup and a smoky eye look, as seen in the image above, or a bold black eyeliner, as seen in the image below. Peach make-up tones work best with red and rust-coloured wedding sarees with gold embroidery.

wedding sarees - makeup
A glowing peach make-up look


So, here we go ladies! Onto the most anticipated day for a bride…her big wedding day! I’m not sure about you, but since I was little, Bollywood has painted a picture for me on what to expect at an Indian wedding. Yes, an Indian wedding is filled with colour, delicious food, with spontaneous bursts of coordinated dancing, rich ceremonies and how can we forget, a regal range of Indian wear.

wedding sarees - wedding venue
A gorgeous crimson and cream wedding venue

Traditionally, red silk wedding sarees have been the common choice amongst brides for their Indian wedding outfit. In the modern day, the bride has several options available to her (You lucky thing!). The bride can opt for a traditional wedding sarees option, fusing it with more contemporary elements, according to individual preferences.

For your special day, wedding sarees that ooze grandeur and elegance are the best option. There is nothing more beautiful and mesmerising than a gorgeous bride decked in a traditional wedding saree, with rich embroidery, embellishment and a stunning, ethnic border. Whilst red is the epitome of Indian wedding sarees, in the modern day, the colour horizon has expanded to include hues such as maroon, magenta, fuchsia and cream, with accent hues in other colours, such as green and orange.

wedding sarees - red and gold
An stunning red bridal saree with an exquisite gold border

Pair your stunning Indian wedding sarees option with ornate, traditional Indian jewellery as shown in the image below and glowing makeup.

wedding sarees - gold bridal set
A beautiful gold statement necklace with elegant stones


As much as these Indian wedding ceremonies are anticipated, it may seem as if they go on forever. The last event that occurs in Indian weddings is the reception. The reception is held for friends and family members, by the bride and groom sides. At this event, guests greet the newly wedded couple and take photos with them. The bride may find herself having a smile plastered on her face for most of the event, and temporarily blinded by the flash of cameras! On the up side, at least you get a taster of what celebrities have to go through quite often!

wedding sarees - reception venue
Gorgeous pink, purple and gold decor for a reception venue

The key for the reception, or in other words, the big finale is to Go Glam! I can assure you, most people will not have trouble with this! The advantage of a reception is that it allows more flexibility in the attire you choose to wear. The bride can opt for an exquisite princess-style dress or gown, or adhere to traditional Indian attire. Wedding sarees with a modern twist can be a fantastic option for your wedding reception. With the broad horizon of blended traditional and contemporary elements, opting for a wedding sarees lehenga will satisfy both these elements.

wedding sarees - fancy blouse
A fancy saree blouse with intricate beading

When choosing an appropriate style for your Indian wedding sarees, opt for one that complements this glittering event, with a blend of traditional values with a modern fantasy for today’s bride. For example, you could opt for an elegant mermaid skirt with heavy embellishment or a simple silky saree with a heavy blouse. Pleasantly make yourself shine by choosing embellishments such as crystal, Swarovski, beads and sequins to complete your glittering masterpiece.

wedding sarees - reception
Pretty in pink: Here are two stunning options for modern wedding sarees

The key for styling your wedding sarees is to remember not to overdo it with garish embellishment, splashes of colour and over-accessorising. Think elegant, glamorous and sophisticated. I hope you enjoyed reading about the different ways to style wedding sarees for the Sangeet, Wedding and Reception! Please provide any thoughts, comments and suggestions below!

Do you need Indian wedding dresses?!

A Guide on Styling Wedding Sarees for Different Indian Wedding Ceremonies (Part I)

An Indian wedding is one of the grandest occasions for a bride, as well as one of the most precious and special moments in her life. The ultimate wish for every bride is for her wedding outfit to capture her spirit, beauty and elegance. As such, it is significant for a bride to choose her Indian wedding outfits with the utmost attention. A wedding saree is one of the most beautiful garments a bride can wear on her wedding day and I am sure all you ladies out there will agree with me on this! How many times have you admired the slender figures of Bollywood beauties draped in wedding sarees on the big screen? Yes, I admit, even I couldn’t help feeling slight pangs of jealousy over the fact that how well these Bollywood actresses could carry off beautiful wedding sarees. However, by choosing wedding sarees appropriate to the different Indian wedding ceremonies paired with beautiful styling, even you can look like a glamorous diva!

Traditionally, Indian culture has seen red silk wedding sarees to be the common choice for brides. It is amazing to see how much Indian wedding sarees have evolved in terms of the range of colours, cuts, styles and fabrics available for brides to choose from! Indeed, the modern day bride has a dictionary of Indian wedding outfits and styling options available to her. The process of choosing an Indian wedding outfit is certainly not an easy one and can teeter towards nervous breakdowns (I kid!). Not to scare you, but nonetheless, choosing the perfect bridal outfit can be an overwhelming task for a bride.

This is where I come in…call me an Indian wedding outfit fairy or what not, but I would certainly like to share with all my readers how the process of choosing appropriate wedding sarees can seem simpler by understanding the different Indian wedding ceremonies. Yes ceremonies, with a big, fat C! Indian weddings have so many different types of ceremonies and sometimes it can seem like they go on for days! It can often be an overwhelming task for a bride to choose which Indian wedding outfit to wear according to the different wedding ceremonies.

Here I provide you with different options for choosing appropriate styles for Indian wedding sarees for your Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception ceremonies. It is significant for a bride to choose her Indian wedding sarees with the utmost attention to detail. From the shape and fit of the wedding saree, to the embellishment detailing, to the colour, your chosen Indian wedding saree should ensure that all gazes are fixed on you. It is, after all, a truly special day where the bride should look and feel flawless!


The Haldi ceremony is a very significant ritual that occurs a few days prior to the big day. There is one thing for certain, whether you like it or not, you are going to be covered in brilliant orange and yellow tints of colour. Haldi, otherwise known as a turmeric paste is applied to some areas of the bride’s body. This yellow hue is thought to be very significant and auspicious in Indian culture, signifying a prosperous life for the new couple.

Haldi ceremony
Haldi or turmeric paste ready to go for the Haldi ceremony!

The best wedding sarees option for your Haldi ceremony should definitely contain some traditional elements, such as a fancy saree border, paired with traditional Indian jewellery. You can opt for a saree in a lighter hue and something that is simple and comfortable, as watch out ladies, you are going to be the guinea pig of the day, whether you like it or not! As you can probably imagine, things may likely get messy, so I would recommend Indian wedding sarees that are cotton based and that you are able to wash easily. For those brides who would rather blend into the vibrant surroundings of this auspicious occasion, opt for a saree in rich shades of yellow, orange, red and gold.

Indian wedding sarees
A simple, pastel Indian wedding saree for a Haldi ceremony.


The Mehendi ceremony is the application of mehendi, a beautiful and elaborate form of art, to the hands and feet of brides. This ceremony is among the pre-wedding rituals occurring a few days before the big wedding day, filled with fun, laugher and happiness. It is a chance for the bride to be fully immersed in this beautification process and spend time with loves ones in a cheerful environment, until the wedding nerves start kicking in! This ceremony is a reflection of the richness and beauty of Indian culture and the bride’s mehendi attire should reflect this festivity. Your mehendi venue should definitely be bright and colourful. I am thinking along the lines of gorgeous drapery, marigolds, and grand seating…you know, the works!

Mehendi venue
A beautiful mehendi venue with drapery and grand seating.

Accordingly, your wedding saree should be bright and stand out, in line with the gorgeous mehendi venue surroundings! Beautiful orange, pink, purple and gold hues never fail for possible wedding saree options. These bright pops of colour in Indian wedding sarees will also enhance your beautiful, intricate mehendi design. Further, hints of embroidery and embellishment in the outfit along with gorgeous jewellery will add the icing on the cake!

Indian wedding saree
A vibrant Indian wedding saree for a Mehendi ceremony.

I hope you have gotten a better idea on suitable Indian wedding sarees to wear at your Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies. Remember, in any Indian wedding saree you choose to wear, the key is to feel beautiful, both inside and out in your wedding saree.

Speaking of mehendi ceremonies, be sure to check out a creative bridal mehendi video tutorial on Strand of Silk!

Stay tuned for Part II, where I will be covering which bridal sarees will make you shine on your Sangeet, Wedding and Reception!

Popular Indian Wedding Lehenga Designers

Every bride dreams of a fairytale wedding in breathtaking bridal wear, be it an Indian wedding lehenga or a wedding saree, complete with exquisite jewellery and glorious red henna. When it comes to wedding shopping, brides these days want exclusive bridal wear designed by the best of the Indian wedding dress designers. We give you a quick glimpse of popular Indian Bridal designers whose designs have adorned many a beautiful brides.

Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre’s Jaipur Bridal Collection uses exquisite Gota Patti work on wedding lehengas and cholis with clean lines, perfect for the modern bride. The magnificent trousseau collection comes in an array of colours like pastel pink, lime green and beige. The heavy brocade work and intricate embroidery on the wedding lehengas add an opulent touch to the lehengas. If you are looking for a comfortable wedding dress without the usual heavy zari work, then Anita Dongre is the designer to go to. You can shop for her wedding lehengas here.

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra

If you want a wedding lehenga or a wedding saree just like what your favorite actress wore on screen, chances are that it was designed by Manish Malhotra. Meet the man who has draped most of the popular Indian actresses in glittering wedding sarees and lehengas both on and off screen. His collections are vibrant, complete with delicate embroidery on rich fabrics. You can find wedding sarees and lehengas in his collection in georgette, raw silk, net, chiffon and brocade, with heavy embellishments in colours ranging from traditional red and green to more contemporary white and pinks.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

 Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Ask any Indian woman as to who is the most popular bridal wear designer in India and you are most likely to hear the name Sabyasachi Mukherjee. He is the man who has revived the use of many dying traditional Indian textiles and crafts through his wedding sarees and wedding lehengas. He is known for using fabrics in rich hues for his outfits, ranging from deep maroons to vibrant greens. Thread work, zardosi, gota work and brocade feature prominently in his designs. Every bride gunning for the traditional look should consider a Sabyasachi wedding lehenga or saree.

Rakesh Agarvwal

 Rakesh Agarvwal’s wedding sarees and lehengas

Rakesh Agarvwal’s wedding sarees and lehengas are a testament to his mastery over drape and embroidery. The designer has worked with numerous Indian actresses, styling them for their films and public appearances. His wedding sarees are known for their unique drapes and rich embellishments, be it in the form of a brooch or a belt. The wedding lehengas designed by Rakesh Agarvwal are a treat to the eyes. In his collections, you can find bright colours matched with beautiful heavy embroidery, both on the choli and the lehenga.

Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani is among the most popular wedding trousseau designers in India. His clothes feature rich fabrics, heavy and elaborate embroidery and lavish use of the colour gold, spelling luxury all the way. He has dressed many a stunning brides in wedding sarees and wedding lehengas encrusted with sequins, Swarovski and pearls, enhanced by embroidery, zardosi and gota work. His clothes are made of the finest of the weaves and embody a rich appeal.

Now that you know about the popular Indian wedding dress designers, go ahead and pick your wedding ensemble from one of them. They are known to weave magic with textiles and their clothes will surely leave you feeling like a queen on your wedding day.

Image credit: Strandofsilk, sareebride.files.wordpress.com, mineforeverapp.com, Idiva

Congratulations! Aftab Shivdasani and Nin Dusanj

Aftab Shivdasani, Bollywood actor who was seen as a young lad in the 1987 movie ‘Mrs.Indian‘. After starting his career as a child artist , he was seen starring in ‘Mast’- movie directed by Ram Gopal Verma. He received an award of ‘Best male Debut’ that year at Zee Cine Awards. Ever since Aftab has been reaching new peaks in his acting career. Over the year Aftab has given many hit films like Hungama, Awara Paagal Deewana and Masti,etc.

Aftab  Shivdasani as a child actor and when he first debuted in mast

In 2009, Aftab Shivdasani started his own production company called Rising Sun Entertainment. The first movie produced under his production was ‘Aao Wish Karein‘. 

In 2012, Aftab Shivdasani got engaged to a Punjabi girl from London ‘Nin Dusanj’. She was working as a consultant for a luxury brand in Hong Kong for almost 6 years. And recently shifted her base to Mumbai.

Nin Dusanj

Their love story started at a common friends party and fell in love at the same time! After Aftab got engaged at every red carpet awards night , movie previews and parties , he was accompanied by her beautiful fiancee ‘Nin Dusanj’.

Aftab Shivdasani with his fiancee Nin Dusanj

Finally, after two years of courtship on June 11th , 2014 : Aftab Shivdasani and Nin Duganj tied knots in a private ceremony in the presents of close family and friends. Congratulations to the new beginning to both Aftab and Nin 🙂

The wedding news was leaked out by a few close friends of Aftab and Nin through social media.When Genelia D’Souza tweeted giving out best wish to the newly married couple.Kabir Bedi who is dating Nin Dusanj’s older sister Preeti Dusanj tweeted “Congratulations to Aftab and Nin , wishing them a very happy married life.”